Easy Pottery Painting Ideas

Tired of the plain-looking pottery in your cardboard and want to add a creative flair to the mix? You’re in luck as we’ve curated a list of diverse pottery painting ideas that are guaranteed to inspire you to create your next marvelous masterpiece.

You don’t need to be an art expert to turn some eyes towards your new pottery corner ““ all you need to get started are porcelain mugs or plates in addition to acrylic paint.

Without any further ado, let’s explore some beautiful pottery painting ideas that can make for a catchy display and a one-of-a-kind gift for your other half!

1. Dots, Dots Everywhere

Let’s kick off our list with a simple design that anyone can pull off! A pattern of dots has a universal aesthetic appeal and brings tranquility to your pottery painting experience.

If you’ve been holding off from unleashing your creativity because of doubts about your artistic capabilities, we hope that we managed to sway you the other way around. It’s not about the complexity of the art piece; on the contrary, it all boils down to the emotions it conveys!

See the implementation for yourself at invisibly.

2. Waves

Next up, we have yet another simple design that works seamlessly with a ceramic bowl. All you need to do is place your brush right in the middle of the bowl and twist it slowly while releasing your brush gradually with each turn. Try different brushes and see the nuance each one brings to the table.

Check how the swirling patterns are executed creatively on The Beginning Artist.

3. Frosty Doughnut Topping

Homer Simpson will be all over this next pottery painting idea! Decorate your morning coffee mug with an elegant doughnut drawing to go along with your favorite breakfast. You’ll have plenty of room to be creative in how you choose to design your doughnut topping and mix colors that bring positive vibes to start your day on a high note!

Check out listings for the best frosty doughnut mug paintings on Society6.

4. Painted Initial Mug

We’ve got yet another dots painting idea for you to revamp your different types of kitchen ceramics. This is prime proof that one simple idea can be repurposed in a number of versatile ways, each with its own artistic flair. Here, you can use the same dotting technique to draw initials on different mugs for your friends and family.

You can check the execution of painted initial mugs on The Love Nerds.

5. Fruits

Want to encourage your kids to eat their healthy share of fruits? You’ll be pleased with our next pottery painting idea that gets you to literally draw fruits on boring-looking bowels. One way to execute such a project is to visualize how the fruit will look when cut in half.

You can use real-life samples to get more accurate results and let your kids eat them when your masterpiece comes to fruition!

For instructions, check out the guide on The Beginning Artist.

6. Fireworks

At first glance, painting fireworks can sound like a complicated idea. But, fear not, as such painting pottery design is way easier to execute than you might think. All you need to do is draw some dots and lines using your most vibrant colors, and voila, you’ve got yourself a sky lit with fireworks.

To get a better idea about how to paint amazing dashes and dots DIY mugs, visit ILoveToCreate.

7. Cats

For all the cat persons out there, we hear you loud and clear! Use your ceramic plate and mug as a single canvas to draw a matching cat masterpiece. For instance, you can draw the face on the plate and finish up with the tail on your mug. Such a matching combo will make for a unique eye-catcher on your breakfast table.

Check out inspiration for the best feline buddy designs on The Painting Pottery Cafe.

8. Zigzag Worms

Don’t underestimate the artistic flare of the most chaotic patterns! That’s what my art teacher used to tell me, and surprisingly, his saying still holds up pretty well decades later. Try drawing random zigzag lines on your pottery and mix and match different colors to create a catchy piece.

To see how the zigzag pottery designs can be eye-catchy, visit The Beginning Artist.

9. Geometric Patterns

A roll of tape should be handy for our next pottery painting idea, as you can create some geometric patterns using the tape and color in the different shapes using a variety of colors. This way, you’ll have a clear distinction between every two adjacent colors once the tape is removed.

Check out how to execute the best-looking geometric patterns for mini clay plant pots decoration on HobbyCraft.

10. Animal Skin

Since humans first set foot on earth, nature has always been the greatest inspiration for their artwork. So, what better way to celebrate nature than decorating your pottery with animal skin patterns. I, for one, love zebras and used black paint on my white mug to create the perfect zebra skin pattern.

Check out the cheetah mug set for more inspiration for animal skin pottery painting ideas on Casa Clara.

11. Flowers

We can’t have a pottery painting ideas list without a couple of flower entries, and for all the good reasons. Each one has their own favorite flower that brings in all the positive vibes they need to push through a busy day at work. So, whether you’re a sunflower or a daisy person, your style can translate well on pottery.

For instructions on painting the most stylish flowers, visit The Painting Pottery Cafe.

12. Clouds

There’s something about clouds that invokes curiosity and unleashes our imagination. Everyone can look at the sky and see a different figure in the clouds. Such fluidity makes for a perfect art project as you can come up with your own pottery ideas on the fly and paint how the winter clouds look to you.

To get started with your cloud mug project, visit Round About Ceramics.

13. Harry Potter

We couldn’t help ourselves, as the Harry Potter pottery pun never gets old! The young wizard’s scar is iconic and makes for a great pottery painting idea that even beginners can execute perfectly. Remember this Potter pottery design the next time you’re trying to get a present for the Potter-head in your life.

To better visualize how the Harry Potter designs can turn out to be, check The Painting Spot.

14. Constellation Signs

Looking for a personalized gift for your loved ones? We’ve got you covered with our constellations pottery painting designs. The great thing about such as idea is that it retains the simplicity factor and can adorn tight spaces like mug handles and plate tips.

For a better idea about how to decorate your pottery with constellation signs, visit Gathered.

15. Cherry Blossoms

Flowers make another entry on our list, and this time around, our design involves cherry blossoms. Such a flower makes a huge part of Japanese culture and is often linked with serenity and beauty. Your pottery set will get an undeniable aesthetic appeal once cherry blossoms join the party!

Check the implementation of the amazing cherry blossoms paintings on Sustain My Craft Habit.

16. Christmas Tree

By now, you can tell that we favor pottery drawing ideas that open up the doors for a level of personalization and artistic experimentation, and our next project is no different. All you need to do is paint a Christmas tree, then get creative in the way you choose to decorate it. Santa will be proud!

For a clearer idea about how the holiday-themed pottery can be executed, check it on eBay.

17. “It’s a Sky Full of Stars”

For this one, we’ll mash some of our previous ideas to create the perfect mugs for all the Coldplay fans out there. Remember the dots design? We’ll use this as the base for our stars paintings and bring some clouds from our other pottery project to create a serene scenery.

Here’s an implementation of such an inspiring pottery painting idea on Ryanne Levin Art.

18. Calligraphy

Next up, we have a painting project for all the calligraphy artists out there! For this art piece, all you need to do is pick some inspiring quotes and experiment with different fonts on your ceramic kitchen utensils. You’ll have a constant motivator throughout the day as you glance at different quotes that foster productivity and creativity.

For instructions, read the tutorial on The Clay Pen.

19. Hearts

Simplicity always goes hand in hand with authenticity, so adorning your ceramic pottery with hearts of different sizes and colors can be exactly the perfect present for your significant other. You can follow a certain pattern or choose to sprinkle hearts all over the place.

Check out some instructions on creating the perfect hearts artwork on The Beginning Artist.

20. Landscape

Painting a landscape can be a demanding art project. Nevertheless, pottery painting gives you all the artistic leverage you need to capture the beauty of the landscape with just a few simple lines. Challenge yourself to paint more with less, using only abstract figures and appropriate colors.

Here’s an implementation of some breath-taking landscapes on invisibly.

21. Paint Drip

Let’s stick with the theme of simplicity for year another pottery painting project, and this time around, all you breed to do is let your acrylic paint flow down the tip of your ceramic mug. The paint drip effect brings a unique flair to your pottery without requiring much artistic prowess.

Check out how to pull off such a beginner-friendly pottery painting idea on The Beginner Artist.

22. Brush Strokes

Want your kids to get their hands dirty and join you in your interest in pottery painting? We have the perfect project just for you. For this one, your kids can make just random brush strokes. Yes, you heard us right! That’s the entire premise of the project, and trust us; the results can get astonishing.

You can find a tutorial for such a kid-friendly pottery project on The Clay Pen.

23. Splatter Pattern

For this DIY pottery painting project, we want you to grab as many probes as you can. For example, a toothbrush, napkin, makeup brush can come in handy. To get a natural splatter effect, flick paint off the different brushes and onto your pottery. Your ceramic utensils will look like no other thanks to such a unique painting technique.

Here are some implementations of such a unique pottery painting idea on invisibly.

24. Emojis

Though having emojis on your coffee mug can sound like a cliche for some people, we still stand by our idea for all the versatility it brings to the table. Choose your favorite emoji and combine this with a matching quote to give your pottery a unique character and feel like a personal companion rather than a mere mug on your desk.

Check out the instructions for getting the emojis pottery pieces right on The Beginning Artist.

25. Sponging

We’ll wrap up our list with yet another completely different painting technique to shake up your stale art projects. This time around, you need to bring sponges with different pore spacing and dip them in paint. You can then scrub the paint onto your pottery and add layers on top of one another till you land on the effect that makes you marvel at your work.

For instructions on the best way to execute such a project, visit The Clay Pen.

We can’t wait to see how you’ll twist our pottery painting ideas and add your personal flair to the mix for some genuinely unique pottery artwork. No matter your painting level, you’ll find a project that’s easy to execute yet marvelous to look at once your brushes are dry!



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