4 DIY Magic Wands for Your Kids’ Magical Costume

Published: September 18, 2021

Magic wands are much-loved by kids and they are an important prop for many children’s costumes. Witches, fairies, wizards, pixies, and all manner of other characters benefit from a magic wand ““ and your child will love using it out of costume as well as in.With that in mind, let’s look at some DIY magic wand ideas for you to make with your little one so you can bring a bit of sparkle to their life.

Simple Stick Wand

Simple Stick WandSource: https://www.happyfamilyart.com/craft-tutorials/magic-wand-craft-tutorial/If you want a very easy craft that you can do with the help of a little one, this is the perfect approach. It’s simple and will add a dash of magic to any outfit. You can also do it in any color at all, so pick whatever your child likes best, and get crafting!


For a simple stick wand, you’re going to need:

  • 1 wooden skewer
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Colored card
  • Glitter glue
  • A few ribbons

Step 1: Cut Out Your Star

First of all, you need to cut out a star. You can draw one by hand or print a template from the internet easily. Draw this onto your colored card, and then cut around the edges neatly.To make your wand more durable, it’s best to use two colored card stars glued together, but you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to. Simply draw around your first star to create the second one, and then glue them together.If necessary, once the glue has dried, trim the edges of the stars a bit to make sure they fit nicely.

Step 2: Paint The Skewer

Get your child to help you paint the skewer; this is going to be the stick of the wand. It can help to use a peg to hold it. You may need to let one-half dry before you can paint the other half, or you’ll end up with smudges and sticky fingers.

Step 3: Stick On The Star

Decide which is the front of your wand’s magic star, and then glue the back to the tip of the skewer. Make sure that it is glued very firmly. Some people like to slip the skewer in between the two stars to make a neater finish; you can do this if you prefer.

Step 4: Decorate The Star

Add some glitter glue or sparkly gems to the star, making it beautiful and “magical” for your child. Get them to help you decide what to add. If they want to decorate the star with pens, it is best to do this before you stick it to the skewer as this will give them a flat surface to work with.You can also add sequins or little beads in a border around the star to make it extra sparkly.

Step 5: Add The Ribbons

What’s a star without a swish of magic? If you have some ribbons, they make a wonderful addition to the star. Curling ribbons are best, but any will do and will make the wand much more satisfying to wave when casting spells.If you’re using curling ribbons, score them with a pair of scissors to get a nice ringlet, and then glue the end to the bottom of the star. Add a few different lengths, and try to get tighter and looser curls on them. You can even use different colors to make them look more interesting.At this point, your star is finished and your child can go and start casting magic! Tip: to turn this wand into a witch’s wand, use black and silver ribbons, black paint, and a black star.

Twisty Wand Pencil

Twisty Wand PencilSource: https://www.easypeasyandfun.com/how-to-make-a-magic-wand/Do you have a super special fairy in your life, or a child that wants to be a magician? If so, the thing that they really need to complete their character is a wand to make the magic of their imagination come to life ““ and you can help them create one with this clever craft.Magic wands come in all shapes and sizes, and this craft is perfect because your child can create the wand of their dreams by following the simple instructions. Whether they want to be a wizard, a fairy, a witch, a magician, or any other magical being, they can build the perfect wand for their make-believe world.You will just need a chopstick (for a long wand) or pencil (for a short wand), some hot glue, a few decorative stones, some plastic beads or gemstones, and some brightly colored paint (or several paints if you prefer). This is the perfect way to make your child feel special and magical.You might want to make multiple wands with your little one so they can swap their personas, and no matter what, each wand will be wonderfully unique. Cheap, easy, and super fun, this is definitely a craft to try, and its fun will long outlast the making session.Be prepared for shouts of “Abracadabra” and “Alakazam!” as your child enjoys their new toy and experiments with it.

Natural Stick Wand

If you’re aiming for a woodland fairy look, you can also help your child create a stick wand. This is great fun; you can collect all sorts of things to decorate with on a nice country walk, and you can challenge your child to come up with “nature spells” that they might like to cast.The aim here is to use as many natural materials as possible; we may not be able to go totally eco-friendly, but we’re going to try our best.


For this project, you’re going to need:

  • A long, reasonably sturdy stick with lots of natural twists and bumps
  • Some skeleton leaves (natural or dyed)
  • Natural twine
  • White glue
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors
  • A gem

You may also want to use:

  • Tiny pebbles or little shells
  • Pressed flowers
  • A shop-bought crystal
  • Feathers

Step 1: Go On A Hunt For Wand-Parts

One of the best bits of creating this wand is the hunt for different parts. Talk to your child about what sort of woodland fairy they want to be, and decide what you’re going to look for on your walk. Remember that if you use things like grass or fresh flowers, the wand won’t last well, so it may be better to choose components that can be dried or that won’t wither. You should also avoid picking wild plants as many are protected and this can be harmful to nature.You must make sure you find a suitable wand-stick on your walk. It may be a good idea to pick up a few different options so you can try them out at home; you can always put sticks back later if you decide they are not needed.

Step 2: Decorate Your Stick

Set out your stick and all the things you have collected, plus anything else that you plan to use. Experiment a bit with different looks before you stick anything in place.You may want to wind the natural twine up and around the wand stem to give it a “core” of power. If you’re going to use a crystal from a shop, you will probably want to glue this to the end of the stick (or use a colorful gem).Consider creating a little ring out of the pebbles or shells, or help your child to glue the pressed flowers to the stick. The skeleton leaves can be used to fan out around the top of the wand or can be pasted around its stem.Feathers can be used like the ribbons in the first tutorial; glue them so that they fan down from the gem at the top, creating a nice “swish” when your child waves the wand. Little puffy feathers will have a better effect than long, stiff feathers.You can add some glitter or sequins too, but this won’t be quite so in keeping with the “natural” theme.

Step 3: Varnish The Wand (Optional)

You may find that your wand is a little more durable if you add a couple of coats of white glue to serve as varnish. To do this, mix some white glue with a little water, and add a thin layer on top of the wand (avoiding any feathers as it will spoil them).When that layer has dried, add a second or even third coat. This will make the wand more rigid and also add a nice shine to the wood. When it’s dry, your child can start casting spells to make the trees grow and the grass sing.

Unicorn Wand

Unicorn WandSource: https://www.prettyprudent.com/diy-no-sew-rainbow-wands/How about a felted wand? You can have fun with all kinds of different shapes here, but we’re going to do a cloud with a rainbow unicorn tail streaming out of it.


To create a cloud wand, you’ll need:

  • White felt
  • A wooden skewer
  • Pretty paper
  • Glue
  • White thread
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Rainbow ribbons (either multicolored or several ribbons in different colors)
  • Scissors
  • Stuffing
  • Black pen
  • Glitter or sequins

Step 1: Create The Cloud

Draw a small, puffy cloud on your white felt, and then cut it out and draw around it to create a second puffy cloud the same size. Pin the two parts together neatly.Sew around the edges of the two clouds, leaving a small gap at the bottom so you can add stuffing and the skewer.

Step 2: Wrap The Skewer

Wrap the skewer up in your pretty paper. The easiest way to do this is to put a layer of white glue on the skewer and then roll it up in the paper, adding a little glue to make sure it’s firmly stuck all the way around.Cut off the excess paper, and you’ll have a beautiful stem for your fairy wand. You can also paint the skewer a pretty color if that’s easier for you.

Step 3: Stuff The Cloud

Next, it’s time to make your cloud puffy. Add some stuffing to it, carefully filling it so that you don’t burst the stitches but you end up with a satisfyingly rounded cloud.Add a generous blob of glue to the end of your skewer and slide it into place in the cloud. Next, sew the cloud shut and add a little more glue around the edges where the skewer meets the felt to make sure this join is nice and secure.

Step 4: Create A Rainbow Tail

You can just add pastel ribbons around your cloud to add to the pearly effect, but we’re going to do a rainbow tail instead. This can be done either using curling ribbons or fabric ribbons. Choose nice, juicy colors to get a good effect.Glue the ribbons around the end of the skewer, where it meets the cloud. If you’re using curling ribbons, add ringlets to them before you stick them in place. If you’re using fabric ribbons, try to cut them nice and long so they can flutter and twirl with the wand’s movements.

Step 5: Decorate The Cloud (Optional)

You can add a bit of glitter to the cloud, or stick some pretty sequins to it to make it extra magical. You now have an amazing unicorn wand, perfect for any fairy. If you wanted to, you could also add a little unicorn sticker (paste it down with a layer of glue to help it stay stuck) to include a final touch of magic.


Wands come in all shapes and sizes, and you can have endless fun creating magical wands with your little fairy child. Most of these ideas can be adapted to suit different tastes and work for different kinds of fairy, so get creative and do whatever you like; there are pretty much no limits here!



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