55 Dollhouse Ideas

Published: February 8, 2022

Dollhouses are definitely a big part of any girl’s or boy’s childhood. With these structures, the girls first learn to pretend-play, and the boys find garages for their toy cars.

So whether or not you were lucky enough to get your own dollhouse, you know how major it is in a kid’s childhood.

While store-bought dollhouses are pretty much the dream, DIY houses hold so much more love and memories to them. So, if you’re looking for some dollhouse inspiration, we’ve got you covered.

We brought together some DIY dollhouse ideas to keep your kids entertained. So let’s get straight to it.

55 DIY Dollhouse Craft Ideas

Here are 29 DIY dollhouse ideas to guide you on your next project.

1. Cardboard Dollhouse Craft

The age of expensive dollhouses is over! With this craft, you can easily DIY the dollhouse of your dreams with a cardboard box and some accessible art supplies. It may be somewhat labor-extensive, but the finished product is absolutely to-die-for.

Cardboard Dollhouse Craft from Crafts by Courtney

2. Mini Dollhouses

Who knew you could make the cutest dollhouses out of drawer organizers? With this project, you won’t have to spend much time on the house’s structure because the drawer organizers take good care of that.

Instead, you can focus your attention on the details and furniture that’ll make your dollhouse special.

Mini Dollhouses from Make It Your Own

3. DIY Cardboard Box Dollhouse

If you’re about to throw away an old cardboard box, don’t. This DIY will guide you through upcycling your old cardboard boxes into cozy little dollhouses. You can even turn your leftover decopatch paper into dollhouse wallpapers if you have those lying around.

DIY Cardboard Box Dollhouse from Let’s Do Something Crafty

4. Upcycled Cardboard Box Dollhouse

Upcycling cardboard boxes seems to be a fan favorite when it comes to DIYing a dollhouse, and it’s for obvious reasons. This project is yet another way to make your own dollhouse using cardboard boxes.

However, the really cool thing is that you can use the discarded cardboard bits and flaps to create the dollhouse furniture.

Upcycled Cardboard Box Dollhouse from CBC

5. Cardboard Barbie House

Barbie dollhouses were the childhood dream of almost every girl out there, and today you’ll create your own using cardboard. This DIY gives you the classic three-story Barbie dollhouse with way less cash and a lot more memories.

Cardboard Barbie House from ikat bag

6. Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse

We can’t say we’re surprised at how much the “recycled cardboard dollhouse” trend is catching up; it just makes sense.

Upcycling old boxes doesn’t only help the environment, but it also gives you all the creative freedom you need to create your perfect dollhouse. This project is pretty basic yet fun and functional.

Recycled Cardboard Dollhouse from My Cakies

7. Shoebox DIY Dollhouse

Shoeboxes are popular in the DIY world for their convenience and versatility. Throw in papier mache and some wallpaper scraps to the mix, and you get yourself a very professional-looking dollhouse.

This two-story dollhouse craft gives superb results for the amount of work required.

Shoebox DIY Dollhouse from MollyMooCrafts

8. Dollhouse Miniature Made From Crates

It’s finally time to catch a little break from all the cardboard dollhouses with this project. For this one, the main characters are crates.

You can make your dollhouse as big or small as you like depending on the number and size of crates you have on hand.

Dollhouse Miniature Made From Crates from Refresh Restyle

9. Pop Up Paper Doll House

Compared to all the dollhouses so far, this one is fairly small. However, its size adds a world of convenience and portability to the pop-up structure. Moreover, the project gives you all the freedom to build rooms with unbelievably intricate details.

So, if you’re ready, prepare your supplies, and let’s get straight to it.

Pop Up Paper Doll House from Delia Creates

10. DIY Traveling Dollhouse

Bet you never thought of utilizing an old lunchbox to build a dollhouse. Luckily, someone thought of it, and we now have the formula for creating awesome miniature traveling dollhouses.

Three cool things about this project are how little space it takes, how easy it is to put away, and how little effort it requires.

DIY Traveling Dollhouse from Handmade Charlotte

11. The Fabric Dollhouse

Can you really make 3D structures out of fabric? Apparently, you can. With this project, you won’t only make 3D dollhouses out of fabric, but you’ll also learn to sew the furniture onto their walls.

If all this isn’t cool enough, the fabric dollhouse looks like a bag that you can fold in and out of existence.

The Fabric Dollhouse from Pickup Some Creativity

12. A Bookshelf Dollhouse

You may like this bookshelf dollhouse idea if you have a little more budget to work with.

Originally, the project calls for IKEA’s BESTÅ unit, but you can use any small, shallow shelving unit you can get your hands on. Set it up with some miniature furniture, and you get yourself a high-end dollhouse with all the elements and nowhere near the full cost.

A Bookshelf Dollhouse from Mama.Papa.Bubba.

13. Cardboard Dollhouse

We’re back to cardboard dollhouses with this project. However, to make this cardboard dollhouse, you’ll be using flat cardboard squares instead of upcycling old boxes. Every five squares form a box, and every box makes a room.

So now, it’s up to you to choose the number and design of rooms in your dollhouse.

Cardboard Dollhouse from Today’s Parent

14. DIY Paper Dollhouse

If the cardboard is too much for you, you can give these paper dollhouses a shot. For this project, you’ll only need a single sheet of regular A4 paper.

Not only is this DIY easy and accessible, but it’s also a great doorway into the world of origami.

DIY Paper Dollhouse from Picklebums

15. Cardboard Brownstone Dollhouse

This project helps you create brownstone dollhouses that look like they were taken straight out of a movie. If you haven’t guessed it already, we’ll once again use some cardboard to create these.

You can give your dollhouses as much character as you like by adding different wallpapers and furniture.

Cardboard Brownstone Dollhouse from Mer Mag

16. Collapsible Dollhouse

Collapsible dollhouses are great because, in addition to how incredible they look, assembling them takes the fun to a whole new level. You can create a foldable dollhouse using double album covers with this project.

And when it’s not being played with, the folded dollhouse looks like a thin book, which is very convenient space-wise.

Collapsible Dollhouse from Second Chances by Susan

17. Printable Dollhouse

Have you got another cardboard box that you’d like to turn into a dollhouse? Here’s another project for you. With this one, all you have to worry about is the structure of your dollhouse.

Besides that, all the furniture and decorations are available in ready-to-print templates.

Printable Dollhouse from Adventure in a Box

18. Dollhouse in a Box

If you’re looking to create a dollhouse that’s sturdy, portable, and simple, you should have a look at this one.

Using a wooden box to build your dollhouse saves decent time and energy on the house structure while giving you a dollhouse for years to come.

In addition, this dollhouse won’t wear over time, and being foldable just takes it to a whole new level.

Dollhouse in a Box from Adventure in a Box

19. Homemade Cardboard Dollhouse

Here’s another upcycled cardboard dollhouse to add to the list. With this one, your dollhouse gets its own handles for easier transportation. A little painting with some wallpaper and DIY furniture and your dollhouse is ready to go.

Homemade Cardboard Dollhouse from Pie Mummy

20. Dollhouse Miniature Furniture

So far, we’ve been focusing our attention on creating the dollhouse itself. So, it may now be time to pay closer attention to the furniture in there.

With this project, you’ll be able to create a realistic-looking vintage lady’s secretary for your dollhouse. If you’re into that sort of style, the miniature desk definitely screams major victorian era vibes.

Dollhouse Miniature Furniture from 1 Inch Minis

21. How to Build a Dollhouse

You’ll really have to get your hands dirty if you want to make this dollhouse. While this project will leave you with the signature dollhouse of your dreams, you’ll need some patience, tools, and basic carpentry knowledge to put it all together.

How to Build a Dollhouse from The Handmade Home

22. Fabric Dollhouse Craft

Fabric dollhouses are more popular than you think. With this project, you’ll be once again creating 3D dollhouses using your sewing kit and some fabric.

When closed up, the dollhouses look like basic cartoon houses. However, you’ll find the coziest room inside once you open them up.

Fabric Dollhouse Craft from A Girl and a Glue Gun

23. DIY Dollhouse Bookcase

Bookcases as dollhouse foundations are one of those things that just make sense. With a bookcase, you have the structure of your dollhouse ready, and you can tweak it whichever way you like.

For example, you can add a roof or a layer of paint which can go a long way without taking much of your time.

DIY Dollhouse Bookcase from Fab Art DIY

24. DIY Barbie House

If you want a real Barbie dollhouse, you must be prepared to put in the time and effort it takes to make one. With this DIY, you’ll build your own five-foot Barbie dollhouse using some tree wood.

In addition, adding stairs and terraces to your house will make it more realistic.

DIY Barbie House from Build It, Sew It, Love It

25. DIY Pine Board Dollhouse

This is another project that requires a little carpentry background. With this one, you’ll be using some pine boards to form the structure of your dollhouse.

Basically, you’ll go with a simple bookshelf outline to create the body of your house, then use some more wood to build a roof and a doorway.

DIY Pine Board Dollhouse from Remodelholic

26. Fabric Dollhouse Totebag

A dollhouse tote bag is what you’re creating with this project. For this one, you’ll be using all those little scraps of fabric, buttons, beads, and lace to make the ultimate grandma dollhouse.

The house comes with a built-in closet for your doll’s clothes and a pocket bed to tuck it in at night. Being a tote bag, you can carry this dollhouse around with your doll in it.

Fabric Dollhouse from Xoxo Grandma

27. Suitcase Miniature Dollhouse

At this point, the convenience of a suitcase dollhouse is out of the question. These suitcases look so cute on the outside and even more cute once you open them up.

They won’t take up a lot of your time or energy to make, and the finished products are just wonderful.

Suitcase Miniature Dollhouse from The Craft Patch

28. DIY Nightstand Dollhouse

With this DIY, we’ll be creating our dollhouses using IKEA nightstands. While it may sound like the hard part is done, you’ll still need to put in a considerable amount of work to bring your dollhouse together.

DIY Nightstand Dollhouse from Today

29. DIY Dollhouse Theater

We’re done creating dollhouses; we now do dollhouse theaters. These are especially great because they’re time, space, and budget-friendly. Essentially, all you need is a wooden box plus some other supplies, and you’re good to go.

DIY Dollhouse Theater from Dollhouse Decorating!

30. Lovely Hinged Dollhouse

Lovely Hinged Dollhouse

If you’re a skilled woodworker or even just practice it as a hobby, you can try making a wooden dollhouse like this lovely hinged one.

The main thing that makes this DIY dollhouse project so lovely is that you’ll be making doors that open outward to reveal the house’s interior. Not only is that feature excellent from an aesthetic standpoint, but it’s a good way to keep items like furniture and dolls from going missing when your child isn’t interacting with the house.

Get the tutorial for this lovely hinged dollhouse from The Handmade Home.

31. Detailed Dollhouse Furniture

Detailed Dollhouse Furniture

Suppose your little girl already has a dollhouse, but the furniture it came with has been damaged or lost? Before heading to the toy store, why not turn an old cardboard box and other recyclable materials into some detailed dollhouse furniture?

You can make things like a bed, dresser drawers, a table, and wardrobes for the inhabitants of the dollhouse, depending on what you’re trying to replace. This is one of those DIY dollhouse projects that kids will enjoy making, so get your little girl involved where possible.

Visit Creative Social Worker for a step-by-step guide on creating detailed dollhouse furniture.

32. Papered Dollhouse With a Shingled Roof

If you’ve attempted making a cardboard dollhouse in the past and liked the results, you can up the challenge by making a more detailed variation using this idea.

For example, this papered dollhouse requires you to add details like roof shingles and window shutters as though it were a real house. It’s a fun project to improve your crafting skills if you’re into that sort of thing.

Head to Dcoracao to learn how to make a papered dollhouse with a shingled roof.

33. Fabric Dollhouse

Fabric Dollhouse

So what if you don’t know your way around a woodworking shed or cardboard box? If your crafting strength lies in working with fabrics, you can still give your child their very own dollhouse!

This cute DIY dollhouse gives sewing crafters all the inspiration they need for a project that’s perfect for their skills. Moreover, the finished product looks absolutely adorable, with not a piece of wood or cardboard in sight!

Make a fabric dollhouse by following the tutorial at Sew Some Stuff.

34. DIY Woodworked Barbie Dollhouse

DIY Woodworked Barbie Dollhouse

Do you want to improve your woodworking skills with a DIY dollhouse project emphasizing precise measurements? If so, you can try making a doll house specifically for Barbie dolls. We can’t think of a better way to put your skills to the test than by creating a house meant for dolls your children already play with, can you?

Check out Build It, Sew It, Love It for the DIY woodworked Barbie dollhouse tutorial.

35. Mini Dollhouses

Mini Dollhouses

When playing with mini dollhouses, your kid will love pretending that their dolls live in a crowded city. This simple house craft sports popsicle sticks as roofing and a box as the main body. Moreover, the smaller space will encourage your kids to be economical when choosing the interior decor, while the smooth wood means the house won’t need to be painted.

Visit Make It Your Own to learn how to make mini dollhouses.

36. Crate Dollhouse

Crate Dollhouse

As this crate dollhouse shows, wooden crates can be an excellent alternative to using cardboard when making a DIY dollhouse. You can get creative by giving the house a garden in addition to the usual accessories and furniture. Your kids will have hours of fun playing with the dollhouse in the great outdoors.

Visit Refresh Restyle to learn how to build a crate dollhouse.

37. Wooden Background Dollhouse From Scratch

Wooden Background Dollhouse From Scratch

Don’t have enough space for a standalone dollhouse? Well, this space-efficient project creatively uses bare wall space with a mountable dollhouse.

And don’t worry; it’ll be able to spark your child’s imagination like a regular dollhouse. With some creativity and adequate drawing skills, you can make the interior into a wallpaper that doubles as furniture for the dolls.

Visit Remodelaholic to learn how to make a wooden background dollhouse from scratch.

38. Free Printable Paper Dollhouse

Free Printable Paper Dollhouse

Don’t have the energy to create a dollhouse from scratch? Try using a free printable instead! This dollhouse idea is as stress-free as they come. All you have to do is download the printable, print it out, and then color it in, and just like that, you have a dollhouse. Of course, whether or not your kids will be impressed with your resourceful crafting skills is another matter entirely!

Create this free printable paper dollhouse from Pickle Bums.

39. Branch Dollhouse

Branch Dollhouse

If you’re looking for a project you can create that’ll put your woodworking skills to good use and get your kids to play outside, you’ll love the idea of using halved branches and barks to cover the finished dollhouse.

What makes this dollhouse special is how naturally it blends in with the rest of the environment. So don’t be surprised if some furry or feathered visitors visit the dollhouse!

Visit Kids Activities Blog for the branch dollhouse tutorial.

40. Dollhouse From a Suitcase

Dollhouse From a Suitcase

Craft ideas that encourage upcycling are our favorite, as there’s something satisfying about taking an old unused object and repurposing it into something new. A case in point is this suitcase dollhouse, which lets you teach your kids to be kind to mother nature while giving their dolls a beautiful home.

Head to the Craft Patch Blog to learn how to make a dollhouse from a suitcase.

41. Simple Cardboard Dollhouse

Simple Cardboard Dollhouse

Want a budget-friendly dollhouse idea that lets you recycle cardboard boxes? If so, this simple cardboard dollhouse is the perfect DIY dollhouse idea! So grab that cardboard box you have lying around the house and fashion it into an abode Barbie would be proud to live in. And if you’re feeling very crafty, try making some furniture out of cardboard too.

Learn how to make a simple cardboard dollhouse from Pie Mummy. Also, visit craftwhack.com for more craft ideas involving cardboard boxes.

42. Fabric Bag-Style Dollhouse

Fabric Bag-Style Dollhouse

Imagine if your little girl could take her dollhouse wherever she went? Well, imagine no more! This wonderful sewing crafts idea turns a carrier case into a flat dollhouse your little darling can take with her on the go. It’s one of the most creative dollhouses that involves working with fabrics, so if that’s your strong suit, get ready to have fun working on it.

Learn how to make a fabric bag-style dollhouse from XOXO Grandma.

43. Pattern Paper Dollhouse

Pattern Paper Dollhouse

Patterned paper and old boxes are all you need to make this beautiful dollhouse. The patterned paper brings the house to life by representing wallpaper for the different rooms. Also, you can try adding furnishings that match the patterns for some excellent interior decor.

Visit Today’s Parent for the pattern paper dollhouse tutorial.

44. Shoebox Dollhouse

Shoebox Dollhouse

Old shoe boxes work just as well as cardboard when creating a DIY dollhouse. You can use two to create a house with a top floor and furniture to complete the look. It’s such a fun DIY project to work on, and your kid’s dolls will be impressed once they move into their dream home.

Get the tutorial for this shoebox dollhouse from PBS.

45. DIY Carton Dollhouse

DIY Carton Dollhouse

Get some use out of old cartons you have lying around by making a dollhouse with them. For example, you can give each room a different wallpaper style to make up for the lack of furnishing (for example, use scrapbook paper for a faux brick wall). Moreover, creative details like a spiral staircase and tiny rugs will surely add to the dollhouse’s appeal.

Make a DIY carton dollhouse with this tutorial from the CBC.

46. Recycled Modern Dollhouse

Your minimalist sensibilities can be an asset when recycling cardboard to create a modern-looking dollhouse. You’ll be surprised how well cardboard cutouts emulate real-world furniture like Ikea nightstands. Also, roofing is optional since this dollhouse is as bare-bones as they come.

Visit Kotiliesi to learn how to build a recycled modern dollhouse.

47. Pop-Up Paper Dollhouse

Pop-Up Paper Dollhouse

What do you do when you don’t have wood, cardboard, or wooden crates and need to make a dollhouse? Use paper, that’s what! The best thing about this project is you can go crazy with the paper designs because you’re not working with a finite material like wood or cardboard.

Build a pop-up paper dollhouse using the tutorial by Delia Creates.

48. Upcycled Traveling Dollhouse

Upcycled Traveling Dollhouse

A fun way to repurpose your little one’s old lunchbox is to turn it into a traveling dollhouse. Your kid will love the fact that they can take their toy house with them on journeys because the house may be foldable depending on how you use the space. If you ask us, it’s a cool project that’s worth trying.

Be kind to the Earth by building this upcycled traveling dollhouse by Handmade Charlotte.

49. Fabric Dollhouse

Fabric Dollhouse

How about you try sewing a dollhouse for your kids using mesh pieces and batting slipcovers? This project is excellent because you won’t need to add furnishings like tables and chairs. Your kids will love this house because using fabric material means they can play with it in bed or on the couch.

Build a fabric dollhouse with the tutorial from Pickup Some Creativity.

50. Collapsible Dollhouse

Collapsible Dollhouse

Getting your kids to put away their toys can be a drag sometimes, so this collapsible doll house is one of the most exciting creations to grace this list. It’s a fantastic idea that’ll keep your living room mess-free while keeping your kids occupied.

Visit Second Chances By Susan for the collapsible dollhouse tutorial.

51. DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

DIY Bookcase Dollhouse

Instead of building a dollhouse from scratch, why not convert an old bookcase or shelves to house your kid’s dolls instead. Then, you can decorate the different partitions into different rooms without needing excellent woodworking skills. Better yet, this project is the perfect dollhouse craft if your child plays with larger dolls, as they’ll have more room.

Visit Fab Art DIY to learn how to make this DIY bookcase dollhouse.

52. DIY Dollhouse

DIY Dollhouse

Put your woodworking skills to good use by creating a dollhouse inspired by a barn. This project features little details like a balcony, two doors, and six windows, making for an impressive kid’s toy house. Very impressive indeed!

Visit Jaime Costiglio to learn how to make this DIY dollhouse.

53. Cardboard Brownstone Dollhouse

Cardboard Brownstone Dollhouse

Create some brownstone-style dollhouses for your kids. If you make multiple houses, your kid can pretend they’re a block of townhouses in the city. You can also make variations to each house so that one can be a barber’s shop, another a vet’s office, and the like.

Check out the cardboard brownstone dollhouse guide at Mer Mag.

54. DIY Pine Board Dollhouse

DIY Pine Board Dollhouse

You’ll need carpentry skills to create this dollhouse idea, as you’ll work with pine boards to make the house’s structure. Everything from the roof to the entryway will be built from scratch, so this is a chance to show the fruits of your woodworking hobby to friends and family while creating something your kids will enjoy interacting with.

Visit Remodelholic to learn how to make this DIY pine board dollhouse.

55. DIY Dollhouse Theatre

Feeling ambitious about your DIY skills? Try creating a theatre, then! This project is a step up from the typical dollhouse ideas on this list, so you’ll be using all the tools in your woodworking arsenal. And when you’re done, the word “play” will take on more than one meaning when your kids interact with the finished theatre house.

Head to Dollhouse Decorating to learn more about this DIY dollhouse theatre.

This wraps up our humble list of 29 easy dollhouse ideas you can try at home. Now get your tools ready, and let your creativity run wild!



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