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Quick and Easy: Draw Some 3D Shapes

How to draw 3d shapes
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This is truly a quick and easy little tutorial, created by my 15 year old, Fen. I love watching her draw and doodle all over everything in our entire house. Ahem.

No, but really! It’s inspiring to see the cool little things she draws, and I find myself copying her drawings much like I used to copy the drawings of teenagers when I was 10. Weird.

Drawing 3d shapes is a fun little thing to show your kids, and they can practice it on veritably any shape they feel like drawing, as you will see.

After you’ve mastered these, check out a whole bunch more sketchbook ideas here.

And here’s her step-by-step instruction drawing:

How to draw 3d shapes

Just keep the little lines the same size, follow around any curves, so you can curve the outside line (see the heart edge).

Obviously I had to try my hand at one of those big weird amorphic blobs. Here goes:

Draw a 3d shape

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