Christmas Tree Crafts for Preschoolers

There’s no better way to teach kids about Christmas than with enjoyable homemade crafts. Crafting improves their fine motor skills, creativity, and identification of different textures.

Not to mention, it’ll put them in a festive spirit and get them all excited for this year’s merry season. So, if you want to spend some leisure time with your kid, you’re in the right place!

We’ve made a list of many easy and fun Christmas tree crafts for preschoolers. So grab your crafting supplies and jump in!

1. Popsicle Stick Christmas Tree

This lovely little craft will get your kids excited for the holiday season, and you’ll get to enjoy the adorable results. First, they’ll use three popsicle sticks to make the shape of a triangle, then color it green and stick it on brown cardstock. After that, they can decorate the tree with little embellishments to complete the masterpiece.

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2. Paper Plate Christmas Tree Whirligig

This paper plate Christmas tree is a fun craft for toddlers, but they’ll need your help in cutting the plate in a twirly fashion. However, you can leave the painting and decorating parts to them. Then, after they finish, you can hang the beautiful tree in your house.

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3. Paper Christmas Tree

With large green paper, brown cardstock, and decorative pom poms, you can have a fashionable Christmas tree in no time. And since it’s so easy to make, your kids can craft many of them and send them out as thoughtful gifts or handmade cards.

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4. Accordion Paper Christmas Tree

If you want a simple idea that takes no time but looks insanely cute, you can try making this accordion paper Christmas tree. First, you’ll cut a green paper on the shape of a tree and fold it like an accordion. Then, you can give it to your kids so they can put it through a straw. This way, they’ll have many Christmas trees to play around with and show off.

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5. Jeweled Paper Christmas Tree

Using a clothespin, green paper, and sparkly sequins and jewels, your preschoolers can craft an adorable-looking Christmas tree. And if they get carried away and make many of them, you can have yourself an entire pine forest to use as a house decoration.

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6. Toilet Roll Christmas Trees

Along with teaching your kids how to craft, you can introduce them to recycling with this project. You’ll give them old toilet rolls and colored paper to decorate their trees, and you’re good to go.

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7. Paper Plate Pom-Pom Christmas Trees

Making miniature pom-pom Christmas trees should be number one on your to-do list for this Christmas season. They’ll make for adorable decorations in your house and will be tremendously fun to make.

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8. Handprint Christmas Tree

This idea is perfect for a classroom because all students can get together and craft it. This way, as a teacher, you’ll strengthen their bond and encourage them to do more group activities. Not to mention, the giant handprints tree will add to the classroom’s adorable aesthetic.

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9. Paper Straw Christmas Trees

As a creative twist on usual Christmas trees, your kids can make ones with colorful straws as building blocks. First, they’ll cut the straw into different lengths, then glue them in order from shortest to longest. Next, they can use two straws glued together as the tree’s trunk and add a glittery star at the top to finish the masterpiece.

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10. Christmas Tree and Sensory Bin

You can give your toddlers an entire sensory experiment with a sticky tree and decorative embellishment in a large bin. Their main task will be to stick the decorations you provided to the tree and decorate it. And since it’s such a fun craft, it works for all ages.

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11. Zigzag Glitter Christmas Tree Cards

If you want to send out homemade cards with a childish touch this year, you can prepare this craft for your preschoolers. First, they’ll squirt glue on white paper in a zigzag fashion to make a tree shape. Then, they can color the glue green and sprinkle some glitter on the top.

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12. Tissue Paper Christmas Tree Craft

If you have no time to provide crafting supplies, your kids can make this cute craft using colorful tissue paper and glue. For example, you can draw a Christmas tree on paper and let them color it by gluing paper on different areas.

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13. Felt Christmas Tree Craft

Dealing with felt can benefit children because it introduces them to different materials. In this project, you’ll provide them with a styrofoam cone to resemble the Christmas tree shape and felt fabric in various colors. Then, all they’ll have to do is glue the felt decorations to the tree.

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14. Magical Origami Christmas Trees

Origami is an enjoyable art that you can teach your toddlers using this perfect craft. You’ll only need to provide green paper for the tree, yellow paper for the star, and a needle to connect both.

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15. Ripped Paper Christmas Tree

If you have leftover wrapping paper that you don’t want to throw away, you can use it in this adorable Christmas tree craft. It won’t cause much mess, and the whole family can add their artistic touches to the colorful tree.

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16. Paper Strips Christmas Tree

Crafting this Christmas tree will be a fun activity for the whole family. You can cut the paper strips to avoid giving your kids scissors, and they can glue them to a white piece of paper in a tree shape.

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17. Pine Cone Christmas Trees

This pine cone craft won’t only put your kids in a festive mood, but it’ll also look fabulous as a Christmas tree ornament. You can hang the cute crafts on your tree after coloring the pine cones green and decorating them with pom-poms and glitter.

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18. Kids Christmas Tree Craft

This beautiful craft will almost look like a real tree by the time you’re done with it. It includes cutting cardstock to look like a tree then decorating it with jewels. You can also add a tiny snowman beside the tree as a final decorative touch.

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19. Pipe Cleaner Pop-Up Christmas Tree

This is one of the most enjoyable Christmas tree crafts for kids because of how easy it is. And as a bonus point, you can use it as decoration for your wrapping paper. This way, you’ll send out Christmas gifts with a personal, unique touch. All you’ll need is a green pipe cleaner and colorful pom-poms.

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20. DIY Twig Tree

Christmas tree crafts for kids can have a natural touch to them, like this DIY twig tree. It includes stacking twigs and tying them with a thread so that they’ll take the shape of a Christmas tree. You can either hang this craft on your tree as an ornament or in your house as a decoration.

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21. Scrap Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornaments

This fabric tree ornament will look fabulous on your Christmas tree this year, and as a bonus point, it’s so much fun to make. Your kids will merely tie the tiny colorful ribbons around a brown stick to resemble the leafy tree. And voila! You have cute handmade ornaments that you can send as gifts.

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22. Paper Cup Christmas Tree Crafts

Those cute Christmas tree crafts will keep your kids’ hands busy for a long time. And as a bonus point, the project is entirely mess-free. You can buy green paper cups or white ones and paint them green. Then, your kids can have a go at decorating them with colorful buttons and glitter.

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23. Green String Christmas Tree

Out of the many Christmas tree crafts for kids on our list, this is one of the most elegant. You can put it up as decoration after your little ones finish it and decorate it with plastic snowflakes and ornaments.

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24. Terracotta Christmas Tree

This craft is ideal for a large group of kids because they can all work on it at once. First, you’ll stack three green pots over each other to resemble a Christmas tree. Then, you’ll give your kids sequins, glitter, ornaments, and garland beads to decorate it.

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25. Christmas Tree Card

Sending out homemade Christmas tree cards is a warm and beautiful act that you should teach your children. Luckily, this card won’t take much time and will result in a picturesque Christmas scene that your kids will love. And you can find more handmade Christmas card ideas on

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26. Ombre Christmas Garland

Your kids can make this attractive ombre garland, and you can hang it around your Christmas tree as a cute decoration this year. The project doesn’t require many materials, but you’ll have to supervise your little ones to ensure there are no accidents.

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27. Salt Dough Tree Ornaments

Kids love playing with salt dough because of how versatile it is. You can prepare some dough for this craft and give them tree-shaped cutters, or let them get creative and cut it using their hands. All in all, you’ll end up with cute ornaments to hang on your tree.

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Now that you have many Christmas tree crafts ideas that you can try out with your kids, you can make crafting a regular part of your Christmas season routine!



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