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10 Coolest Wario Coloring Pages

Wario Coloring Pages

wario coloring pages

If you love Wario, there are some fantastic coloring pages out there for you to try, ranging in the amount of detail and the time investment they represent. You can have great fun recreating this character, or building your own version by using different color schemes.

Let’s look at some of the best Wario coloring pages out there!

1. Angry Wario

angry warrioSource:

This is a great all-rounder page. It isn’t so complicated that children will fail to do it, but it is also detailed enough for adults to have fun with. Angry Wario has plenty of details, like the “W” on his gloves, the buttons on his jacket, and the rings on his goggles, but the shapes are quite simple.

This means that both kids and adults can have a go, and if your child is keen, you could compete to see who can color the “best” Wario picture in a given amount of time.

There is no background on this picture, but it shouldn’t be hard to add something simple if you’d like Wario to have a little more context and depth. Enjoy that great scowl and grimace, and have a long think before coloring the goggles in – how are you going to do those?

2. Grumpy Wario

Grumpy WarioSource:

This character looks a little less annoyed than the previous option, but still pretty mad. Grumpy Wario offers a simpler design for children, with minimal details on his clothes besides the iconic “W” gloves and hat.

He also has no goggles and his clothes are smoothly shaped, so they will be much easier for a child to handle. However, adults could easily make this picture suitable for them by drawing these in and then coloring them, as an additional challenge to the coloring sheet.

3. Mario, Luigi, Wario, And Yoshi

Mario, Luigi, Wario, And Yoshi


A much bigger project, this coloring page with Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Yoshi is perfect for dedicated fans of the series, and kids can complete it in several sessions if it’s too much for them to do all at once.

Wario isn’t a main feature of the page, but he’s still there, and this is a great coloring page for both adults and kids. Add a background to make them a little more complicated. While there are four different characters to color, most of the shapes are simple, and none of the characters are too intricate for a patient child to handle.

4. Wario Kart

Wario KartSource:

It’s about time we found a coloring page where Wario is having a bit of fun, and he certainly is in this Wario Kart page, where he’s standing on top of the kart.

Kids will have great fun choosing colors to use for the kart, and filling in all those details. The kart is a good balance, with some complicated bolts and wheel trims combined with the overall simple shape.

This isn’t a picture that will take hours to complete, but it does look great fun for pretty much any age group. Adults could add details to the kart to make it more interesting, or perhaps fire shooting from its exhaust!

5. Evil Wario

Evil WarioSource:

This Evil Wario has evidently been on a stealing spree, and kids will love his big grin. Some of the work has already been done for you here, with the mustache and eyebrows already shaded, and the teeth outlined.

Another simple picture, would be a good one for younger kids, and they might enjoy thinking about what Wario has in the sack as they color it in.

6. Basketball Wario

Basketball Wario


This Basketball Wario will definitely appeal to young colorers as he pulls a silly face at someone to the side of the paper. Although simple, the double outline on this coloring page adds more difficulty and makes the finished result look better.

The face is suitably detailed, and kids can examine how the perspective of the hand holding the ball works as they color in.

7. Mass Of Mario

Mass Of Mario


If you want a more challenging, extensive, and involved project, this Mass of Mario scene would be perfect. All the Mario characters appear here, so it’s perfect for any Mario fan to enjoy.

Although there are a lot of different characters – which will involve using lots of different colors – the lines are relatively simple, and the picture is not very intricate. Most colorers would enjoy this and would end up with a great scene to display on the wall later.

8. Wario Head

Wario Head


For a simpler option, this Wario Head should be easy even for young children. It is perfect for those who want to really focus on one thing, instead of lots of characters and clutter. Kids can spend time coloring the eyebrows and mustache solid black, as these have been left unfilled, and then move on to the details on the rest of the face.

With nice, big shapes, this is perfect for any younger colorers who might struggle with some of the designs here.

9. Shaded Wario Head

Shaded Wario Head


To get a really nice contrast, this Shaded Wario Head comes with the black sections pre-filled so that young colorers don’t have to put masses of time into areas that need to be black.

This should make the project much quicker, but will still produce a result that looks great when it’s complete. The child can also fill in the lettering to the side, and add their own name if they want to.

10. Stylized Wario

Stylized WarioSource:

For a highly artistic look at this villain, the Stylized Wario coloring page takes a more sophisticated approach and would be ideal for adults and older teens.

The ragged jacket and detailed jeans are perfect to practice shading and texture on, while the hands are intricate, with knuckles and fingernails to make the end result look great. Add that huge grin, and this is a very artistic Wario that anyone could have fun coloring. 


Wario coloring pages vary enormously in how detailed they are, but that means there are plenty of options for fans of all ages, and no matter what end result you want to achieve, you’ll find something for you!

Written by Joanne Gonzales

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