40+ Space Birthday Party Ideas That are Out of this World!

Published: December 21, 2021

The mysteries and excitement of space are enjoyed by kids of all ages, so throwing the best party in the galaxy is a great way to celebrate a birthday!

We have some ‘mars’-vellous outer space birthday party ideas that’ll have you beaming brighter than the sun!

Read on to get all of our top tips on how to throw a space theme party, including food fit for aliens, amazing astronaut inspired decorations, creative outer space party games, and more that’ll take your event into infinity and then to greatness beyond

40+ Ideas for the Ultimate Kids Space Themed Birthday Party

Outer Space Theme Party Decorations

Let’s blast off with the first things you need to set the scene for your outer space party – the decorations!

A lot of the crafty ideas we’ve selected on our list are great to keep busy hands occupied in the days leading up to your party, and are simple enough for the birthday kid to be able to help to make too!

Paper Lantern Planets

Paper Lantern Planets

It’s super easy and cheap to get hold of paper lanterns online and in craft stores, and with a little paint and creative ingenuity, you can turn them into your very own solar system!

Hang them from the ceiling to wow your guests and really get them into a space mood.

Get more information on this cool idea at thesweetestoccassion.com

Hanging Balloon Planets

Hanging Balloon Planets

If you can’t get hold of paper lanterns, then balloons can work just as well to make hanging planets. You can also add a hula hoop to it to create the rings of Saturn.

Find out more at playpartyplan.com

Alien Balloons

Alien Balloons

How about these funky alien balloons as a really easy and fun way to decorate your party space! Simply cut out and stick on some eyes, made from card or construction paper, onto green balloons (purple and silver also look great!)

More information and the free template at parents.com

Rocket Ship Photo Booth

Rocket Ship Photo Booth

Turn old cardboard boxes into the photo booth of kids’ dreams! This fun space shuttle prop will be the highlight of your galaxy party. Be as daring as you can, you can also add fairy lights as twinkling stars.

Find out how it’s made with information from BethBryan.com

Space Party Hanging Decorations

Space Party Hanging Decorations

If you’re a bit strapped for time and creativity for your space themed party, you can always purchase some decorations ready made online.

These cute rocket ships and planets will make your party pop!

Buy online at Etsy.com

Glow in the Dark Stars

glow in the dark stars

If you’re planning a slumber party, why not sleep under the stars?

You can easily get hold of glow-in-the-dark plastic stars and stickers. Scatter them across the ceiling for the effect of lying under the galaxy.

Astronaut Rocket Packs

Astronaut Rocket Packs

If you can plan ahead, you can begin to collect and save large soda and juice bottles in the weeks before your party.

They easily turn into rocket packs for your budding space explorers, with the help of some aluminum foil, duct tape, and colored tissue paper.

Find out more on how to make them at doodlecraftblog.com

Outer Space Backdrop

Outer space bacdrop

Make a feature wall for taking photographs, or a cool backdrop for your food table.

This one is super easy to make, in fact it was made by the 6 year old birthday boy himself, so you can try it with your little ones too.

Get the details at Frost Your Cake

Custom Party Sign


When your little one is reaching their milestones, having an adorable sign like this is a great way to create a cherished memory.

It’ll also help your guests find where the party is! If they see this outside your house, they’ll know they’ve reached the correct location.

Get this sign at zazzle.com

Outer Space Party Supplies

As well as decorations, there are some other bits and pieces you can add to take your space party planning skills to the next level!

Custom Rocket Candle

We all know that the birthday cake is important, but what about a special candle? You can make your own candle using a cookie cutter for a bespoke way for your kid to make their birthday wish.

Get the instructions on how to make this candle at Studiodiy.com

Space Cupcake Toppers

space cupcake topper

Cake toppers are really easy to make and can add some pizazz to simple cupcakes! Simply cut out the little pictures and tape onto cocktail sticks. Poke them into simple iced cupcakes for a professional look.

Checkout the free printable available at PlayPartyPlan.com

Space Straw Flags

straw flag

We all know little ones get over-excited at parties, and in the midst of all of the fun and games, they’ll put down their drink and forget which it theirs.

You can make little flag straws, quickly and easily, so that each child can know which drink is which!

Download the free printable from PlayPartyPlan.com

Rocket Cake Topper

Rocket Cake Topper

If you’re going a bit simpler with the cake, you can always jazz it up to your theme but adding a cool cake topper.

There are lots you can buy these days, some that have the custom text and the birthday age, you can also print and design your own or make it from construction paper.

This cute option will blast off and add interest to any cake!

Find out how to make it at hallmark.com

Outer Space Birthday Party Invitations

For any event you need guests, and no one will know about it without an invitation. Check out these fun ways to remind your friends to save the date.

Space Rocket Invitation

Space Rocket Invitation

Get crafty with construction paper and tissue paper to make these adorable rockets. They’re easy to make and will add that personal touch to your event.

Find our how to make these invitations at petit-fernand.co.uk

Blast Off Invitations

blast off invitation

If you’d prefer not to make your invitations, but still want a custom design that’s incredibly cute, check out these printed invitation cards.

Purchase these online at zazzle.com

Space Party Invitation

Space Party Invitation

These cute invitations are downloadable and customizable so you can add on all of the details you need to tell your guests about your space themed party.

Download for free at partywithunicorns.com

Space Themed Party Favors

Giving a goodie bag or party favor to the guests of your party is the norm nowadays, but if you want to do something memorable, you can link your treat to your outer space birthday party theme. Check out these great ideas.

Galactic Play Dough

galactic play dough

For an easy and inexpensive party favor that sticks to the outer space themes, why not create some galaxy play dough?

Swirl it in spacey colors of blues, violets and blacks, and add in some texture with glitter and stars too.

Get all of the instructions at ishouldbemoppingthefloor.com

Rock Candy Asteroids

rock candy

Candy always goes down well as a party favor, and these crystal candy sticks look like they’ve come from another universe!

You can make them in advance of your space party and wrap them in little bags as a unique and memorable treat.

Find out how to make these treats at tasteofhome.com

Custom Clothing

custom clothing

You might not want to go ‘all-out’ like this mom, but if you have the time and tools, why not create a full astronaut uniform for the kids to wear.

(You could even give it out with the invitation so the kids can wear it to the party). All it takes is a few t-shirts and some iron-on transfer paper.

Check out how to make these at Life Frosting

Flying Saucer Favors

flying saucer

You can make these crafts with the kids at the party, or make them ahead of time. Filled with candy and treats, they’ll be a great option as a favor from your space birthday party.

Get the details at parents.com

Outer Space Themed Food

No party is complete without food and snacks. Take your theme into your food by labeling each treat with a space-themed name.

Get creative with alliteration and space puns. You could have meatball meteorites, chocolate Krispy treats can be asteroid space rocks, martian-mallows, fruity cereal circles are Saturn rings, and juice is rocket fuel.

Galaxy Popcorn

galaxy popcorn

Kids (and adults) always enjoy snacking on popcorn, and this version, complete with moon rocks and stardust looks amazing. Make it sweet, or combine the sugary toppings with a salted option for a taste-bud tickling treat.

Get the recipe at amagicalmess.com

Star Shaped Sandwiches

star shaped sandwich

Make simple sandwiches into fun stars using cookie cutters!

This is a really easy way to get creative with your party snacks. It works best with soft fillings like jelly and peanut butter.

Find out more at popsugar.com

Rocket Kabobs

rocket kebob

If you want to be a little healthier, but still stick to the space theme for your party food, then making rocket ship snacks is easy to do. Plus everyone likes eating food from a stick!

Find out how at mamacheaps.com

Alien Pizza

alien pizza

Pizza is a great party food, and this adorable option is inspired by the aliens from Disney’s Toy Story. There’s a veggie option too. Who knew pizza could look so cool!

More info at insider.com

Galaxy Color-Changing Lemonade

galaxy lemonade

Make a magical drink with this color changing lemonade. Swirling from indigo to pink, this special drink will excite your astronauts no end!

Find out how to make it at inthekidskitchen.com

Space Themed Birthday Cake

The centerpiece of any outer space birthday party has to be the cake! Check out these awesome options you can make at home.

Rocket Cake

rocket cake

This cake is a showstopper, covered in yummy buttercream with quirky details in red and blue, it will be a favorite for any celebration. We also love the unique way to add the candles like the rocket ignition blasters!

Follow the recipe at marthastewart.com

Swirling Galaxy Cake

Swirling Galaxy Cake

Pull in the colors of the universe and shoot for the stars with this creative cake idea. It uses a simple cake, but with colorful details to make it extra special. Add a cake topper and it’ll literally be the ‘star’ of the show.

Get more information and the full recipe at marthastewart.com

Simple Rocket Ship Cake

rocket ship

Turn a circular cake into a rocket. This guide makes it easy! Simply cut and cover with yummy buttercream frosting.

Find out how at applesandbeavers.com

Spherical Moon Cake

Spherical Moon Cake

Look at this cool spherical cake. It’s super easy to frost too – because craters don’t need to be neat! Your guests will certainly be in awe at this unusual shaped space themed birthday cake.

Read more at maryhaseltine.com

Out-of-this-World Cupcakes

Out-of-this-World Cupcakes

Lots of kids will prefer cupcakes to a large cake nowadays (not to mention that they are infinitely easier to give out at the end of the party, instead of slicing up a large cake). This cute idea adds candy straws and sprinkles to create alien faces.

Get the recipe at tasteofhome.com

Galaxy Cupcakes

galaxy cupcake

Another cupcake style uses color and sprinkles to create a space themed party style. Swirl vibrant violets, bright blues, and deep black together and top with stars and sprinkles for a beautiful effect.

Find out more atvamagicalmess.com

Rocket Cake Pops

rocket cake pops

Another alternative to a large cake is to have individual cake pops. These cute options are the perfect size bite and will look great on the food table in your party room.

Get the recipe at pintsizedbaker.com

Space Themed Party Games and Crafts

No party is complete without activities. From games to crafts, there are lots of ways to keep your budding astronauts entertained. Check out these space party ideas.

Astronaut Obstacle Course

Astronaut Obstacle Course party theme

Make a training camp that NASA would be proud of, and have your astronauts tackle an obstacle course.

They could moon jump between craters in a DIY course made of garden toys, or you could even get one of those inflatable courses for a bigger challenge.

Be sure to tell your guests on the invitation if you’re planning an activity like this, so they can dress appropriately.

NASA Training Camp

NASA Training Camp

You could go all in and create a space training camp, like this mom did for her son’s space themed birthday.

She packed in a ton of party ideas, including a search for moon rocks and anti-gravity bouncing. There was also alien shooting and space shuttle repair – plenty to keep the party guests busy!

Check out their creative ideas at their blog at Life Frosting

Straw Rocket Craft

straw rocket

Let the kids get creative and make their own rocket ships.

This cool craft not only looks good, but is a fun game, where once you’ve made them, the kids can compete to see whose rocket will blast off the furthest!

Get the instructions on how to make them at sixcleversisters.com

Alien Zap

alien zap

You can’t have an outer space party without some aliens – and needing to zap them is the job of any good astronaut.

This fun event sees you shooting at the aliens with cans of silly string. One of the messier, but extremely enjoyable party ideas on our list!

Learn how to set up and play the game at crazy-wonderful.com

Piñata Planets

planet pinata

You can either make your own piñata, or there is often a lot to buy in stores.

This crafty mom managed to turn a paper lantern into a planet that perfectly fitted in with her outer space birthday party theme. Fill it with toys and candy for a fun party activity.

Learn how to set up and play the game at crazy-wonderful.com

Rocket Piñata

rocket pinata

If a planet isn’t your thing, why not make a rocket piñata instead. This out-of-this-world creation will be bound to impress your guests.

Find out how to make it at petit-fernand.co.uk

Asteroid Toss

Asteroid Toss

If your space birthday party is for extra little ones, you can help them improve their gross motor skills, and have fun at the same time with this super easy game.

Simply scrunch balls of aluminum foil to create ‘asteroids’ that they can throw into the target box. For older kids, you can adapt this activity with different sized targets and tools to aim for.

Find out more from this post on modernhomesteadmama.com

Flying Saucer Frisbees

Flying Saucer Frisbee

Enjoy the outdoors and get active tossing frisbees.

You can have your very own UFO show, and mini competitions, seeing who can fling them the furthest, or even aim them at targets.

Plus frisbees tend to be pretty inexpensive, making them a great party favor for the birthday person’s friends to go home with.

Get the info from parents.com

Quilled Rockets

Quilled Rockets

For kids who are a little older and have a little more patience, these quilled rockets make a great craft activity during your space party. It takes a steady hand and some skill, but they look great!

Learn more and get the free printable at artsycraftsymom.com

Enjoy your Out-of-this-World Party!

Hopefully, this guide will help you to put together the best kids party in the galaxy, that won’t cost you a rocket full of star bucks!

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our themed birthday party inspiration posts for other party ideas to help you celebrate your next ‘happy birthday’.



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