A Deep Dive Review into the Singer Brilliance 6180

Published: November 5, 2020

The Singer Brilliance 6180 Sewing Machine Reviewed

The world has needed to sew almost since clothes were invented, and this machine makes it easier than ever to turn your passion for textiles into bonafide wearable pieces in which you can take both pride and confidence. The Singer Brilliance 6180 comes from a long line of trusted Singer craft products, so you know that you’ll be getting a quality machine that will always be up to the task.

Sewing has always been a tedious job, with every stitch needing to be worked through with care and attention to detail. The sewing machine revolutionized that a while ago, and this sewing machine only picks up the pace with a maximum speed of 750 stitches a minute to let you run through your projects at breakneck speed.

It is a perpetual complaint of many sewing enthusiasts that the table on their sewing machine does not give them enough room to properly work through whatever project they are on. This machine seeks to correct that by offering a particularly spacious table, which can be attached or removed at need.

A library of 80 stitches gives you ample freedom to choose your favorite blend of sewing techniques, including both functional and decorative options. The machine cycles them at the touch of a button, so you’ll never be too far away from the precise stitch required for any particular piece of work.

Experienced craftspeople are doubtless asking themselves if this machine has a free arm, and can rest assured that it does. This will allow easy work on cuffs, hems, and other difficult parts of garments that would be far too difficult any other way.

The most difficult and frustrating part of sewing has always been threading the needle properly – it’s a critical and minute task that can go wrong with a tremble of a finger. This sewing machine takes all of that away with an automatic threading mechanism that ensures the thread is fitted perfectly, the first time, every time.

Sewing machines are characterized by their extremely delicate parts, which can be broken or displaced by even minimal rough handling. The Singer Brilliance 6180 takes a different approach to things, containing a heavy steel frame that makes it able to take far more wear and tear than one might think at first glance.

Sewing might take only needle and thread, but having some extra equipment can open up a world of new techniques, and by extension, new projects for you to work on. The Singer Brilliance 6180 includes an extensive accessory kit that gives you all the specialized tools you need to work with the most advanced stitches. There are also numerous spare parts, so you won’t have to worry about one going missing or getting broken as so often happens with small items.

Who’s It For?

This machine is for the experienced hobbyist looking to expand their horizons with the addition of a faster sewing machine or a more diverse library of stitches to choose from, or someone replacing an old machine and intent on buying one that will allow them to find the same or better quality of work without breaking the bank for it. Thanks to the included tutorial software, it is also a realistic choice for someone looking for their first sewing machine, as it provides both plenty of guidance and a significant amount of creative freedom.

This machine is not intended for those who reside outside of the United States of America or Canada as they will need an adapter to function in other countries. Additionally, you will need to use it with a 110-volt power source, or connect an adapter of the appropriate voltage before plugging it in.

This machine cannot handle embroidery, so those intent on that pursuit should look elsewhere. It is not meant for anything particularly thick either, so you will need a more powerful machine if you intend to work with leather, PVC, or other heavy materials.

What We Like About The Singer Brilliance 6180

First and foremost, the durability is something to be admired – most sewing machines will be totally destroyed by even a minimal drop, but the Singer Brilliance’s steel skeleton keeps it running even if the plastic casing has taken a modicum of damage. The same metal guts that make it so resilient also keep it still while you work, reducing the chance for skipped stitches or other mishaps.

With a machine as complex as this, it’s always good to have someone to turn to for guidance. There are an enormous number of stitches and the possibilities can get confusing in a hurry. The manufacturer has included both a printed and a digital guide to help the user glide through their initial questions and introduce the many options they may not have used in the past.

Automatic needle threading is exactly what it sounds like and is just as much of a relief to new and old users alike. Not having to fight to keep yourself from twitching even a millimeter or two saves everyone both time and patience, both in short supply when executing intricate sewing projects.

The many added parts and accessories save the user from having to run to the supply store to flesh out their crafting table and are a thoughtful way for the manufacturer to let you focus on your projects instead of trying to find missing parts. This is especially helpful for those receiving this as a way to get involved in sewing for the first time, as they are unlikely to have most of the relevant accessories and this machine provides them with a considerable repertoire right out of the box.

Of course, if there’s one thing that makes the machine stand out, it’s the size of its library of preprogrammed stitches and how fast it can execute them at need. Running at over 700 stitches a minute, even larger projects will be done before you know it.

What We Don’t Like About The Singer Brilliance 6180

Although this machine might have a fairly durable steel skeleton, the casing is made of fairly fragile plastic and leaves much to be desired. Users report it not fitting together properly over the rest of the machine and breaking from even mild impact.

80 stitches are definitely enough to keep most people happy for a while, but it does not measure up to the preloaded libraries of some other digital sewing machines – that number biomes far less impressive when other models can handle 100 stitches or more. It should be relatively easy to boost the machine’s memory and allow the user to execute more stitches without materially changing the sewing apparatus.

There is only limited embroidery available in the free-motion embroidery option, and there is no embroidery hoop to go with it. While these are available from the manufacturer at only a modest added cost, their omission seems to be an oversight in a machine that otherwise seeks to be so versatile.

In much the same way, it is unfortunate that the Singer Brilliance 6180 does not also feature a computer or internet hookup of some kind. Many digital sewing machines these days include some way to load a design to the machine and have it complete your project automatically, without you needing to stand with the machine for the entire time. Not every project will use this feature, but its absence severely limits the options for preparing a design ahead of time and all but does away with the possibility of autonomous sewing.

Despite being shipped nearly worldwide, the device warranty is only valid in the United
States of America or Canada, leaving users in the rest of the world with no recourse if their machine does not perform to function. It will also need an adapter in other countries, which will mean a separate purchase and a tenuous power connection at best.

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  • Free arm mode for extensive creative freedom
  • 80 individual stitches, including six different methods for one-step buttonholes
  • Steel skeleton for added stability and minimal movement while in use
  • A broad range of accessories and spare parts included
  • 25-year warranty


  • Smaller library of stitches than other models
  • Warranty is not valid outside of Canada or the USA

What’s Included?

It takes a lot to make a sewing machine run properly; there are far more small and delicate parts than one tends to find in most products by the time they get to the user, and there is much more assembly required as well. The Singer Brilliance 6180 is no exception and arrives with the full range of components to get your machine ready for every stitch in its memory.

With so many things to get properly inserted and assembled, perhaps the most important thing after the actual body of the machine is the inclusion of two separate manuals. The printed one is a quick start guide, coaching you through the basics of using your new device, while the disc contains more thorough instructions on how to use the more advanced features in your choice of English, Spanish, or French.

The power cord and foot pedal are included with the machine, and you will also receive an all-purpose foot and package of needles for the machine. Class 15 metal bobbins, spool caps, and spool thread pins are all included as well.

You will receive a series of useful tools alongside your machines, such as a seam ripper that doubles as a lint brush, dust cover, and darning plate. A screwdriver for the needle plate is included as well, letting you change your chosen attachment with ease.

Not included with this machine is any kind of embroidery hoops or table extensions, limiting options for a user intending to do quilting, embroidery, or monogramming. There are no replacement feet either; other devices include multiple different feet with dedicated purposes alongside replacement general purpose feet, making that shortcoming more conspicuous and harder to explain away.

Overview Of Features

Your Singer Brilliance 6180 runs exclusively on corded power, with no battery pack or slot for standard batteries; you will need either a craft room with an outlet or an extension cord. It is made only for 110 volts, so make sure you have the right outlet or use an adapter to get it running.

Your new sewing machine “˜knows’ 80 distinct stitches, including six different methods to execute a one-step buttonhole; while executing basic stitches, this machine can reach up to 750 stitches a minute. More complex or advanced techniques will necessarily slow it down, so be sure to budget the added time per stitch when planning a project.

All the tools that you need to change attachments are included with the machine; as are some of those attachments. If you feel like expanding your crafting capabilities, make sure to do so exclusively with Singer brand products to ensure compatibility with your existing machine.

Threading the needle, as well as some other processes, are now fully automated and accomplished simply by starting the machine on a project. You can familiarize yourself with all of them with the digital guide, which is fully translated into English, French, and Spanish.

All of the machine’s functions can be controlled with the simple LCD interface and large rubber keys on the side of the machine. This is hardly the most detailed control panel on the market, so use the manual to be sure you are taking the right action.

Review Summary

This sewing machine is meant to be a cost-effective alternative to much larger and more expensive digital sewing machines that charge people for features they might not need or use with any regularity. By eliminating the extraneous or underused functions from its model, Singer has created a digital sewing machine that will still be able to turn out exceptional projects without taking too big a chunk out of the user’s budget. Some capabilities are sacrificed in the process, but there remain more than enough to make this a fine machine for your workroom.



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