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We made soap!

I wanted to keep it fairly simple for our first foray into soap-making, so really all we did was submerge some dinosaurs. I mean, who doesn’t like dinosaurs in their soap, right? Have you tried making soap with kids?

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But keep reading, there’s a little trick to this I didn’t know before we made these.


Here’s what you do:

Cut up the soap base into small pieces – maybe about 1/2″ to 1″, and melt them in the measuring cup in the microwave. Start with 30 seconds at a time until it’s all melted. I stirred it around gently a few times, but if you stir too much you’ll get a bunch of air bubbles.

Place your dinos in the soap mold containers and pour in enough soap to almost cover them. Spritz the top of the poured soap with alcohol, which will help break up air bubbles.

Let the soap set until you’re fairly certain the dino is stuck in there- maybe 20 minutes or so. You just don’t want him to float to the top when you pour the rest of the soap in.

Melt the soap again in the microwave. Spritz the top of the soap with alcohol and pour the freshly melted soap over it to the top of the mold. Spritz the top of the soap again and put it away somewhere for an hour or so until it’s all set up.

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That’s it! Enjoy how clean your kids’ hands will be as they wash them over and over again to get to the prize inside.

Warning: I think once you make soap it’s nearly impossible to not want to make more. This is an excellent open-ended creative project to do with your kids, and guess what!? Quick and easy holiday gifts. That’s what.

Making soap with kids •




11 thoughts on “Making Soap With Kids”

  1. Fun! Molds are fun. Grandma gave us soap with little toys inside and my son couldn’t stand waiting to get that toy. He kept digging into it with his fingernail until I eventually decided to just dissolve the whole bar in water so he could have the toy. Funny.

  2. I can’t recall how I came to your page, but I made soaps with little bath toys in them for my niece. She’s going to be three, and so my soaps have larger toys (for faster gratification). It was so easy! Thanks for the idea.

  3. Super cute idea. Love the dino soap and you got my mind whirling with more ideas as well. Thanks for the post. The image drew me in. Pinning.

  4. Your soap is so cute. Was wondering you said clear melt pour and it almost looks white. Also did you use a fragrance?

    Thank you

    • Hi Carole! I did not use a fragrance with this soap, but I know it’s really easy to add some drops of essential oils to the melted soap. This soap base cooled more translucent than totally clear, so if you are looking for clear you may want to do a search on Amazon- I think soap bases differ!


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