How to Draw a Really Cool Coloring Page

finished coloring page

drawing a coloring page

Do you all get the feeling that the coloring book market is slightly saturated? HAHAHAHA of course it is! Everybody and their pet mini giraffe has a coloring book out.

Because I am so edgy, yet slightly lemming, I made my own coloring book, too. However! Mine makes you draw your own pages. This is a million times more fun than coloring some other doofus’ drawings in, and you can proudly show your completely-100%-made-by-you artwork off to everyone, and then frame it and hang it and blow it a little kiss once in a while.

Here’s one of the projects from my book, and it’s one of my faves.

Find my book on Amazon, or buy a downloadable version from my shop.

How to draw a Really Cool Coloring Page

  1. Draw 5 or 6 or 7 small, unassuming circles all around your page.
  2. Draw a few concentric circles around each of those circles.
  3. Loosely outline the whole group to sort of frame it.
  4. Darken areas of the lines to add depth and interest to the drawing.
  5. Fill the whole thing with smaller lines.
  6. Color!

As you can see, you can make a really cool, complex-looking design by following these easy steps.

Draw a coloring page

I got fancy with my coloring and made the bottom half more pink-heavy, while the top was more blue and green-heavy. I also used these awesome markers from ooly! 

ooly markers and coloring sheet

drawing coloring page steps

What do you think?


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