Summer Arts and Crafts

Published: April 24, 2022

While summer is an enjoyable time for kids because of taking time off school, it becomes somewhat challenging for parents who have active children 24/7 in the house. That’s where we come in with a magical solution.

To distract your kids and keep them busy, you can prepare many summer arts and crafts. They’ll make your little ones happy, and you’ll have a moment of quiet for yourself among the chaos of the summer.

So now that we’ve grabbed your attention, you can check our list of 30 simple and fun summer crafts for kids.

1. Mermaid Scales on Painted Rocks

Nothing says summer like an ocean-themed craft. In this project, you’ll give your kids many polished stones and encourage them to paint mermaid scales on them. By the end of the project, you’ll have a beautiful rocks collection to show off and happy children.

Get the tutorial for mermaid scales on painted rocks on Projects With Kids.

2. Egg Carton Whale Craft

In this project, you and your kids will make cute blue whales out of egg carton pieces. And to make it real, add googly eyes and pipe cleaners at the end. You can get more egg carton crafts ideas on

Check the instructions for egg carton whale craft on I Heart Crafty Things.

3. Water Pistol Painting Activity

When it’s hot and bothersome inside the house, outdoor activities are in order. This one won’t take much time to prepare, and your kids will have a blast with it. However, it’s fair to warn you that it’ll cause quite a mess in your garden.

Find out more about the water pistol painting activity on Messy Little Monster.

4. Ocean-Themed Wooden Spoon Craft

You and your kids can make an entire ocean scene using wooden spoons. The spoons will resemble swimming fish, and you can add small rocks, shells, and plants as decorative details at the end. After you finish, you can put the craft in your kids’ room as decoration.

Read more about the ocean-themed wooden spoon craft on The Wise Owl Factory.

5. Paper Fish Craft

With cardstock paper, markers, and some creativity, you can craft many colorful fishes. The project doesn’t require advanced crafting skills; you’ll merely cut the fish and adorn it with sequins.

Learn how to make a paper fish craft on I Heart Crafty Things.

6. Ice Cream Craft

All kids love ice cream, but it isn’t the healthiest snack. So instead of eating it, you can prepare an ice cream-inspired craft for your kids. This fun project includes fashioning tiny ice cream cones with pom-poms and sugar sprinkles.

Head over to Messy Little Monster to learn more about the ice cream craft.

7. Colorful Watercolor Seahorse

For a wonderful craft that includes vibrant colors and easy steps, you can attempt this watercolor seahorse with your children. It’s one of the most fun summer crafts for kids, and it doesn’t require many materials. You’ll merely need some cupcake liners and watercolors.

Get the tutorial for colorful watercolor seahorse on Hello, Wonderful.

8. Bendy Straw Snake

If you want easy summer crafts that are suitable for preschoolers, here’s an enjoyable one. You’ll give your kids bendy straws, and they’ll shape them into funny-looking snakes. You can provide colored construction paper and googly eyes for the snake’s head.

Get the instructions for the bendy straw snake on I Heart Crafty Things.

9. Seashell Art

Do you have a box full of seashells that you and your kids collected over the years? If so, it’s time to put them to good use. You can make this seashell art and decorate it with embellishments and sequins. This way, you’ll preserve your summer memories in a stylish way.

Learn how to make seashell art on The Art Kit Blog.

10. Glowing Campfire Craft

Summer camp nights are so much fun and hold the best memories, and you can use them as inspiration for your next craft. With the help of your children, you can mimic a glowing campfire using tissue paper and a LED tea light.

Find out more about the glowing campfire craft on Buggy and Buddy.

11. Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder

Making a bird feeder will teach your kids more about kindness toward animals, and they’ll have so much fun coloring the popsicle sticks and gluing them together. Then, after they finish, you can put the bird feeder in your garden and wait to hear the birds’ delightful chirping as they feed.

Read more about the popsicle stick bird feeder on Grace Giggles and Naptime.

12. Paper Plate Summer Sun

Paper plates are versatile crafting materials; you can use them for many creative ideas, like this one. Your kids will make a yellow sun out of a paper plate. And after they finish, they can either use it as a marionette for pretend play or put it up in their room.

Get the tutorial for the paper plate summer sun on Crafts by Ria.

13. Colorful Jellyfish Craft

Instead of visiting an aquarium, you and your kids can imitate some of the ocean animals inside. For instance, you can make a colorful jellyfish out of paper bowls and tissue paper. Then, you can hang it up in your kids’ room as decoration.

Get the instructions for the colorful jellyfish craft on I Heart Crafty Things.

14. 80s Glasses

If you like to reminisce about the good days, you can attempt those colorful 80s-inspired glasses. They’ll make excellent photo props for any upcoming birthday parties or themed Halloween parties. Not to mention, they’re pretty easy to make.

Head over to Barley and Birch to learn more about making those 80s glasses.

15. DIY Bubble Wands

Don’t we all love blowing bubbles? As a creative twist on the fun activity, you can make some handmade bubble wands using pipe cleaners and colorful beads. They’ll produce funny-shaped bubbles and give your kids a blast, making them an ideal summer craft for kids.

Find out more about DIY bubble wands on Red Ted Art.

16. Starfish Texture Art

This art project will improve your toddlers’ fine motor skills and introduce them to new materials. And for the best part, it won’t take you more than an hour to prepare. First, you’ll use free printables to cut your construction paper in the right shape; then, you’ll cover each star with a different material.

Read more about how to prepare the starfish texture art on Fireflies and Mud Pies.

17. Cereal Box Aquarium

If you don’t want a real aquarium in your house but want to introduce your kids to some sea creatures, why not make your own crafted aquarium? You’ll only need a cereal box, cardstock paper, and other crafting supplies. Since this project is among the simple ideas on our list, you can let your kids join in on the fun.

Learn how to make a cereal box aquarium on The Best Ideas for Kids.

18. Puffy Bubble Wrap Octopus

Do you want a fun summer craft for your kids that’s pretty easy to make and doesn’t cause much mess? If so, you can go with this bubble wrap octopus. By the end of the project, your kids will have a vibrant octopus that they can show off and hang up in their room.

Get the tutorial for the puffy bubble wrap octopus on Arty Crafty Kids.

19. Clay Sailing Boat Craft

This project is one of the most fun ideas on our list. It includes playing around with clay, colors, and craft sticks. Although it might cause a mess around your house, it’ll give your kids a fun-filled day as they try shaping the boat and decorating it with sequins and glitter.

Check the instructions for the clay sailing boat craft on Messy Little Monster.

20. Paper Plate Shark

If you have some unused paper plates on your hands, it’s time to put them to good use and use them in easy summer crafts. This project includes fashioning a loveable shark from paper plates and drinking straws.

Find out more about the paper plate shark at Kids Craft Room.

21. Mason Jar Fish Aquarium

Do you want to prepare a handmade gift for your kid’s birthday this year? If so, you can make an aquarium out of a mason jar. It’s one of the most straightforward craft ideas on our list, and you can decorate it in whatever way you want.

Read more about the mason jar fish aquarium on Crafts by Amanda.

22. Painted Fairy Houses

There are many summer themes you can take as inspiration for your upcoming crafts; you don’t have to base every craft on ocean animals. For instance, in this project, your kids will make colorful fairy houses out of terracotta pots. This way, you’ll have new decorations to put up in your garden all summer long.

Learn more about the painted fairy houses on Projects With Kids.

23. Textured Sand Slime

When discussing summer-themed art projects, sea sand should have its fair share of ideas. Nothing reminds us of summer like the feeling of warm sand between our toes. In this project, you’ll use it to make textured slime for your kids. It won’t take you much time or effort, and it’ll keep your kids busy for a few hours.

Head over to My Joy-Filled Life to learn more about making textured sand slime.

24. Butterfly Suncatcher

During the summer months, sunlight graces our houses through windows. You can use this as a chance to craft a beautiful butterfly suncatcher with your kids. Then, after you finish and glue it to the window, vibrant colors and warm sunlight will brighten up your place.

Get the tutorial for the butterfly suncatcher on Artsy-Fartsy Mama.

25. Lighthouse Craft

Do you want easy summer crafts for kids that don’t require many materials? If so, you can go for this summer craft. With some creativity, your kids will make a charming lighthouse out of a paper cup. It’s pretty simple and will make for a cute decoration afterward.

Check the instructions for the lighthouse craft on I Heart Crafty Things.

26. Tie-Dye Shirts

Tie-dye shirts are unique, trendy, and make for ideal summer art projects. You can organize a fun-packed day during the summer months and make many handmade shirts with your kids. After that, your kids will have bold fashion statements to wear around on hot days.

Learn how to make tie-dye shirts on The Craft Train.

27. 3D Paper Fireworks Craft

Do you want fun art projects to keep your kids entertained on the 4th of July? If so, there’s no better idea than this incredible fireworks craft. You can fashion it with your little ones using colorful cardstock and glue.

Find out more about the 3D paper fireworks craft on Projects With Kids.

28. Beaded Rainbow Windchime

Windchimes breed delightful tunes, and you can make a colorful one with the help of your kids. This summer craft is based on craft sticks and beads. And although it’ll take some effort on your side, it’ll add colorful vibes to your garden.

Read more about making a beaded rainbow windchime on How to This and That.

29. Seashell Necklace

What’s a better accessory to wear during the summertime than a charming seashell necklace? Whether you collect real seashells from the beach or use fake ones, the necklace will look stunning when you’re done with it.

Head over to Castle View Academy to learn more about making a seashell necklace.

30. Seashell Collage

If you’re a seashell collector, how about showcasing your collections and using them to make a nice-looking seashell collage? You can make this super fun summer craft with the help of your kids, and it’ll look dazzling on your wall afterward.

Get the tutorial for the seashell collage on Art Bar Blog.

With our summer crafts for kids list, you and your little ones can have an awesome summer with minimum costs and time!



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