Tissue Paper Easter Egg Project

Published: March 9, 2013

Watch out! Messy preschool project alert. We just had a blast with this one, and it’s one of those projects where I could see Beckett’s brain absorbing information. Not literally. But he just. Became. Smarter.

Tissue Paper Easter Egg Project

You know what I mean? When you can see the progression from beginning to end in a project and they’re figuring things out and by the end they have it down pat, without your help, and finally get bored and turn to gluing things on their fingers? Yep.

tissue fingers


  • Paper Mache eggs from craft store. We got ours from Michaels.
  • Gesso
  • Tissue paper. Not the bleeding art store kind. This is regular gift bag sort of paper.
  • Mod Podge – we used matte
  • Paint brush

Paint gesso on the eggs and let them dry thoroughly. We just used one coat of gesso.

Cut the tissue into a bunch of little squares. About 1/2″ square is good.

Working on one area at a time, paint on some Mod Podge and apply the tissue paper squares. A bowl of Mod Podge is much easier for little hands to dip the brush into than the container. We practiced wiping the brush on the edge of the bowl before slathering it all over the egg.

mod podging


You can talk about squares vs. rectangles during this project, as well as the different colors. Turquoise, lavender instead of just purple help teach kid about the subtleties of different shades of colors.

I held the egg at first for Beckett, as it was very rolly, but by the second egg he was holding it and painting on the Mod Podge himself. He also chose his own colors for the second egg instead of just putting them all on like I had him do for the first egg. Turquoise and green rule.

When he was all through, I took the eggs and slathered Mod Podge all over them and left them on cooling racks to dry.

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs Project


Isn’t it exciting to be jumping into Spring crafts and activities? It’s Spring already, right? 



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  1. I want to get some of those paper mâché eggs. I love that you can then save them. They look so colorful and love your photos in this post! I will be back with my Easter craft as soon as I have one!

  2. I LOVE this craft! I have a large container of Mod Podge that I bought and have barely touched. I really need to spend more time playing around with it!

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