Pot Painting Ideas

Published: April 12, 2022

Growing plants is an enjoyable, fulfilling hobby. Nothing comes close to the proudness you get after seeing your flowers bloom and thrive.

And you can further add to the aesthetic appeal of your plants by livening up the pots with some vibrant colors and attractive drawings. Of course, you’ll need some paints, paintbrushes, and a dash of inspiration.

Luckily, we’ve got the inspiration part covered. We’ve made a list of 26 diverse flower pot painting ideas. Whether you’re an expert artist or a beginner, you’ll find your match. So grab your painting tools and jump in!

1. Glitter Flower Pots

We’ll begin our flower pot painting ideas list with a bit of spark. You can add glamour to your garden or indoor plants with those fashionable, glittery pots. They’re pretty easy to make, so you can let your kids join in on the fun and make an entire set using complementary colors.

Get the tutorial for glitter flower pots on Artsy-Fartsy Mama.

2. Christmas Tree Clay Pot

Christmas is all about heartwarming family times and sharing gifts, and you can combine both merriments by making this cute clay pot with your kids and sending it out as a cute gift.

It requires minimum effort as the only painting action included is hand printing your kid’s hand on the pot. Then, you can decorate the pot with pom-poms and a glittery star. You can also get more Christmas tree crafts on craftwhack.com.

Check the instructions for the Christmas tree clay pot on Messy Little Monster.

3. Succulent Pineapple Terracotta Pots

What’s not to love about pineapples? They’re bright-colored, tasty, and beneficial. But since growing them in your house is a bit challenging, you can use them as inspiration for your upcoming art project. Take this idea, for example. If you have old pots, you can liven them up with a pineapple-like pattern.

Learn how to make succulent pineapple terracotta pots on Today’s Creative Life.

4. Rainbow-Painted Flower Pots

Do you want to introduce your kids to the world of crafting? If so, you can start with this pretty yet straightforward project. The little ones will use multi-surface acrylic paints to spice up some plain terracotta pots. They can follow the rainbow theme in this idea or use their live imagination.

Find out more about rainbow-painted flower pots on DIY Candy.

5. Marbled Flower Pots

With some nail polish, you can transform a plain terracotta flower pot into a marbled piece of art. First, you’ll cover the pot with white acrylic paint. Then, you’ll pour your nail polish into a container of warm water, swirl it with a toothpick to create spontaneous shapes, then dip your pot into it.

Read more about how to make marbled flower pots on Artsy-Fartsy Mama.

6. Frida Kahlo Flower Pot

We have Mexico to thank for tortillas, sombreros, and the ever-talented artist, Frida Kahlo. Frida graced our world with many masterpieces, and you can honor her memory by painting this beautiful flower pot. You can also use this project to educate your kids about diverse artists.

Head over to Messy Little Monster for a complete guide on painting the Frida Kahlo flower pot.

7. Geometric Painted Flower Pots

While some people like spontaneous and flowing patterns, some prefer definite geometric lines. If you’re one of the latter, you’ll love this project. You can use washi tape to make the lines, then paint your pots with colorful paints.

It’ll be a fun summer project that your kids can help you with. The resulting geometric painted pots will be a perfect gift for a plant lover.

Learn more about geometric painted flower pots on Projects With Kids.

8. Watermelon-Painted Flower Pots

Watermelon is a favorite summer fruit for many because of its refreshing effect on hot days. And as a bonus point, it’s aesthetically pleasing. You can use this to your advantage and paint watermelons on your terracotta pots. They’ll give your garden a fresh look and won’t be challenging to paint.

Get the tutorial for watermelon-painted flower pots on Projects With Kids.

9. Friendly Spider Clay Pot

You can level up your Halloween decorations game with those painted clay pots this year. They’ll look like cute spiders when you’re done with them, and you can use pipe cleaners for the legs. Then, after you finish, you can set them up in your garden and spook the little trick-or-treaters.

Check the instructions for the friendly spider clay pot on Creative Green Living.

10. Galaxy-Painted Flower Pots

You can add an out-of-this-world touch to your flower pots by painting a galaxy on them. Generally, painting flower pots is enjoyable, and you’ll get double the fun mixing colors and glitter to make a galaxy. You can use acrylic paint and terracotta clay pots for this project.

Find out more about galaxy-painted flower pots on The Craft Train.

11. Scalloped Painted Clay Pots

This fun craft is ideal for people who appreciate calm colors and minimalistic details. The pretty pots will adorn your place and look elegant whether you place them indoors or outdoors. And the painting technique in this project won’t pose much of a challenge for you.

Read more about scalloped painted clay pots on Collective Gen.

12. Unicorn Flower Pot

This project is one of the most enjoyable flower pot painting ideas for kids. The design is super cute, they’ll get to paint with bright colors, and the result will be a beautiful pot that they can use as decoration in their room. You can give them old terracotta pots for this idea.

Learn how to make the unicorn flower pot on Easy Peasy and Fun.

13. Bee and Ladybug Clay Pots

For a project that combines both cute results and easy steps, you can give this bee and ladybug one a try. First, you can paint flower pots with your kids using yellow and red spray paint. Then, you can add the rest of the details using acrylic paint. After you finish, you can put the newly-painted clay pots in your garden for a decorative touch.

Get the tutorial for bee and ladybug clay pots on The Country Chic Cottage.

14. Decoupaged Terracotta Pots

Decoupage is an elegant painting technique that gives pots vintage vibes. And luckily, it can’t get any easier!

If you want to try it, prepare decorative tissues, mod podge, paintbrushes, and paint. After you finish, you can use the painted pots as decorations indoors or place them outside to add a dash of elegance to your garden.

Check the instructions of decoupaged terracotta pots on Place of My Taste.

15. Flower Pot Garden Frog

You can prepare a fun activity for your kids over the weekend, and this project is one of the best flower pot painting ideas for the little ones. They’ll get to transform an entire pot into a cute frog. And after they finish, you can use it as decor in a themed party or set it in the garden.

Find out how to make the flower pot garden frog on DIY & Crafts.

16. Pour Painting Terracotta Pots

Pour painting is an enjoyable and spontaneous painting method that kids love, and you can incorporate it in this weekend’s crafting activity. Although you’ll deal with quite a mess afterward, it’ll be a blast for the whole family, and you’ll have beautiful, painted pots to showcase in your garden.

Learn more about pour painting terracotta pots on Messy Little Monster.

17. Turkey Clay Pot

Do you want unique decorations to grace your Thanksgiving dinner table this year? If so, you can make this cute painted clay pot with the help of your kids.

It’ll make for a marvelous centerpiece on your table, and you can fill it with fake fall-themed flowers to add to the season’s aesthetic.

Head over to The Crazy Craft Lady for a complete guide on painting a turkey clay pot.

18. Boho Patterned Flower Pots

Grace your garden with those bohemian-inspired mini pots that won’t take more than an hour to finish. You can get them all done using a sharpie pen and white chalk paint. Luckily, they don’t require any advanced drawing skills.

Read more about the boho patterned flower pots on Hungarican Journey.

19. Halloween-Painted Flower Pot

Painting terra cotta pots should be number one on your to-do list for Halloween day. This project is one of our favorite flower pot painting ideas because of its simplicity and marvelous results. Using your creativity and colors, you can use old pots and implement many fun ideas.

Get the tutorial for the Halloween-painted flower pot on Messy Little Monster.

20. Hand-Painted Flower Pot

You can challenge your hand-painting skills with this beautiful project. First, choose the design you prefer. Then, use markers and acrylic paint to get it done. After you finish, you can either use the newly-painted terracotta planters as home decor or outdoor plant pots.

Check the instructions for the hand-painted flower pot on Empress of Dirt.

21. Stenciled Clay Pot

Using stencils to paint pots will give them a unique charm that your garden is worthy of. You’ll need plant pots, a stencil, paint, brushes, and stencil glue for this easy craft. You can also use sandpaper to give the pots a vintage, worn look.

Find out more about the stenciled clay pot on DIY Candy.

22. Pencil-Painted Clay Pot

You can get your kids excited about starting school with this fun craft. First, they’ll use their pencils to paint a school-themed clay pot. Then, they can use their new painted pots to store their stationery during the school year.

Read more about the pencil-painted clay pot on Projects With Kids.

23. Easy DIY Clay Pot Christmas Trees

Do you want joyful flower pot painting ideas to try with your kids over the holiday season? If so, you can make cute Christmas tree crafts out of old pots.

First, paint the pot green. Then, you can let your kids decorate it with bold colors. And as a final decorative touch, you can add a glittery star and red ribbon on top.

Learn how to make the easy DIY clay pot Christmas trees on Projects With Kids.

24. Chalkboard-Painted Flower Pot

If you have some spare time over the weekend, you can try your hands at some flower pot painting ideas. Take this project, for example.

You’ll use chalkboard paints to customize a flower pot in a fun way. For example, you can personalize the pot by writing your name or brighten it with colorful doodles and drawings.

Get the tutorial for chalkboard-painted flower pot on Garden Therapy.

25. Patterned Ikat Pots

Ikat patterns are unique, beautiful, and they’ll add glam to your pots collection. So, if you want to brighten up your garden with some hand-painted flower pots, you can give this fun project a try. Perfecting the patterns might take some time, but the results will be worth the effort.

Head over to Bohemian Kate to get a complete tutorial for patterned ikat pots.

26. Gold-Dipped Pots

Do you want elegant flower pots to showcase in your garden with minimum effort and time? If so, it’s time for this pot painting project. You’ll make gold-dipped pots using acrylic paint and spray.

First, you can color the pot light blue using acrylic paint. Then, use spray paint to cover the bottom part of the pot, but not before using washi tape to avoid the spray going all over your pot.

Check the instructions for gold-dipped pots on Pottery Barn.

Pot painting is an enjoyable and relaxing hobby that both kids and adults love. So, if you’re willing to give it a try, choose your favorite project from our pot painting ideas and start working!



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