45 Model Magic Clay Ideas

Published: February 3, 2022

Magic clay is a molding compound that is awesome for crafting. Kids love using it and grown-up makers also do due to its lightweight and soft texture.

But what actually is magic clay?

When we talk about magic clay, usually crafters are talking about the Crayola Model Magic air dry clay.

Crayola Model Magic clay is non-toxic for little hands and it has a delightfully spongy texture that is fun to model with.

Model Magic air dries in around 24 hours (some projects may take up to 72 depending on the size and thickness of the clay used).

Unlike air dry clay, when it is dry, model magic still remains lightweight and has a slightly flexible texture, making it the perfect modeling material for a whole host of projects including jewelry as even ‘chunky’ pieces can be worn without being heavy on earlobes.

The only downside is, that compared to other modeling clays, Crayola Model Magic can be a bit on the pricey side.

But, never fear, along with some awesome and inspiring projects you can make, we are also going to share with you a homemade model magic recipe, so you can whip up a batch of your own model magic modeling clay alternative in your own home at a fraction of the price!

45 Easy Crayola Model Magic Clay Projects

Here are 19 super cool Model Magic ideas for your next craft.

1. Model Magic Finger Puppets

Model Magic Finger Puppets

With this craft, you’ll bring together the most special finger puppets. There are no rules, just you and your imagination. A pro tip here is to buy only white Model Magic clay and use sharpies to formulate a variety of colors. Once you have your colored pieces ready, choose one to work on and wrap the rest up or store them in an air-tight container.

Model Magic Finger Puppets from Instructables

2. Model Magic Marble Maze

Model Magic Marble Maze

This Crayola Model Magic craft is guaranteed to keep your kids busy trying to balance the clay “marble” ball through the maze.

To create your maze, you’ll need empty paper towel rolls, washable paint, pencil colors, paintbrushes, markers, glue, and scissors.

Model Magic Marble Maze from Crayola

3. Model Magic Sugar Skulls

Model Magic Sugar Skulls

Sugar skulls are popular decorations of traditional significance used in the Mexican Día de los Muertos celebration.

In this DIY, you’ll be sculpting your own sugar skulls using Crayola Model Magic and some glitter glue.

Sugar Skulls from Crayola

4. Model Magic Clay Recipe

Homemade Model Magic Recipe

You can always make your Model Magic clay at home. With this DIY recipe, you’ll be able to formulate the desired clay with your casual pantry items.

For this, you’re going to need baking soda, cornstarch, cold water, and your choice of food coloring.

Model Magic Clay Recipe from Kidcreate Studio

5. Texture Stamps Craft

Texture Stamps Craft

This craft is a great way for children to experiment with different textures. You’ll need Crayola Model Magic and any 3D surface to create the stamps. It could even be a fun activity to have the kids look around for suitable surfaces; they’ll definitely get creative.

Texture Stamps Craft from Instructables

6. Model Magic Necklaces and Earrings

Model Magic Necklaces and Earrings

Crayola Model Magic can also be used to sculpt unique necklaces and earrings. Because of its squishy and spongy texture, Model Magic is equally fun for both kids and adults.

For example, you can roll two pieces of different colors together to produce a marbled effect. Another tip is to flatten out your dough on a smooth top to cut up your flat designs.

Model Magic Necklaces and Earrings from Think.Make.Share

7. Model Magic Cookie Ornaments

Model Magic Cookie Ornaments

Who wouldn’t want Christmas ornaments that look like cookies?

With this project, you’ll be able to shape cookie ornaments using clay dough and some cookie cutters. Don’t forget to punch the holes for your strings; you can use a straw for this step.

And after your pieces have dried for at least 24 hours, loop strings through the holes and hang the clay cookies on your Christmas tree.

Model Magic Cookie Ornaments from Crayola

8. Ant Stick Puppets

Ant Stick Puppets

This Crayola Model Magic project will leave you with the most adorable ants you’ve ever seen. These ants are cute for display, but they can also be used to put up a unique puppet show.

To shape your puppet’s body, you’ll need three Model Magic balls and a craft stick. After 24 hours of drying, the ant craft sticks should be ready for puppet theater.

Ant Stick Puppets from Crayola

9. Father’s Day Toolbox

Father's Day Toolbox

Nothing says “Happy Father’s Day!” better than a handmade gift, especially if it’s a toolbox. To put together the best Crayola Model Magic toolbox, you’ll need to follow this easy tutorial.

Just be ready with an empty tissue box, construction paper, glue, markers, pencil, and scissors.

Father’s Day Toolbox from Crayola

10. Model Magic Butter Slime

Model Magic Butter Slime

Slime is an all-time favorite among children; the kneading, pinching, and squishing bring so much joy to their little hearts.

There are so many different recipes to make slime, and Crayola Model Magic is surprisingly one of them. To make the Model Magic slime, you’ll need baking soda, lotion, glue, water, and contact lens solution.

Model Magic Butter Slime from Crayola

11. Flower Pencil Toppers Craft

Flower Pencil Toppers Craft

Pencil toppers are a cute way to customize your stationery, but they also work as great gifts. You can even add a cute pencil-holder pot for your flowers with this craft.

Essentially, you’ll want to roll out a ball of Model Magic, press it onto the bottom of your pencil, then proceed with the flower.

Flower Pencil Toppers Craft from Crayola

12. Model Magic Bookmarks

Magic Clay Bookmarks

A Model Magic bookmark is a perfect craft for all the bookworms out there; it’s great for both personal use and gifting. For this, you’ll need paper clips and different colors of clay, depending on your design.

Additionally, you’ll want to get your hand on some glitter glue and Crayola markers. Make sure your soft Model Magic has fully dried up before using your bookmark.

Model Magic Bookmarks from Crayola

13. Model Magic Jar Lids

Model Magic Jar Lids

These cute DIY jar lids are an awesome way to upcycle your jars. First, you’ll need to get your hands on a few things: acrylic paint, Crayola Model Magic, paintbrushes, glue, disposable cups, craft sticks, and your upcycled jars with their lids. The finished product looks so good that you’ll find yourself wanting to make a whole collection.

Model Magic Jar Lids from Crayola

14. Model Magic Rock Animals

Model Magic Rock Animals

Rocks can be found everywhere, rendering them perfect props for creating art. For example, you can shape the cutest animals by adding some color and gluing clay details to the rocks of your backyard.

This craft’s suggested animal options are snails and turtles, but you can decide on any animal of your choice.

Model Magic Rock Animals from Crayola

15. Handprints Model Magic Craft

Handprints Model Magic Craft

Your children are little for so long, but time flies by before you notice it. Therefore, it’s important to document their journey every step of the way.

With this project, you can document their handprints at every age using little pieces of Model Magic clay.

Handprints Model Magic Craft from Crayola

16. Model Magic Piggy Bank

With this DIY, you’ll be able to turn your empty tissue box into a cute piggy bank. You can even experiment with some color theory while you’re at it; blend red and white acrylic paint to form your perfect shade of piggy pink.

Always remember that the clay needs to harden before it’s glued to the rest of the structure.

Model Magic Piggy Bank from Crayola

17. Magic Clay Fish Tank

You can make the most mesmerizing aquarium using glue, construction paper, Model Magic, and washable paint. You’ll also need a jar with a cork lid, paper clips, pencil, paintbrushes, and blunt tip scissors. This 3D aquarium isn’t only great to look at, but it can also be used to teach your children about marine life.

Magic Clay Fish Tank from Crayola

18. Model Magic Frankenstein Pumpkin

We’ve got a special pumpkin craft for you to try this Halloween. Pumpkins will no longer be bound to orange this year; they can now come in all sorts of colors. For this craft, our pumpkin will be Frankenstein green.

Model Magic Frankenstein Pumpkin from Crayola

19. Model Magic Dragonfly

We’ll use Model Magic to mold a dragonfly’s body for this DIY project. You can also attach another Crayola craft to the body of your fly. And for the body, you can go as simple or detailed as you wish.

Model Magic Dragonfly from Crayola

20. Flower Pencil Toppers

Flower Pencil Toppers

Never lose your pens again with this cute springtime craft from the makers of Crayola Model Magic themselves!

This cute craft sticks colorful petals onto the end of your pens to transform them into a stunning bunch of flowers.

Not only will your children have a great time making this craft, but it will make a gorgeous addition to sit on your work surface and inspire writing.

Find out more on this craft at crayola.com

21. Model Magic Clay Earrings

Model Magic Clay Earrings

Jewelry is a great project that model magic clay is perfect for. Due to its lightweight material, you can make creative statement pieces that won’t rip off an ear lobe when you come to wear them!

This blog shows you a range of creative techniques to create a variety of jewelry styles in different shapes.

It also shows you how you can blend more color in the dough to make a whole host of stunning, wearable creations.

Get the knowledge on these fancy jewelry crafts from thinkmakeshareblog.com

22. Model Magic DIY necklaces

Model Magic DIY necklaces

If you’re budding jewelry makers aren’t quite so talented (yet!) then why not try making these fun necklaces from Model Magic.

This blog shows you how you can use cookie cutters, or play dough tools to cut out chunky shapes that can be threaded onto a necklace string.

Little hands will love this activity – and it also can promote learning of colors and shapes too!

Find out more from mamagooliving.com

23. Magic Clay Bookmarks

Magic Clay Bookmarks

Make a useful craft that your little bookworms will love to use with this bookmark project.

Kids can make their bookmark in any shape they desire, from their favorite animal, or food.

Then simply stick a large paperclip into the bottom of it and leave it to harden overnight.

You can also add extra details with marker pens and glitter glue for that last bit of sparkle!

Get all of the detailed instructions on this project at crayola.com

24. Magic Clay Frogs

Magic Clay Frogs

Animals are always inspiring, and super fun to make! These kids made cute little frogs with a wiggling tongue.

For extra savvy artists, you can even make the lily pad for the frog to sit on too!

See the pictures at jamestownart.blogspot.com

25. DIY Fish Tank

DIY Fish Tank

Upcycle an old jar with this clever model project from Crayola. This idea sees you crafting fish shapes to swim in their very own tank. (I’m sure if you don’t have a jar, a clear plastic cup could work just as well!)

Glue on some strips of construction paper as seaweed, and don’t forget to add a ‘splash’ of blue paint that forms the water line for your fish to swim in!

Get the list of tools and the ‘how to’ guide from crayola.com

26. Among Us Characters

Among Us Characters

If your kids love to play the ‘Among Us’ video game, then why not get them away from their screens for a moment to enjoy some arts inspired by the characters instead?

This video guide shows you not only how to form the shapes that make up the characters’ bodies, but also shows you how you can combine the modeling material colors together to make new colors, teaching children that they don’t need to stick to the options you buy in the box.

Check out the instruction video at youtube.com

27. Solar System Mobile

Solar System Mobile

Space is a firm favorite of so many kids (and if we can promote a love of STEM through arts then even better!) This cool craft has your kids create a model of the planets of the solar system.

As Crayola Model Magic is so light, it is the perfect material for this craft, whereas regular air-dry clay, or even plasticine can be a bit too heavy to be supported on the mobile strings.

This would make a cool science fair project, as well as a fun craft idea.

Find out more on this and other fun ideas at firstpalette.com

28. Finger Puppets

Finger Puppets

As Crayola Model Magic clay alternative is so soft and dries with a slightly bouncy texture, it’s a great material for molding finger puppets from!

This detailed guide not only shows you why you DON’T need to buy the ‘deluxe variety pack’ of every color, and how you can make any color you wish using white model magic and marker pens, but also give a complete guide on innovative ways of molding shapes, such as using scissors to snip, or pinching and pulling at the clay.

Kids will also love to play with their puppets afterwards!

Check out the pictures and the full instructions over at instructables.com

29. Holiday Tree Ornaments

Holiday Tree Ornaments

It’s not always Christmas, but it is nice to use the holidays to inspire your next art day. This idea uses cookie cutters to shape the soft dough. After you’ve cut out your ornaments, you can decorate them with more model magic, or even paint them too!

These tree decorations will be a special item you can save and enjoy for many Christmases to come!

Find out how to make these at crayola.com

30. Magic Color Mice

Magic Color Mice

Little hands will love to create these little mice. Unlike some of the other shapes that can be tricky for smaller artists to master, this tutorial shows you how to the dough shape forms around an aluminum foil ball which saves on your pricey modeling material!

Read more about this idea at theartannex.com

31. Model Magic Cupcakes

Model Magic Cupcakes

Another of the best ideas is to make food from your Crayola Model Magic (little ones could even keep it as part of their play kitchen!)

This blog shows you how to make cupcakes using Model Magic clay. As they are so versatile and can be decorated in so many ways, it’s a great theme to let the imagination go wild. This tutorial also shows you how to save your clay and make the model hollow (using a similar technique that you’d use when making air dry clay bowls).

Get more information at artprojectsforkids.org

32. Model Magic Greeting Cards

Model Magic Greeting Cards

This clever craft idea shows you how you can combine chocolate and fondant molds to create embellishments to decorate greeting cards. As Crayola model magic clay is so lightweight, it can be stuck onto the front of homemade cards without being too heavy and causing them to topple over.

This site has a number of cute ideas including tiny feet for a new arrival, and snowflakes.

Check it out at todayscreations.blogspot.com

33. Model Magic Vase

Model Magic Vase

Wrap your Crayola model magic around an empty plastic bottle to create your own vase. You can add your own design onto it afterward with marker pens or glitter glue.

(Although, you won’t actually be able to put flowers in it, as this modeling stuff will go squishy and will be ruined by water.)

Find out more at crayola.com

34. Model Magic Diorama


Turn any old shoe box into a captivating scene from around the world. You can create a scene from under the sea, the middle of the jungle, or from an ancient historical land!

Use your Crayola Model Magic to create the details to give your diorama a 3D appearance.

See this and other clay projects at crayola.com

35. Air-Dry Clay Bowls

Air-Dry Clay Bowls

Don’t know how to shape natural clay or use a kiln? With Crayola model magic clay, you can create beautiful bowls in under an hour.

Start by kneading the Crayola model magic clay until it becomes soft, then use a rolling pin to get the desired thickness, and don’t forget to use stamps to add a personal touch. Unfortunately, you can’t use these bowls to store food, but they still make for great gifts!

You can find the full instructions for these Air-Dry Clay Bowls on Gathering Beauty.

36. Easter Mason Jar

Easter Mason Jar

We can all agree that Easter is the perfect time to indulge in cute art projects. With this Crayola model magic clay idea, you can breathe new life into your old mason jars. To start, get two pieces of Crayola clay and roll them out to form bunny ear shapes.

For a marbled effect, you can gently blend some acrylic paint into the white clay, then use glue to secure the ears to the jars. Depending on how you want to customize your Easter jar collection, you can use glitter for extra pizzaz or add a small sign with your name.

A tutorial for this fun Easter mason jar craft is available on Crayola.

37. A Diffuser Necklace

A Diffuser Necklace

DIY jewelry is the best; it’s customizable and cheap! So, why not create a Crayola diffuser necklace for everyday wear? All you need is Crayola model magic clay, a couple of cookie cutters, a stick or straw to add holes to the design, and string.

Once the necklace has dried, sand the edges to improve the texture and make your design seem more professional. Finally, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the necklace, and you’re good to go!

For more on how you can create this diffuser necklace for essential oils, check Mommypotamus.

38. Pendant Lights

Pendant Lights

Admittedly, this pendant lights craft isn’t the easiest to implement, but these Crayola air-dry lights are fantastic for adding a chic zest to your living space. Not to mention, they’re cheaper than the ones you can buy.

For a unique twist, use stamps to add different textures and experiment with new colors of Crayola clay. This craft option isn’t suitable for kids since it involves tinkering with electric wires, though, so make sure to get your little ones out of the way.

A step-by-step guide for these pendant lights can be found on Createaholic.

39. Easy Air-Dry Clay Earrings

Easy Air-Dry Clay Earrings

As you can probably tell, we can’t get enough of these Crayola model magic jewelry crafts! With a bit of patience, you can save some money on accessories with these adorable feather earrings.

For cute ombre earrings, swirl two or more shades of the same color. But remember that you still need to wait until the clay completely dries before you can paint it and click the earring hooks into place.

For a full explanation of how to make these easy air-dry clay earrings, visit Little Red Window.

40. DIY Mother’s Day Flower Plaque

DIY Mother's Day Flower Plaque

Clothes, perfumes, and jewelry are all staple gifts, but they’re also predictable. So, if you’re looking for a personal present to show your appreciation for your mom, give this Crayola flower plaque DIY project a try.

You’ll need Crayola model magic air-dry clay, acrylic colors, and a rolling pin to knead the clay. Either create the flower/natural shapes with a stick or use cookie cutters for more precision. Don’t forget to stamp a nice message onto the plaque before giving it to your mom!

Check the complete tutorial for this fun DIY Mother’s Day flower plaque on Isoscella.

41. Model Magic Holiday Gift Tags

Model Magic Holiday Gift Tags

It’s never too early to think about Christmas gifts. If you’re looking for a fun crafts activity to bring the whole family together, you can’t go wrong with Crayola model magic clay gift tags.

Just cut a ball of air-dry clay into festive flat designs, add a hole on top of the tag, and loop some string through it.

Pro Tip: animated characters make for excellent gift tag designs; kids will simply be glued to those beautiful tags!

For more on how you can make a variety of model magic holiday gift tags, check out Crayola.

42. Marbled Clay Ring Keeper

Marbled Clay Ring Keeper

Tired of misplacing your jewelry? This Crayola air-dry clay ring keeper will help you avoid losing precious jewelry. A variety of household items can be utilized to shape the ring keeper, but it’s recommended to use a piece of scrap card as a mold to save time.

Once you have your desired shapes, roll them a couple of times and let them sit to dry for a bit. At this point, you can play around with different ideas and see what you like best. To elevate your DIY ring keeper, glue some glitter to the tip of the conical shapes.

For more ideas on how to decorate your marbled clay ring keeper, check out Sum of their Stories.

43. DIY Connect Four Game

DIY Connect Four Game

Although you can probably get a cheap plastic version of connect four for less than ten bucks, you can create a more durable one with some natural wood, Crayola air-dry clay model magic, and glue.

You’ll need to use a drill to cut out the holes, so it’s better to have an adult oversee the process if you’re young. Use a rolling pin to smooth out the ball model magic air-dry clay and shape the game pieces by hand.

Alternatively, you can rely on cutters typically used for cookies to make them more uniform.

Here’s an implementation of this fun DIY connect four game on Lovely Indeed.

44. Halloween Bowling

Halloween Bowling

Halloween air-dry clay projects are a great way to get your creative juices flowing, so why not make this simple model magic Halloween bowling set? This craft project takes under an hour to finalize; need we say more?

To start, paint some tin cans in different colors like orange, purple, and green. Then, you can use air-dry clay to form the balls. You can also use the handle of a brush to give them a pumpkin-like texture. Now, you have a fine set of bowling balls you can roll toward the cans!

For a detailed guide on the different designs and colors you can play with, visit Crayola.

45. Whale Phone Holder Craft

Whale Phone Holder Craft

This whale phone holder craft is perfect for those looking for a simple DIY project to share with pre-schoolers. You just need to roll your model magic clay until pliable and mold it into a whale by hand; no fancy tools are needed!

Let your creation sit to dry overnight, then use a metallic color to give it a chic vibe. You can use this craft as a holder for your phone or a display rack for your jewelry/trinkets; the choice is yours.

An implementation of this whale phone holder craft is available on Doodle & Stitch.

Get Creative with Crayola Model Magic Air Dry Clay

There are so many projects that you can create with Crayola Model Magic, and the lightness and texture of this modeling clay makes it perfect for a variety of creations where traditional air dry clay can be too heavy and stiff.

Model Magic Clay has fast become a favorite material for crafts for both kids and adults, with the flexibility to create anything you can imagine from this cloud textured stuff!

Find out more about other modeling material crafts by checking out the rest of the blogs on our page.

So these craft ideas are great recommendations for your next Model Magic project. However, you can always leave room for your imagination to guide you through your creative process.




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