Winter Painting Ideas for Beginners

Winter Painting Ideas for Beginners

Everything about winter is mesmerizing, ranging from snowfall and rain to the merriments of Christmas and Thanksgiving.

As a result, the season inspires many artists with its warm vibes and symbols. If you’re also inspired by the cold season, then you’ll love what we have to offer.

We’ve made a list of many enjoyable winter painting ideas for beginners. So grab your drawing tools and read on!

Oil Pastel Winter Tree Project

Oil pastels are pretty enjoyable and easy to paint with. You can attempt this idea with your kids for its simplicity.

All you’ll need is paper, a few oil pastel colors to paint the tree, and patience to deal with the mess afterward.

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Northern Lights Winter Landscape Art

Almost every person on earth wants to see the Northern lights some time in their lives. But, till that time comes, you can settle on painting the magical landscape that never fails to impress us.

For this drawing, you’ll use chalk and oil pastels. But if you’re more comfortable using water or acrylic paint, use them.

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Cardinal Bird Painting

Cardinals are an elegant symbol of the merry season. They adorn a bright red color that inspires many artists. In addition to that, they’re pretty easy to draw and paint.

That’s why this project is ideal for you to practice your skills. Also, you can let your kids join in the fun since this painting doesn’t cause much of a mess.

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Snowman Painting Art Project

Whether you’re a teacher or a parent, this project is perfect for kids to try out.

Under your supervision, they’ll draw a cute snowman and paint it with oil pastels or whatever colors you have available.

After they finish, you can hang their paintings on the wall.

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Winter Sky Landscape

Winter skies are beautiful and inspiring. You can test your painting skills with this easy landscape drawing.

You’ll merely draw two or three trees standing on the ground with the moon sparkling above them.

Luckily, you won’t need many shades to paint it; only blue, black, and white will suffice.

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Sparkly Winter Sky Painting

When heavy clouds clear up from the winter’s sky, the stars adorning it can be genuinely worthy of drawing. That’s why you’ll draw a sparkly winter sky for this painting.

You’ll also get creative with your materials and use salt to create a sparkly effect. In addition to the project’s simplicity, the result will be stunning.

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Rainbow Rainy Day Painting

Don’t you love it when the sky clears up in the winter, and a magical rainbow makes its way gracefully through the clouds?

We do too! That’s why we recommend you try this fun painting in your free time.

It doesn’t require advanced painting skills, so you won’t go through much of a challenge making it.

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Watercolor and Oil Pastel Resist Snowflake

Snowflakes are unique, beautiful, and fun to draw. You’ll try a new, creative technique called resist painting for this project.

It’s called that way because one coloring material will repel the other to create a different texture. This will result in a spontaneous piece of art that you can show off to your friends and family.

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Glowing Christmas Tree Art Project

Nothing symbolizes winter more than a proud standing Christmas tree with ornaments decorating it. To create a glowing effect, you’ll use chalk for this project.

Although you might find it a bit messy, you’ll enjoy painting this picture. And since it’s pretty simple, you can let your kids join you.

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Candy Cane Watercolor Painting

Candy canes only have two colors, so they’re pretty easy to paint. Since this idea is more suitable for kids, you can do it with your children as a family activity.

First, you’ll draw the candy cane outline with a pencil to avoid mistakes. Then, you’ll color it carefully using watercolors.

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Acrylic Snow Scene Painting

Acrylics are fun to paint with, and they give you unlimited art ideas. You can start with this serene snow scene if you want to test your acrylic painting skills. The colors are pretty basic, and the shades are easy to achieve. And since the painting is so versatile, you can get creative and try many different colors.

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Watercolor Christmas Wreath Painting

Christmas wreaths symbolize the start of everybody’s favorite merry season. That’s why they’re ideal if you want to put your artistic skills to use.

First, you’ll outline with a pencil so that you can erase mistakes if you make any. Then, you can use your green and red watercolors for breathing life into your drawing.

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Jolly Whimsical Santa Claus Painting

Santa Claus has a monumental role during Christmas, and you can welcome the winter with this jolly painting of him.

Of course, you’ll need a canvas, brushes, acrylic paints, and a pencil to trace the outline first. You might find it challenging once you start, but it’ll be good practice for your skills and will look beautiful at the end.

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Cute Bird Painting

If you want to stick to simplicity, you can give your kid this cute bird painting to try out. Luckily, it’s suitable for most age groups, so even if you’re a teacher, you can use it in your class.

Also, you can either let them use watercolors or crayons to complete the masterpiece.

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The Grinch Painting

Can you enjoy Christmas without listening to the Grinch’s sarcastic comments and whining about the merry season? Definitely not!

So, you can introduce your kids to the funny, grumpy character with this simple drawing.

Under your supervision, they’ll trace the outline using pencils, then color the picture. It’ll be a fun activity for you both, and the result will be pretty.

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Snow Globe Acrylic Painting

Snow globes hold a lot of magic inside them, and you can paint a beautiful one using acrylic paints. You can get creative and draw whatever you want for the scene inside, or you can stick to this painting and draw tiny snowmen to resemble your family members. You can also let your kids join in the fun so that it’ll be an enjoyable family activity.

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Santa Sleigh in the Sky Painting

If you don’t plan on riding in Santa’s sleigh this year, you might as well attempt to paint it. This cute painting is simple and will look amazing by the time you’re done with it.

It’s more suitable for beginner adults than kids, but you can invite your kids to paint with you. Although you’ll deal with quite a mess afterward, you’ll have tremendous fun.

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Adorable Reindeer Painting

Reindeers are a lovely part of the winter, and you can introduce your kids to them through this fun art project.

It’s simple, fun, and looks adorable. For the snowflakes around the reindeer, you can let them get creative and draw different shapes.

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Now that you have fun and creative ideas to try out, you can celebrate the winter with many art projects!

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