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Remember the way-cool wax painting project we did a few months ago? We love this wax so much we can’t keep our hands off of it. This time we made a spiral rainbow painting with the wax, using it in a different way than before.

I really love how versatile this stuff is and how textural. It’s like sculpting and painting at the same time. Fen and I worked on the painting together, sort of like an art team extraordinaire.



Eyeball or mark your canvas board into 5 roughly equal areas. We took each strip of wax and broke it into 4 pieces, rolled each piece into a spiral, and pressed them onto the canvas board. This becomes meditative, sort of like knitting or pointillism.

Wax Spiral Art Project from


What I love about this sort of art making is that it is relaxing and slows you down. Kids need this as much as adults do, because they are rather spastic and tend to rush through things. This forces them to become engaged in the process of making something. It’s not especially challenging to do this project, but it’s really satisfying, and you pretty much know what the end result will be.

Rainbow Wax Painting Project from


After the painting project, Fen grabbed the neon colors (called ‘hot’ colors) and started covering her plastic pencil holder. I think you could go nuts with this stuff and cover every surface of your house.

WaxPencilHolder •


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