Magnetic Poetry Printables to Delight and Amaze You


I know magnetic poetry is nothing new, it’s been around for years and there are so many different versions of it out there, but I needed to make my own. With words that I found freaking hilarious and silly.

For about a week, I was giving away these printables on my blog if you signed up for my newsletter, but printing them out on paper and slapping magnets on them resulted in magnets that didn’t last very long, what with nasty, grubby hands pawing at them all day and paper breaking down and looking yuck.

I ordered some plastic sheets online, and while I have some issues with them, they hold up far better than paper, so until I can hire a factory somewhere to make these for me, they’ll have to be DIY.

Do you want these? Do you want to take the time to print them and stick magnets on them and cut them out? It’s actually worth it just for the first time you wake up in the morning and see that someone has arranged a beautiful sentence such as this:


Tips for printing:

If you use this plastic stuff, it’s sort of translucent, which makes it much easier to see through where the words are when you are placing magnet strips on the other side.

They say to print on the rough side of the paper, but I could NOT feel a difference, so I printed 2 copies of each sheet, 1 each on each side of the plastic. Get it?

I cut out 34 strips of magnets and stuck them to the refrigerator for a couple of days to flatten them out before sticking them to the printed sheets. I used a craft knife to cut through the sheets, and then sharp scissors to cut each word apart.

This is sooooo amateur DIY: start sticking the magnet strips to the top and bottom rows, then if you get to the middle and don’t have enough room for another strip, you can fit a magnet strip onto the leftover word strip and trim it down.


So here’s the link to download the 2 pages. Print them out and make wonderful poetry.

For the love of everything good in this world, if you make these magnets, please take pics and hashtag them with #Craftwhack on Instagram or Twitter or tag me on the Faceboob or wherever you hang. Yay for words!

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    • I just read your comment and my mouth fell open, because I *know* about the magnetic paper and didn’t use it for this- apparently because I like to make everything as difficult as possible. Now I need to try that stuff out. Thanks for the reminder! LOL


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