Stripey Insect Collage Art Project

Published: April 25, 2019

Aren’t insects adorable? No? Okay, maybe not. But we can make them adorable through the magic of art. Plus, you don’t need to add in all the extra little weird fuzziness that make them slightly creepy when you create your own.

They’re pretty fascinating little creatures, and they are fantastically symmetrical, making them the perfect subject for paper collage.

Here’s how I made these striped insect collages.


Watercolor paper


Small watercolor brush

Glue stick



Colored card stock

Drawing pens or markers- I used black, white, silver


Find some insects online to trace, or draw your own. I did a search for ‘insect drawings’ and found some fantastic old illustrations here, that you can download, crop, and print each insect to fill the page. No matter if it’s blurry; you’ll be tracing it onto other paper.

Grab some watercolor paper and paint whatever color combos of stripes you like. Alternatively, you can paint some polka dots! Oh my!

painted striped paper

Trace your insects onto the back of the stripes once they’re dry, and cut them out. I mixed and matched different stripes for each segment of the bug’s gorgeous bodies.

Glue them onto colored card stock, and then you can add the legs and whichever antennae you see fit to add.

I used lighter colors on the darker paper and vice versa. It’s optional to make loud buzzing noises while you’re making these.

striped bugs art project
bug collage project
striped bug collages



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