A Deep Dive into the Brother GX37

Published: November 18, 2020

The Brother GX37 is one of the most popular models of the Brother series. While any type of sewist can use it for different kinds of projects, it is certainly a learning curve for beginners. It gives occasional hobbyists and professionals the chance to experiment with plenty of stitches which is every sewist’s dream. Let’s take a look at some of its best features.

The Brother GX37 Sewing Machine

Unlike the olden days, sewing is now considered a skill desired and acted upon by all people. With the invention of the sewing machine, the range and creativity of the sewist could not be expanded. Brother GX37 has developed a new style of sewing emerging as a creative brand for creative people. These sewing machines with advanced technology support have attained an eminent status because of a bulk of features that makes numerous designs.

This machine is a mechanical sewing machine with built-in 37 stitches. Affordable with good ratings it is a lightweight unit that runs smoothly and quietly. It is also very sturdy. The machine’s specifications and design are unique. It measures 12.48 x 16.26 x 7.01 inches, placing it in a small to mid-sized category. The device is very light and weighs only 10.14 lbs or 4.59 kg.

If you want a portable, easy-to-transport model then you will find the design of GX37 is effective despite being basic. It has a metal frame and a plastic casing and is decently durable. You will not find advanced controls or computers here, just plain old mechanical operations, making it a fantastic learning tool for first-time sewers.

On unboxing, plug one of the ends of the foot pedal into the device and the other one into an electrical output. To switch on the machine flick the little black switch on the back, and step on the pedal to move the needle. At 850 stitches/minute, it has a decent speed which you can control by pressing the pedal. Moreover, the LED light provides illumination.

The bobbing is top-loading which first needs to be threaded. Following this place the bobbin into the compartment which you will find under the needle plate. The clear bobbin cover makes it easy to see how much thread supply you have left on the bobbin. The bobbin winding system is very effective as it is automatic. Four bobbins are given and are specifically made for Brother machines.

Do not use universal or other as they may not fit and hinder the proper functioning of this machine. The bobbin part model number suggested to be used is SA156.

The Brother GX37 can stitch materials of up to 6mm of thickness, such as jeans to quilts and pillows. The stitching patterns include 37 built-in designs that are printed on the side of the machine and are chosen using a dial located below them.

The three dials that are located on the top, in the order of left to right, namely stitch tension dial, stitch width dial, and stitch length dial. The stitches are smooth and of good quality.

One of the most fascinating features is the free arm, which can be used to sew handcuffs and sleeves, baby clothes. The free arm is used for storage for tiny things like bobbins. The detachable part of the working surface acts as a storage container for bits and pieces.

The reverse stitching which is an integral part of the stitching process which you will eventually have to do is very straightforward with GX37. On the right side of the thread guide, you will find the lever which has to be pressed down and kept down while you are using this function. Once you are done, release the lever and proceed with sewing.

The automatic needle threader puts the thread in the needle hole for you, saving you time and effort. The quality of the plastic used in the pedal is quite flimsy so do not press it with hard-bottom shoes, and instead, sew in soft house shoes or just in your socks.

Before you pick your chosen pattern, raise the needle using the dial on the back to avoid damaging the needle and the presser foot. Once you have unboxed the machine, you will find a pack of regular needles as well as a pack of twin needles, both of which are great.

It is imperative to understand that before you start sewing check the needle, material, and thread compatibility. By this, I mean that each needle size is suitable for a specific material or thread and should not be used with another one. This could lead to the needle breaking, the machine skipping stitches, and overall poor performance.

The great thing about GX37 is that it can be used to sew many materials of different types and thicknesses, which makes it a very versatile unit. The machine is built-in with 7 feed dogs so you’ll have more power while you’re stitching on the cloth.

The higher numbers of feed dogs are best suited to take care of the yarn. You’re going to run this foot-pedal unit. The more you push the foot controller, the faster the machine can go. This is the only way to control the speed of the sewing.

Pressing the button will enable the sewing machine to stitch forward or backward. This is going to be handy to sew the beginning and the end of the seam.

This is to strengthen the seam from being lost. This model gives you the ability to change the tension of the upper thread with the dial. This means that you can have greater power over how the thread tension is loose or tightened. There are sewing machines that do not have this option.

The 1-step auto-size buttonhole makes the buttonholes smoother. The Thread Cutter is situated on the upper left side of the head of the unit. This is a manual thread cutter that also requires the hand to run through the thread to cut it. It’s always good to have it available if you can’t find a pair of scissors.

The twin needle choice is available on the computer so you can determine whether or not to use this tool, but it’s cool to have it. This helps you to use two different thread colors for the stitching. It’s pretty much about artistic sewing.

You need to manually thread each needle individually by using twin needles. You can’t use an electronic needle threader here, since it is designed for a single needle. The model for the twin needle part code is X57521-021:2.0/75 with a diameter of 2 mm.

Use the dial to change both the length and the width stitches. The maximum stitch for the length is 5 mm and the width 7 mm. You should refer to the prescribed stitch length and width in the stitch type pattern manual. It comes with a soft coat to shield the computer from dust.

The reference guide is not only written in English but also in Spanish. The voltage for this system is 110v and is intended to be used for the outlet of the United States. But you’re not allowed to buy this one because you live in the USA. This computer is protected by a warranty of 25 years from the Brother name. There are some 108 pages in the textbook. It contains the languages of English and Spanish.

Who’s It For?

This lightweight machine is the dream of every sawists as it provides the right comfort and convenience. If you are bored with your setup and want to look at a little different set-up to inspire yourself and pour your creativity into your project then this is the ideal machine for you.

Whether you are a professional who has been working for a long time on a large scale or a beginner you will find that it serves the purposes depending on factors such as length of the project, requirements, etc. But, if you are specifically a beginner who has decided to experiment with some new found inspiration or who wants to recollect a long-abandoned hobby then it is best suited for you.

It’s a really user-friendly machine that’s almost as effortless to set up. Once it is threaded, make sure the lamp is switched on and then put the fabric under the foot of the presser. Shift the foot of the presser to the ‘under’ position and use the foot pedal.

The more friction you apply, the better the computer runs through your project. If you’re a beginner sewer or have years of experience under your belt, you should expect the Brother GX37 learning curve to be a tiny one.

While the GX37 has a number of features and a good number of stitches, a more advanced sewer will grow out of it quickly. This model lacks the more expert features that advanced sewers would require. If you’re a novice or a mildly qualified sewer, this Brother machine is fine, but no one else can find it lacking.

What We Like About Brother GX37

Most of the customers reacted favorably to this model offered by Brother’s remarks on the value in particular, with many maintaining that it was a good money machine and worth every penny besides being an outstanding purchase.

It is smooth and quiet is a quality that is not always common in machines within this price range. Most notably, because it is easy to use, it is simple for consumers of all ages to set up.

Most notably, the stress here is the number of features available for the value of money. The highlights of this are the useful features such as the thread cutter, the universal threading needle, and the transparent plastic bobbin window that makes it easier to see the remaining thread.

The GX37 also has bright LED lights to illuminate the sewing area. We’ve seen a lot of boring illumination devices, but this isn’t one of them.

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What We Don’t Like About Brother GX37

Some owners declare that the GX37 may be a little complicated for a beginner and that the unit can be a bit finicky at times. If you are new to sewing, you may want to be a little careful.

There are reports that the tension can be difficult to set properly and while most owners find threading the machine pretty straightforward, some find it tricky. The provided DVD contains detailed instructions and can be referred for help to set up the machine.

The Brother GX37 can stitch most lighter materials but can struggle with heavier fabrics like heavy denim, canvas, leather, etc. It is a good idea to avoid selecting heavier materials to sew as this machine may not be a good choice. Several people struggle with inserting the bobbin.

Also some things you might want but you won’t get are the carrying case, knee lifter, speed control slider, feed dogs that cannot be dropped, presser foot adjustment, no needle up/down.


  • Lightweight & portable design
  • Inbuilt stitches
  • Printed design stitches
  • Automatic buttonhole options
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Thread cutter included
  • Backward and reverse direction stitching
  • Amazing speed
  • LED light
  • Accessories included
  • Affordable


  • The thread cutter is not automatic
  • No start and stop features
  • No wide table included
  • Not for heavy fabrics
  • Bobbin handling is difficult

What’s Included?

This model comes with some very interesting accessories such as the 6 sewing feet, needle set, bobbins, instructional DVD, manual, and more. You will also find other important accessories such as the zigzag foot “J”, Zipper foot “I”, Buttonhole foot “A”, Button sewing foot “M”, Blind stitch foot, Narrow hemmer foot, Accessory pouch, Seam ripper, Cleaning brush, Eyelet punch, Oval screwdriver, 4 Bobbins, Darning plate, Extra spool pin, 3 piece Needle set, Twin needle, Ballpoint needle, Foot controller pedal, Extra spool pin, Instructional DVD, Softcover, Power cord, and Operation manual.

Overview Of Features

Stitching Patterns

The machine comes with 37 incredible inbuilt stitching patterns printed directly on the easily accessible machine. It is located on the lower side from the stamped impressions on this sewing mechanism.

Comfortable Free Arm Feature
The highlight is the free arm, an amazing feature for sewing the sleeves, handcuffs, and even the baby clothes. It can also be utilized for storing small stuff like bobbins.

Automatic Needle Threader
The automatic needle threader means that the machine will put the thread in the hole of the needle which needs no manual efforts.
Jam-resistant Drop-in Top Bobbin

The jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin is located on the top and makes the loading of the bobbin quite easy. The cover is transparent so that you can easily view how much supply of thread has been provided so far and how much more is needed.

Inbuilt LED Light
The LED light is inbuilt in the area and illuminates it. It is situated in a place where your sewing tasks occur. It makes your needle placement accurate and even stitching is also guaranteed.

Reverse Direction Sewing Lever
The reverse direction sewing lever enables the sewing machine to sew in a backward direction and reverse direction, making the beginning and the end of the seam preventing it from getting loose.

Tension Control Dial
It has a tension control dial which helps to adjust the upper thread tension with the help of the dial.

One-step Buttonhole Stitching
The one-step automatic buttonhole feature enables you to create the perfect buttonhole sizes.

Review Summary

This machine is rated very high by the customers and is designed to be sturdy as it is made of quality metal. Light in weight, portable, compact, and stylish its 37 inbuilt stitching patterns, comfortable free arm feature, automatic needle threader, LED features will put the thread in the needle itself and no manual efforts are required, the reverse direction sewing lever, etc. provide you with some good opportunities to try amazing projects with incredible stitching and decorating threads.

It comes with a decent speed at 850 SPM capacity while the top-loading bobbin reduces stress and provides a clear view to change the thread. The upper thread tensioning is also facilitated.

Overall this sewing machine is a great and affordable pick in terms of performance and durability. Brother is known for bringing versatile sewing machine models with a huge pack of accessories to make your tasks easy and for saving your valuable money too.
The after-sales service is truly extraordinary again. The 25 years limited warranty period and technical support through phone or online are all time ready for you. Brother GX37 is a complete package of portability, durability, and versatility which you will get in the budget.

This is one of those machines that offer you a lot within the price range. Be it a small-time project, creating one of your child’s favorite costumes, handcrafting that perfect set of cushions for your mother, personalizing a tunic for your best friend, or experimenting with your home décor, the Brother GX37 is sufficiently capable of handling all of these with ease.

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