10 Challenging Voltron Coloring Pages to Practice Your Coloring Skills

Published: August 12, 2021

If your child wants a good challenge to practice their coloring skills, Voltron certainly won’t disappoint. Most children love coloring characters that they are familiar with from shows, and Voltron is a great way to get your child engaged and excited by the project.Voltron coloring pages tend to be quite complicated, so many of these will be aimed at older children, but young children can still enjoy having a go and honing their coloring skills.

1. Sword Voltron

Sword VoltronSource: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/voltron-coloring-pages.htmlPerhaps one of the simplest Voltron coloring pages, Sword Voltron is made up of lots of blocks and minimizes the fiddly little lines. Although some of the chest and the head of the robot will be tricky, a younger child can enjoy doing the larger colors on the robot’s body.The large sword at the front is a good opportunity for older children to spend a bit of time working out how to color metal, and how to indicate light shining on the edges of a blade.Overall, this is a good blend of easy and hard, and even a young child can have fun attempting it ““ though they may find the head ends up a little blocky and uniformly colored.

2. Leaping Voltron

Leaping VoltronSource: https://content.webcollage.net/apps/cs/mini-site/very-uk/module/flairuk/wcpc/1519216752752/tab/docs-e93a4b00%3Ffrom-pp%3D%26suppress-site-prefs%3D%26showtabs%3D%26enable-reporting%3Dtrue%26wc-target%3D%26channel-product-id%3D1600234550For a more complicated version that retains the focus on the sword, Leaping Voltron is ideal for the more confident colorer and has lots of very tricky lines and shapes. A child can get some great practice coloring in straight lines and small spaces, and even adults would find this Voltron sufficiently challenging.The sword has more detail on it too, which is perfect if you or your child want more guidance on making the metal look great. Metal is notoriously hard to color, so this may be really helpful. You could also look up some online pictures for a little more guidance.

3. Black Lion

Black LionSource: https://globalperspectives.info/coloring/v/voltron-coloring-pages.htmlIf your child wants to color Black Lion, this is a great coloring page to try out. It’s actually quite simple, in spite of its complicated look, because a lot of the dark areas have already been filled in. This will result in a dramatic image no matter what approach the colorer takes.You could add a background to make this more interesting, or choose varied colors for contrast. You don’t have to stick exactly to the show’s color scheme to end up with a great and recognizable Black Lion at the end.

4. Voltron Team

Voltron Team
Source: http://clipart-library.com/voltron-coloring-pages.htmlFor a bit of a variation, what about coloring the Voltron Team? This is good for increasing the color range, and also for doing some more rounded and varied shapes. It will present a great challenge, but in a different way, allowing your child to explore some organic lines.There are still some hard lines, such as on the armor knees and shoulders, so this mixes the best of both worlds, and offers a really interesting challenge to the colorer, with lots of variation.

5. Black Lion 2

Black Lion 2 Source: https://www.myboysandtheirtoys.com/voltron-legendary-defender-printables/Another opportunity to do Black Lion, this one relies on the colorer to do all the shading themselves ““ it is just the outlines of the creature. Your child can experiment with various colors and work on building up the contrast between the light and the dark. They will have to put time into the process, rather than depending on the already-inked lines as in the other Black Lion coloring page.This is also a nice, dramatic pose so the end result will look great, and if well-colored, just like part of the show!

6. Simple Voltron

Simple VoltronSource: https://www.coloringpages101.com/voltron-legendary-defender-coloring-pages/81574-voltron-coloring-pageFor a young fan of the show, Simple Voltron manages to present some surprisingly easy shapes to color. It is still a complicated drawing ““ inevitable, really, with the robot’s many sections ““ but it does manage to tone down the challenge considerably.Even young children should successfully be able to take on this robot coloring page and produce a good result. It probably won’t be perfect, but it doesn’t matter provided they are having fun!

7. Detailed Voltron

Detailed VoltronSource: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/voltron-coloring-pages.htmlAt the opposite end of the scale, this Voltron is highly detailed. It has put lots of definitions into the leopard faces, the character’s expression, and the various parts of the robot. The sword is also detailed, with plenty of different sections to color on the hilt.Despite its difficulty, some of the sections have already been blocked in, and some of the shadings have been done, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get a really effective and cool-looking end result here.

8. Detailed Voltron 2

Detailed Voltron 2Source: https://coloringonly.com/pages/cool-voltronPerhaps the shading being done doesn’t appeal to you? This Detailed Voltron is pretty much outlined, meaning you (or your child) need to put in the work to make him look amazing. There are a couple of filled-in parts, but mostly, this depends on the colorer’s skill to get a good result.There are lots of details and guides to color around, such as the patterns on the sword and the lion eyes on the feet, but this is definitely aimed at older, more practiced colorers, and not suitable for younger children unless they are very patient!

9. Sketch Voltron

Sketch VoltronSource: https://coloringhome.com/coloring-page/1871515For a more organic look, Sketch Voltron is a great option. The details have been simplified a bit, making this a better choice for younger children, and its sketchy, stylistic lines would look fantastic when filled in.You might want to add a background or leave this plain, but either way, it will look good and presents a nice “middle ground” option in terms of its difficulty level.

10. Voltron Battle

Voltron BattleSource: https://www.bestcoloringpagesforkids.com/voltron-coloring-pages.htmlThe final option is probably the most detailed and challenging on the list: Voltron battling with a fearsome foe.Even for an experienced colorer, this will be an extensive project, with so many details to fill in. They will need to make sure they know exactly which lines belong to which character so they don’t accidentally end up coloring something wrong, but this is a great, dramatic scene for any child to try.


Most Voltron coloring pages are aimed at a slightly older age group, but there are a few simple options if younger children enjoy the show ““ perhaps if they have older siblings who watch it. Voltron’s a great opportunity for children to practice coloring in straight lines and think about shading.



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