The Brother CS7000X Review – A 2021 Deep Dive


The Brother CS7000x has the vitality of the older versions and the attractive features that comes with newer models. Ideal for all kinds of users this model is quite effective and delivers wonderfully accurate stitches. Its main functions are sewing and quilting machines so you can easily get your basic, as well as advanced work, done.

An in-depth review into the Brother CS7000X 

The CS7000X, a rich feature, sewing, and quilting machine is a perfect choice for a wide variety of users. The CS7000X is designed for ease of use with versatile features such as an LCD, a new higher-end automatic threading needle, easy-to-follow threading diagrams, a quick-set bobbin mechanism, and adjustable sewing speed control.

With 70 built-in sewing stitches, including decorative stitches, quilting stitches, and seven single-step self-sized buttonholes, the possibilities are limitless. The free arm capability makes it simple to knit cuffs, sleeves, and skinny jeans, and the drop feed system allows for the free flow of stitching and quilting.

The CS7000X contains sewing and quilting accessories right in the case, such as 10 presser feet, making it very valuable. Also included is a detachable big table which is ideal for larger quilting projects and a hard-protective case for easy portability and class use.

This unit also comes with a written Easy Start guide and full instructions in English and Spanish, a bilingual user manual, and a limited warranty of 25 years, as well as a free customer phone and internet technical assistance for the life of the device.

This machine has a maximum speed limit of 750 spm. which may seem fewer in comparison to other machines but which will nonetheless do the job quite well.

Some of the questions customers often have are the number of presser feet included as this can determine the quality, number as well as the kind of design you want. The good news is that there are 10 included presser feet with the Brother CS7000X.  

They of course include zigzag foot, overcasting foot, buttonhole foot, button sewing foot, zipper foot, blindstitch foot, 1/4″ foot, monogramming foot, walking foot, and quilting foot. They of course serve several purposes. The overcasting foot is the all-purpose foot generally used for most sewing tasks while the buttonhole foot is used to make a buttonhole perfectly sized from a button that is placed in the back of the foot. 

The buttonhole sewing foot is useful for holding a button in place while the machine stitches it on while the zipper foot could be really handy for sewing on zippers on dresses, pants, cushion covers, etc. The Blindstitch foot enables you to create blind hems which are especially useful for garments. 

The foot which measures 1/4″ enables you to create flawless 1/4″ seams, which is commonly used for quilting or sewing doll clothes. For those who work with intricate styles such as monogramming, the included monogramming foot can be used with decorative stitches even though this is not an embroidery machine.

The walking foot that is included is used to effectively sew bulky layers at the same rate. This makes it great for quilting, sewing knitwear, or even working with slippery fabric like satins or silks. The quilting foot included in this machine is a spring-action foot that helps with free-motion quilting.

This is a nifty little machine. In the beginning, the several presser feet and its functions might seem a little intimidating. With so many options and so many functions, it is quite natural for some people to be confused. However, Brother is known for providing assistance within the machine itself. It has programmed the CS7000X with helpful clues. 

Once you select a stitch, it will guide you with a letter that matches with the presser foot it recommends for that task.  For regular use, this machine is a marvel as you get seven buttonholes. This also includes other utility, decorative, heirloom, and quilting stitches in various forms. You can stitch cute cushions, napkins, customized garments, edges of bed sheets or doll clothes, and even your children’s school projects and accessories.

Now, you will also find a small metal hook on the inside that is bendable. This is further, protected by plastic instead of bendable metal on the sides, which makes it a bit dainty to handle.

To state that the CS7000X needle threader is an improvement is an understatement. Compared to the previous models, Brother has worked on the standard and most users will be satisfied with it.  

When it comes to using the machine it is good to understand how to use dials and Knobs before starting to Sew. This brings us to another exciting feature that ensures ease of use. This is a computerized sewing machine, meaning that the stitch selection is done on an LCD screen. On this screen, you can choose the stitch number and then adjust stitch length and width. 

If you have any concerns about whether your presser foot is compatible with a particular stitch then all you need to do is read the given manual.  It contains detailed instructions about the functions. You can learn how to program the machine to stop with the needle up or down as well as change the needle position to left, right, or center.

Whenever you decide to start, you can use the start/stop button on the front of the machine or the included foot pedal.  Another good news is that this machine comes with reverse stitching options which ensure that your stitches stay intact and maintain longevity.

The reverse stitching functions with the U-shaped button on the front of the machine. Furthermore, you can also use the needle up/down button to adjust your needle to the desired position.

To control the speed,  a speed slider is placed on the front of the sewing machine which controls the maximum speed at which the machine sews.  If you are a heavy-footed sewist, a beginner, or a kid then it is a great feature. Another important feature is the tension dial that is located right above the workspace. This controls the tension on the thread. 

A detachable wide table included with the CS7000X provides a greater working area and space that is conducive for holding bulky projects to the side of the machine.  So, if you are in a profession that requires you to create quilts, large costumes, or even stitching curtains or bedding then this machine will serve the purpose effectively.

Naturally, with such a range of functions, the customer can experiment with so many types of stitching. One of the most demanded components of machines like this is the Free Arm, which you will find if you remove the small compartment at the front of the sewing machine. 

So if you are sewing circular or cylindrical items such as hems and cuffs this is a useful feature to have. Whenever you stitch tubular items which are generally wrapped around this, it prevents you from accidentally stitching the two sides together. You will also find that inside of the removable compartment there is a small area for accessories storage. There is not an additional pouch included in this model.

This machine comes with twin-needle capability and LED lights. An extra spool pin is provided if you determine that you want to sew two parallel lines of stitches with a twin needle, which is a typical hem finish on professionally designed clothing.

Although the cover stitch machine is often used to create an effect in the case of professional clothing, you can imitate the look with your regular sewing machine and a twin needle. Dual LED lamps are also lit in the workspace. Although this would be sufficient for most people, there will also be those that require additional lighting. 

A fast start guide and a paper manual are included with the unit, and with the CS7000x there is a QR code sticker on the front of the machine to get notifications on your phone or device.

Threading this Brother sewing machine is fast, and learning how to use it is pretty simple as well. Instructions for threading the upper thread and the coil are provided on the machine body, too if you sew infrequently and forget between sessions.

Brother sewing machines also feature what is called the top-drop, quick-set bobbin. This means that you lower the bobbin down into the case and simply wind the thread through the guides as instructed by the directions.

A lot of factors while favorable can also be ineffective. In a machine like this, the bobbin size is extremely vital. Brother CS7000X sewing machine uses SA156 plastic bobbins.  These are 7/16″ bobbins.  A lot of people find that generic bobbins also work, however you should check thoroughly before buying a non-Brother bobbin. 

A lot of customers want to derive the maximum benefits from a machine, especially when it comes to larger products like quilting. Within this price range, you will find three common quilting feet namely the 1/4″ piecing foot, walking foot, and spring-action quilting foot which is instrumental to the quilting process. Also included is a quilt guide, which sits in the back of the walking foot which you can use for reference when sewing parallel lines.

The throat space which is, the area to the right of the needle, is larger than most standard sewing machines, so the added space of the extendable table is helpful when rolling big quilts.  Additionally, the feed dogs drop easily with a button on the back of the machine, so you can avoid fiddling with a pesky darning plate to cover them.

While the Brother CS7000X is not a computerized embroidery machine, you can do free-motion embroidery, and create your own patterns by manipulating your fabric as your machine stitches.

The same conditions apply to monogramming. It is not a monogramming sewing machine with any built-in fonts. However, you can use it to trace letters that you have marked on your fabric, but this can be time-consuming and tricky for beginners.

However, for those who are looking for a serger, this might not be the machine for you. Yet It can be used to create a seam and neaten fabric edges with the use of the overcasting stitch and presser foot.  

This machine does come with an extra accessory foot, called the side cutter foot, that is purchased separately and works to trim the fabric as you sew.  This by no means takes the place of a serger, but it works great for trimming and seaming on cotton fabric. 

One of the most important factors or rather the only productive factor is the kind of fabric that Brother can sew. You can occasionally sew thick fabrics less than 6mm. Once you pick your needle size and type based on the thickness, you need to pick the weave of your fabric and select a compatible thread.  

Proceed gradually over the seam. In case you need more help to jump the seam, you can use a clearance plate or the locking pin on the presser foot to help you get the bulk under the machine.

At any point, if you feel that you need to exert your machine a bit more then you should sew slowly or use the handwheel on the right side of the machine to move the needle by hand.

Customers are of course concerned about the work environment. This sewing machine is comparatively quiet.  Once it turns on, the vibrating sound as the needle positions itself is quiet and so is the sewing.

The other good thing about this machine is the warranty it comes with. The Brother CS7000X is covered by Brother’s typical 1/2/25-year limited warranty.  This protects you from all machine defects over the first year of the machine.  After the second year, most parts like the needle threader are not covered anymore.

The electronic parts that are covered for 2 years are also only replaceable if you pay for the labor.  The main thing about the warranty is that for 25 years the body of the sewing machine is the only thing covered.  There is also an option of purchasing an extended third-party warranty in case you are unsure about the Brother warranty.

Who’s It For?  

When buying a machine the most important thing to consider is whether the machine is for beginners or professionals. Based on many reviews the Brother CS7000x is one of the best Brother machines for beginners.

When you are starting you need to understand the basic functioning of a machine as well as familiarize yourself with each instruction and direction. This will give you a clearer idea of how to handle the machine in a way that will deliver excellent results.

Luckily Brother has maintained its standard practice of providing directions. For threading, there are instructions imprinted on the machine. It also comes with built-in recommendations for the best presser foot that can be used for your sewing project. Besides it even has error codes that show up on the LCD screen. This will prevent beginners from making mistakes.  

Since this machine comes with all kinds of presser foot it can sometimes be too much to remember all the different functions. A lot of customers often forget to put the presser foot down.  While this may seem simple to remember it can also be an oversight especially when you are under a time- constraint. 

The machine will remind you to put the foot down instead of letting you sew and ruin the stitches on a particular part of the project. That being said this machine while ideal for beginners can also be used by advanced sewists.

What We Like About Brother CS7000X   

This is a simple, affordable, and user-friendly machine for beginners or kids. The budget is an attraction especially considering the features it comes with. For those who want to dabble with all kinds of stitches the given 10 presser feet is a huge advantage. 

This enables free stitching, even self–designing and monogramming besides free motion quilting. It can work with materials up to 6mm. thick which is a benefit for hobbyists who want to practice stitching with thicker materials more than they are used to.

Not to forget that the added accessories within the given price range make it an exceptional buy. Since it is beginner-friendly a lot of people will find it quite easy to handle. It comes with a much better needle threader that saves you plenty of time. 

Additionally, it comes with a comparatively quieter motor which enables you to maintain a peaceful working environment without disturbing others.

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What We Don’t Like About Brother CS7000X  

What it makes up for in features the Brother CS7000X lacks in stitching with a full 100 spm slower compared to other models. Of course, since it is a basic machine it will last as long as you take the utmost care and consideration while using it.

Despite the added features, some customers may find this machine to be a bit pricey. This machine also does not include certain crucial features found on other machines such as the automatic thread tension, automatic thread cutter, automatic reverse/reinforcement stitching, knee lifter, and monogramming fonts.


  • 70 unique built-in stitches
  • 7 one-step auto-size buttonhole feature
  • Jam-resistant, drop-in top bobbin 
  • Easier loading and more reliable use
  • Offers a large needle-to-arm workspace
  • Detachable quilting table
  • 10 sewing feet
  • Multiple materials
  • LCD screen
  • Adjustable speed control 


  • Cases of malfunction
  • Issues with the tension

What’s Included?  

This machine has various accessories. So you get the sewing machine with a power cord, foot controller. To ensure that you have enough space to work with larger projects this machine comes with a wide table. It comes with a hard case which provides good protection. Also included are the 10 presser feet and quilt guide, needle set, including twin needles and 3 bobbins.

Other accessories include an extra spool pin, seam ripper, screwdriver, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, and L driver. Operation Manual In English, French, and Spanish plus quick start guide. You will have to buy other basic sewing supplies such as sewing scissors, fabric, thread, extra needles, etc. separately.

Overview of Features 

1. Stitching options

Since it comes with 70 built-in sewing stitches, it gives the user more options to try out. Whether it is decorative or quilting stitches or seven single-step self-sized buttonholes, there are so many options to choose from.

2. Free arm feature

The free arm feature is one of the highlights. This amazing feature is quite useful for sewing the sleeves, handcuffs, and even baby clothes. You can also store little knick-knacks.

3. Automatic needle threader

This machine comes with an automatic needle threader. This mechanism saves you time. It automatically puts the thread in the hole of the needle. 

4. Jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin

Top-drop bobbin is another exciting feature. It is jam-resistant and can be found on the to. This makes the loading of the bobbin quite easy. 

5. 10 Presser feet

Since this machine comes with ten presser feet it gives you the option of free–motion quilting as well as artistic freedom to create your designs.

Review Summary 

This Brother CS7000X is a fantastic machine for new entries to the sewing community or kids. It comes loaded with just the right amount of features. It is highly recommended by other users for its sturdiness and durability. Compact and stylish this machine has a series of exciting features that may intimidate the new learner at first but serve as an exciting learning experience as well.

Given the price range, this machine is great to try wonderful projects with unbelievable stitching and decorating threads. This award-winning sewing machine is highly versatile, as it makes everything from clothing to quilts. Some of the most notable features are the 70 unique built-in stitches, that enable you to sew virtually any design on any fabric.

The incredible 7 one-step auto-size buttonholes, provides nicely tailored openings, while the new and improved automatic needle threader allows for fast and hassle-free threading.

Additionally, you have the easy to load, jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin which makes sure that the bobbin is in place. You also find a large needle-to-arm workspace that is quite handy for larger sewing projects.

The adjustable speed controller is used for increasing and decreasing the stitching speed, which is measured at 800 stitches per minute. When you want to make cuffs, collars, and sleeves you can use the free arm feature. Besides that, for effective stitching, you have a fixed needle bar that lets you create cleaner stitches and more even lines.

To ensure that you see with clarity when stitching dark fabrics this machine comes with an LCD screen. So you can read important details, like type, length, and width of the stitch.

There is also a push-button for adjustable stitch selection and stitch length, which is quite convenient. One of the most striking features that give the user multiple options is the presser feet, which in this case is 10. So you can now go ahead and experiment with different fabrics, create your patterns, and indulge in an assortment of craftwork.

Since an extension table is included you will see that there is a lot of space for larger projects like quilting. You can attach or remove this accordingly. The durable, and lightweight metal frame provides a reliable structure. While making it easy to transport and store.

The included hard case keeps the machine protected. All in all, this is a fantastic machine to use as a beginner to learn the dos and don’ts of using a sewing machine.

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