How to Make Deco Mesh and Flowers Spring Wreath

With the onset of warmer weather and longer days, many people are keen to spruce up their houses and add a bit of color, and a spring wreath is a wonderful way to do that! Quick and fairly inexpensive to make, wreaths are a beautiful and crafty way to add a touch of color and creativity to your home.

You Will Need:

You don’t need vast amounts of supplies to make a wreath, though some of the materials might require you to pop to a store before you get started.

  • Colored ribbons
  • Artificial glitter stems
  • Floral pins
  • Deco mesh fabric in one or more colors
  • Wide deco mesh ribbon in a selection of colors (if you wish to make deco mesh flowers)
  • Craft wire (also for deco mesh flowers)
  • Artificial flowers and flower buds
  • Pretty extra decorations and ornaments
  • Either: a wire floral wreath form with plenty of twist ties, or a floral wreath foam form
  • A glue gun

These steps are going to be based on using a foam form wreath, but if you have a wire form wreath, it’s fairly easy to translate them across, and the guide will still give you a good idea of how to approach the wreath.

Step 1: Pinning The Stems To The Wreath

Take your glitter stems and your floral pins, and begin pinning the stems along the upper part of the wreath form. You want to cover the whole upper part so that the form can’t be seen, or you’ll end up with an untidy look later.

Step 2: Pinning The Deco Mesh

Take the deco mesh and select a stem to start from. Pin the mesh to the end of the stem and then tuck the ends in neatly so that they aren’t hanging loose. Use more than one pin if you need to in order to secure it properly.

Step 3: Looping The Deco Mesh

Once you’ve got the mesh firmly pinned into place, decide how big you want your loops to be. If you want lots of fancy, puffy clouds of mesh, gather up about 9-10 inches and arrange it, then pin it into place. If you want smaller puffs, reduce the number of inches before you pin it.

Work your way around the wreath, pinning your mesh into attractive, luxurious-looking loops. You can vary the amount of mesh in each loop to create a more scattered, natural look, or keep them roughly the same for a tidier aesthetic.

Make sure you pin the mesh firmly at each point; you don’t want it coming undone when it’s hanging in your hallway and looking beautiful.

If you’re using more than one color, adapt your approach accordingly. You can wind every color around the whole wreath, or do different sections in different colors. It’s easy to experiment if you use the pins as you can always remove the mesh and start again if necessary.

Step 4: Winding On The Ribbon

Next, take your ribbon and pin it or tie it to the wreath at the back. Begin winding it around and around the wreath, fitting it carefully around your deco mesh to ensure it enhances the loops and puffs.

You can start to get creative here. If you have more than one color of ribbon, experiment with different ways of weaving them around and make the most of them. You can always unwind them and have another go if you aren’t happy with the look you’ve achieved.

Step 5: Making Deco Mesh Flowers

You might decide that you want to make some deco mesh flowers to add to the wreath, along with your other decorations. If so, it’s best to use varying colors of mesh so that the flowers stand out. Choose some that complement your background mesh and your ribbon.

You can use these alongside artificial flowers, or replace the artificial flowers and go for a full mesh look on your wreath.

To make a flower, cut a length of ribbon at about 20 inches long. If you want to make very small flowers, shorten the length accordingly.

Cut a piece of craft wire, approximately a foot long. This is going to hold the flower together and bind it to the wreath.

Take your mesh ribbon and begin to roll it. Pinch just below the halfway point as you roll; this will help you get an even look, and you’ll see the top of the ribbon start to spill and pile around your fingers like an open flower.

You can begin to fold and tweak the ribbon as you roll it, adjusting it to create the waves you want. It might take a few tries to get the hang of this, but you can always unroll the ribbon and start again.

Once you have reached the end of the ribbon, wrap the craft wire around your pinch several times, leaving some wire-free at both ends so that you can easily bind the flower to the wreath. These flowers look great bunched into little groups, so set them close together, and then space a few out as well.

You can add as many or as few deco mesh flowers as you like to your project, and they are wonderfully simple to create.

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Step 6: Adding The Decorations

If you aren’t making deco mesh flowers or you still want to bring more color to the wreath, it’s time to get those artificial flowers and other ornaments on! It’s definitely advisable to either balance or pins them in place before you affix them for good.

Try different layouts and see which you like best. Look at color and shape, and work out what is aesthetically pleasing and makes the wreath look balanced. Try not to add too much at once; you can always fill in any bare patches later.

Having a mixture of artificial flowers and buds can create a lovely natural effect. You might also want to add some artificial leaves to the wreath.

Once you’re happy with your layout, use pins or a hot glue gun to start fixing the ornaments in place. Take your time and don’t rush, especially if you’re using a glue gun; you don’t want to get glue in the wrong places and spoil the look.

Step 7: Add A Loop

You need something to hang your wreath from, so take another piece of ribbon and tie it at the back of the wreath. You can either have a long loop that will show up above the wreath, or a short one. A short one will hold the wreath close to the hook and be hidden behind it.

Whichever you choose, secure the knot well and add a dot of glue to ensure it can’t come undone, and then hang your wreath up on the wall. All finished!

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Wreaths bring a wonderful splash of color and vibrancy to any room in the house. You can theme them for the seasons or for holidays, and reuse them year on year. They are a great simple craft to do with kids, as well! The only thing to be aware of is that they will fade quickly if they are hung in direct sunlight. That aside, get crafting!



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