Art Corner Inspiration for Your Kids

I love when people thoughtfully incorporate spaces into their homes specifically for kids to make art.

As a child, we had a tall cabinet in our kitchen that I appropriated to use as my art studio. I would pull up a stool and hang out there while my mom made dinner. It was the perfect combination of being close to my mom, but out of her way, and I would get lost in not only making things but organizing my special space. I loved that sense of ownership.

I used 2 shelves- the one at work height was where I worked my magic, with the more important supplies tucked to the back of the shelf. The less important supplies were one shelf higher- still within arm’s reach if I felt inspired to use them.

This was pretty basic compared to some of the amazing spaces I’ve seen around the web and on Pinterest lately. Prepare to either be inspired or completely annoyed and riddled with guilt that you haven’t provided this for your children. 🙂

Click on each photo to take you straight to the source for more inspiration.

kids' art space

These frames are painted on the wall, but she also suggests using stick-on frame decals if you don’t want to deal with the painting. Here are some cute ones at Amazon:

cute frame wall decals

This one from HGTV is mostly an area for wrapping gifts, but I love the idea of fitting a small closet with a hinged surface for art-making.

kids' art corner

This is a good spread at the Better Homes and Gardens site for craft room eye candy. I’m liking the small armoire and adjustable art table.

Maybe this would be better in a child’s bedroom, but if you have the space this seems easily tuckable into an open corner. Also, this child is entirely too clean and neat.

craft closet

This image was making the rounds on Pinterest for a while, and for good reason. It’s simple, but maximizes the space. The painted pegboard idea- brilliant. It looks again like a little closet or unused nook that fits a small table and two chairs.

art armoire

Another great armoire idea from Better Homes and Gardens. I love the idea of painting the inside doors for art display and chalking. The hanging paper roll is a great touch, too.

kids' art corner

I like this setup because it’s pretty basic for a young kid, but as he grows, you can swap out the table for a bigger one, and add to the shelves/supplies containers. Soon the space will spread out across the entire room, as it should.

kids' adjustable activity table

I love this Land of Nod table, because you can buy 3 sets of leg heights so it grows with your child. You can get it with or without the paper roll holder that fits on the end, and it’s nice and sturdy.

I dream of someday having a giant, bright, amazing family studio room with spaces for all of us, but until then…. these are good starting points.

Update: Check out my review of Megan Schiller’s eBook, The New Playroom. You will find inspiration beyond your wildest dreams for kid art spaces. Seriously. it’s so inspiring.

Kid art room idea



11 thoughts on “Art Corner Inspiration for Your Kids”

  1. I hope the Land of Nod family bought lots of extra carpet tiles for under that table ; )

    But seriously, I would love to have a family studio space. I getting tired of finding paint splatters on my dining area walls. My daughter would kill for an art armoire like that and I love the idea of putting up blank frames for switching out art and the pegboard – great idea!

  2. This post came at the perfect time. I’m hoping to encourage my sports-only son to do more crafts by setting up an area for him. So far I have a cute chair. This post is giving me some great ideas…. Thanks!

  3. We are thinking about an art/creative room for our next theoretical house when we move so it’s been fun to dream. Love your examples. Thanks! It makes our dreams a little more concrete!

  4. Yes. Extra carpet tiles are key, because those Flor carpet squares show stains like crazy. Don’t you just go nuts daydreaming about your family, all siting around making things, listening to great music. Every once in a while you look up at each other and smile. Then your husband goes to make dinner, and then cleans it all up afterwards, too. The end.

  5. OMG sports are evil! JK, but that’s good. I think if you have an enticing little space, he’ll be more interested. Especially if you get him into drawing different balls or doing simple collages with cut outs from Sports illustrated mag. OH! Post idea!

  6. you’re totally reading my mind with this post! hubby were talking about this two days ago. we plan to make an art area for the munchkins. and he told me to look around for ideas and here there are! thanks so much girl.

  7. Hi! Love the ideas. Making an art corner myself for my twins. I’m really loving the 9 drawer multicolored cabinet and was wondering where you go that from? Thank you


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