10 Fun Spirit Horse Theme Coloring Pages

Published: July 28, 2021

If your child is a big fan of the Spirit movie or show (or both), then they will love Spirit-themed coloring pages ““ and fortunately, there are lots out there!Horses are very hard to draw, but your child can have great fun coloring pre-drawn coloring pages, and this may even help them improve their understanding of how horse bodies work. They can use the movie or show for inspiration, or color their very own versions of these characters.Here are some top Spirit coloring pages.

1. Simple Spirit

Simple Spirit
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/39969515430735835/Let’s start with a very basic Spirit coloring page, which essentially doesn’t limit your child in any way ““ the horse can be colored however they like, and they can fill in their own background or leave it totally plain if they prefer.The horse has a great face, looking both curious and friendly, which represents the character well. With simple shapes, this horse should be easy for children to color, but it’s complex and sophisticated enough to engage even older children, especially with the greater challenge of the eyes, insides of the ears, and shaped nose.

2. Lucky And Spirit

Lucky And SpiritSource: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/39969515430735818/If your child wants something more challenging, how about Lucky And Spirit coursing toward adventure together? This page lets your child attempt some trickier shapes and details, like the intricate patterns on Lucky’s clothes, but it’s still fairly simple for any age that is interested in attempting it. Spirit’s shapes are easy, and the child doesn’t have to color all the patterns on the shirt if they’re too complicated.

3. Group Of Characters

Group Of Characters
Source: https://www.getcoloringpages.com/coloring/180194To step up the difficulty several notches, this picture includes a whole Group of Characters, all in different poses. This is a much more involved project, and will probably need to be done in several sessions unless your child is good at focusing for extended periods of time.The fun of this picture is that it will involve lots of different colors, and your child can spend as long as they like on all the details of the clothes, bridles, manes, and features. It also has a background for them to attempt.

4. Spirit And Rain

Spirit And Rain
Source: https://www.justcolor.net/kids/animation/coloring-pages-of-characters-from-dreamworks-animation-movies-and-other/spirit/If your child loves the movie Spirit, they will really love Spirit and Rain charging off for an adventure, and Little Creek waving in the background. This has lots of detail to fill in, but the main shapes are still simple and child-friendly, so they can do big portions of the picture easily (such as the grass and sky).The horses look like perfect versions of the movie characters, and this is a lovely reflection of the bond the two form throughout the movie.

5. Spirit Horses

Spirit HorsesSource: https://coloringhome.com/spirit-coloring-pageFor a totally horse-only picture, this group of Spirit Horses is perfect. The four are beautifully arranged on a hill, and your child can color in the simple background, or just give the horses their full attention.Each horse can be done a different color, and they are all nicely detailed, which may help your child to spend a bit more time thinking about the way the muscles and sinews of a horse’s bodywork ““ leading to better shading over time.

6. Baby Spirit

Baby Spirit
Source: http://www.getcoloringpages.com/spirit-the-horse-coloring-pagesWho could resist the cuteness of Baby Spirit meeting an owl and her owlets? This picture is a little more complicated and will involve more fine motor control, but it’s also great fun for a child to attempt. They could do each owl baby a different color, or stay realistic and color them all brown.With some simple tree branches, this page manages to present a full scene without requiring a child to color lots of complex foliage.

7. Rearing Spirit

Rearing Spirit
Source: https://raskrasil.com/en/spirit-riding-free-coloring-pages/For a very powerful image, Spirit rearing up in this coloring page is a great option. Though simple, it’s a surprisingly intricate image, with detailing in the eye encouraging the child to think about the pupil, iris, and white of the eye. Similarly, the mouth has teeth and a tongue for the child to color.Overall, however, this is still simple enough for most children to tackle, and it’s a great, dramatic image. Get them to consider how the lines denoting the muscles on Spirit’s chest should be shaded, and where the shadows on the legs should fall.

8. Windswept Spirit

Windswept Spirit
Source: https://mycoloring-pages.com/other-coloring-pages/spirit-coloring-pagesAnother picture that reflects Spirit’s power and determination, Windswept Spirit beautifully captures his character as well as his shape. Your child will have to think about how to color the shadows in the mane and tail to reflect the fact that they are blowing, so this is a great shading exercise.It’s also not too demanding, as the background is limited to just a patch of grass, giving Spirit context without too much complexity. If your child is engaged, they can easily keep filling in to add a sky and the rest of the prairie.

9. Spirit Of The Cimarron

Spirit Of The Cimarron
Source: http://getdrawings.com/spirit-animal-coloring-pagesAny movie fan will love this Spirit of the Cimarron coloring page, which captures the key movie characters in an amazing scene full of energy. There are lots for a child to tackle here, with detailed eyes and shapes, and the hints of a background to be filled in.Little Creek’s shoes and muscles add a further element of detail, and Rain’s hooves and the feather in her mane make this picture look great ““ and it will certainly take your child a while to finish it if they put effort into these aspects!

10. Spirit And Lucky 2

Spirit And Lucky 2
Source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/509469776600656420/If your child wants another Spirit and Lucky coloring page, this is a good option that again mixes complicated shapes with simple ones. In a calmer picture, your child might find it easier to focus on Lucky’s clothing and face, as Spirit is simply drawn and should be easy to color. No background is needed on this one, either.


The Spirit coloring pages vary from complicated to simple, and your child can either color the horse with their favorite character companions or independently wild and free ““ whichever they prefer! Coloring horses is a good way to help children get to grips with the shapes of a horse’s body and also practice the way that hair flows.



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