Quick and Easy Tangle Drawing

I wanted to come up with a quicker and easier version of my circle Zentangle project, because sometimes you just want quick and easy tangling. Like a tangle fix during your lunch hour. Or for your children when they’re about to explode and they need to calm their spastic selves down a bit.

Easy Zentangle Project!
Here it is! You use half a piece of paper and a fat Sharpie or other marker of your choosing.
Easy Zentangle part 1
Separate the paper into spaces as shown, then doodle away.
Easy Zentangle Project part 2
I like to try to vary the patterns that are next to each other- but not to the point where I’m thinking too much.
Easy Zentangle Project part 3
For instance, I’ll put a lighter patter next to a darker one, or a circley one next to a straight one. This just adds visual balance to the whole page, but is completely not necessary if you just want to zone out and tangle.
Easy Zentangle Project!
Here are the paper and marker I used: 

Bright white cardstock

This marker

And if you’re looking for some more tangle ideas, shimmy over here to print out some designs.



6 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Tangle Drawing”

  1. Your new site is looking great. I am creative, and recently got addicted to Zentangle. I make paper beads and volunteer a class to MHMRA. They love it and so do I.

    I’ll be checking in on things here. Best of luck with your site.

    • Thanks Sharon! Isn’t Zentangle the best? I think my tangle projects are how most new people found me, guess it’s time to make some more of them… paper beads have been on my list for a while of things to try. Feel free to post some pics on my Facebook page if you want; I’d love to see them!

  2. Hi, Jeanette. I’m trying to create enrichment opportunities that volunteers could bring into our 2 homeless shelters in central PA that will give adults and children a break from the stress they are under. Is there something you know of that would help someone facilitate a few “sessions” of Zentangle?

    • Hi Suzanne! What an amazing idea- I’m not sure I understand what you are asking; sorry, sometimes I need things explained to me like I’m 5…. I’d love to help however I can.

  3. Hi,
    I am trying to use zentangle for teaching a unit on linear equations in grade 6. I am starting with pre algebra next week and then the culminating project is writing linear equations and representing them on a graph paper and then zentagling it! Hope it works!
    Thank you for an inspiring idea!

    • Oh, wow! That sounds so freaking cool. I hope it works, too- would you mind snapping a photo or 2 and showing me when they’ve done some? I just told my daughter (in 7th grade) this, and she wished out loud she had done that last year- good excuse for reviewing some math with her. 🙂


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