Moo! Arf! 19 Wild and Wonderful Animal Art Projects

Let’s see a show of hands for how many people like animals? I really hope you raised your hand in real life and then looked around to see if anyone was watching.

Animal art projects seem to be super popular with kids- for good reason. Kids love animals (because they are crazy little animals), and I think they are naturally drawn to making art that features animals. Plus, animal art projects are a fabulous way to really dig into studying different animals and what makes them special.

I tried to pick a good sampling from the different species, but I must say I really love sea creatures and reptiles.

These are such great animal art project ideas for kids

Adorable shark paper project: She cites Pinterest, but not the original pin, as her source, so I took a look over on Pinterest and could not fond the original. But OMG there are a ton of cute shark projects that I found.

Artwork by Denise Fielder. I love when art prompts ideas for art projects for kids. This would be such a great project to get kids playing with book page collage and painting. Oh, and I suppose they could make cats instead, but I think dogs are the bomb.

These are cool. Simple animal drawings on artist trading cards, as made by Kathy Barbro’s students, and inspired by serie-golo artist. Huh? I dunno, but they’re fun.

20 fun and wild animal art projects

I might go out on a limb and say fish are the most arted-up animal out there? Don’t you feel like you see many ore fish projects than those of other animals? Anyway, this is a collagey, 3D wonder of a project, and I want to see schools of these bad boys hanging in classrooms everywhere.

Oh, hey. Just a little origami giraffe project I posted a couple of years ago. It’s easy origami, and may or may not look more like a llama.

Just draw a horse head, why don’t ya? You know you want to.

20 ideas for really cool animal art projects

Ooh, fireflies. I guess I didn’t realize until I read this post that fireflies did not reside on the west coast? We are so lucky to have those magical little buddies flying around. Also, this is a great way to explore watercolors and glow-in-the-dark paint.

Weaving crocodiles, or as my stepson used to say, croc-o-idles. It would be fun to mix up the colors on these and explore different blues and greens in the weaving- or even crazy neon colors.

Hello, little menacing owl who looks like he wants to eat my face. I like this mashup of tangling and painting.

20 fun animal art project ideas

It’s always fun to draw giant, furry manes, and this looks especially dramatic with the oil pastel on black paper.

I took horrible photos of this project we made, but essentially it’s an animal clay tile project where we built up and carved out areas of the clay to make animals. Then we painted them.

Cute salt dough animal ornaments. Beckett would want to make these and play with them for hours, leave them under a couch, and then our dog would eat them and vomit them up in the middle of the night. #reallife

cute animal art projects

Maybe a little more craft than art project, but I like the idea of playing with colors and textures of yarn for these wrapped snakes.

Simple toilet roll animals using a little paint and extra cardboard for the features. I love this loose painting style, and you could craft up a whole zoo in no time.

Super-cute graphic, colorful kitty cat drawing project. See? I don’t discriminate against cats.

So many animal art project ideas

Clockwise: I LOVE THIS PROJECT. Not only do kids get to work with silhouettes, they get to explore animal patterns as backgrounds. Isn’t this pure cleverness?

This amazing fish project not only is inspired by a Lucy Cousins book, it delves into multi-media art-making, and play. Brilliant.

Birds! Mixed media! Inspired by Lois Ehlert books! All the makings for a perfect art project.

This is such an amazing way to get kids excited about sewing, because they’re sewing up their own drawings! Eep!

As per usual, I want you all to run out and make all of these art projects immediately. Or at least tell me which ones strike your fancy. Leave me a comment!

19 awesome animal art projects for kids

animal art projects



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