Bat Crafts for Preschoolers – Origami Bat Bookmark & Pom-Pom Bat Craft

Published: July 24, 2021

Bats are very popular with many children, and if your kid loves crafts, they’ll probably love the idea of making bat crafts. You can get really creative with bat crafts, and children both young and old will love these suggestions.You can find all sorts of ideas for creating bats very quickly and easily, and you don’t have to go crazy with the complexity to make some really cool crafts. Here are our top picks for bat crafts for preschoolers.

Simple Origami Bat Bookmark

Simple Origami Bat BookmarkSource:

Is your child a total bookworm? They will absolutely love this craft if so; it will let them express both their creativity and their fascination with reading. It’s a great way to encourage your child to treat books gently, too, because it ensures that they don’t fold the pages over, and helps them learn to mark their places properly.

These would also be great to make with a class of school kids, allowing them all to tweak the design to suit their tastes. Add a name, and everyone can easily tell their bats apart.

Bats are often enormously popular with kids, who are fascinated by their sonar abilities and looks, so this is a great way to help them engage.

It’s also a relatively simple craft that you can do without having a lot of complicated materials. You will just need some black origami paper, some normal black paper, white paper, glue, and some eye stickers.

Make sure you are supervising when the child is cutting out, or help them with the cutting if they are only young. They may also need a bit of assistance in folding the edges of the paper neatly. In general, though, this is a simple and child-friendly craft that’s perfect for a wet afternoon stuck inside.

Soon, your child can display it on their bookcase and feel proud of both their reading and crafting abilities.

Pom-Pom Bat Craft

Did not use sources: Pom pom bat craft was something I created myself and looking online, I can find similar but no identical ideas, so I think this is original.You’ve probably seen those cute, fluffy pom poms you can buy in craft shops, and you may even have some in your craft box ““ but what to do with them? Well, bat pom poms are seriously cute and easy as crafts go, so here’s a suggestion that may work for you. Kids will love having a pocket bat they can tuck in their bag and take to school. If you have lots of different sizes of pom-poms, you could even make a whole bat family for them to play with.


For this craft, you will need:

  • Two black pom poms, in different sizes
  • Black card
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • A glue gun
  • Black yarn
  • White paper

Step 1: Glue The Pom Poms Together

Take your two little pom poms and glue them together, making the little one your bat’s head and the bigger one the body. Set them aside while the glue dries (or use a glue gun to speed this process up a bit, especially if you’ve got an impatient little one waiting at your shoulder).

Step 2: Cut Out The Wings

Sketch some little bat wings onto a piece of stiff black card and then cut them out. Again, you can get your little one involved by drawing their own set of wings, and then choosing which they want to use for their bat.To get your wings nice and even, it can help to cut one out first and draw around it. If your card isn’t stiff enough, consider cutting another couple of wings out and sticking them together to make it stronger.You can also wrap these wings in black yarn if you want to make them fluffy and give them some texture and more solidity. You may want to bend them gently to curve them around your bat’s body a bit. Ask your child what they think of the positioning.

Step 3: Stick The Wings To The Bat

Help your child glue the wings into the right places on either side of the bat’s body. A glue gun will work best for this, otherwise, you may find that they keep shifting while the glue is drying.

Step 4: Give Your Bat Eyes And Fangs

Get your child to choose some little googly eyes for your bat and help them stick them into the right place.You can then cut two little white fangs out of paper, and help your child to stick them into place below the eyes. Your bat is almost complete!

Step 5: Glue-On Some Yarn

If you want to make your child’s bat “fly,” you can cut an extra length of black yarn and glue it to the back of your bat’s head. Add a little loop at the top for your child to put their finger through, and you’ve got a wonderful pet bat for them to swoop around with!

Step 6: Make Some Feet (Optional)

You might decide that the pom-pom bat would look better with toes. If so, you can easily cut some little feet from cards and just glue them onto the body at the bottom. It’s best to glue them flat, rather than having them sticking out, or they may get knocked off when your child is playing with the bat.


A pet bat or a bat bookmark will prove very popular with your little one, and they are both fun, easy crafts. You will certainly have to help with the glue and cutting, but your child can do plenty in these moments too and will have a lot of fun helping you.



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