Cool Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Some friends are just so priceless that you want to be around them at all times, even when you aren’t. Friendship bracelets are a way to do that, a reminder that you’re in this together, which is why we’ve made this list of stunning friendship bracelet patterns.

Whether you want a sophisticated friendship bracelet, an old-school summer camp one, or other fun crafts, we’ve got you. Also, we’ve added friendship bracelet patterns that are perfect for beginners, pros, and everything in between. So, if you’re looking for a fun and easy way to make these designs, tag along!

1. Diamond Pattern Friendship Bracelet

We can’t talk about easy friendship bracelet patterns without mentioning the diamond patterns. This craft project has such a basic logic that you’ll get after a few rounds, so you won’t constantly have to check the instructions. Plus, the diamonds are super cute!

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2. Alternating Knots Bracelet

Believe it or not, two colors make a cool pattern! You can forward knot your way through the tutorial, so it’s super easy to follow! The final product is also on the slimmer side if that’s what you’re into crafting.

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3. Three-Strand Braid

Do you have leftover strings from other patterns you’ve knotted? This braided bracelet with three strands is a chance for you to use three different colors. We’re pretty sure you’ve used this pattern before, even if this is your first-ever friendship bracelet because it’s the one you use for braids. Also, the video makes it even easier!

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4. Chevron Friendship Bracelet Pattern

The chevron friendship bracelet will forever be a classic. Do you want to practice your forward and backward knot? Then, the chevron pattern is the way to go. It’s also surprisingly easy to memorize, and the bracelet design looks so professional and detailed.

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5. Skinny Chevron

If you want a twist on the classic chevron design, you’ve got it. This bracelet pattern is a slimmer version with only four strings, so you’ll get it done in no time. Then, you and your best friends can rock these chevrons!

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6. Chinese Ladder Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Another OG bracelet pattern is the Chinese staircase, also known as the spiral staircase. With basic forward knots around clusters of strings, you can make these artistic spiral bracelets. Of course, you get to personalize the Chinese ladder friendship bracelets by using any color combination you can dream of!

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7. Zig Zag Friendship Bracelet

Let’s kick it up a notch with this zigzag friendship bracelet pattern! You can select shades of the same color for a graduating effect or analogous colors for a 3D ribbon effect. As you can already tell, this bracelet pattern is one-of-a-kind. Not to mention, it’s still accessible, requiring only four basic knots, which are thoroughly explained.

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8. T-Shirt Bracelets

If you have some old or stained t-shirts, why not recycle them to make t-shirt yarn? Then, you can use them instead of regular embroidery floss! This way, you can speed through the bracelet-making process. Also, the bangle bracelets are used to give the final result more volume.

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9. Zipper Bracelet

These friendship bracelets are easy to make, as they require three strings: one basic string and two outer ones. Also, you can give the zipper style an edgier and chunkier twist by switching your embroidery floss for thick hemp or yarn.

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10. Heart Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Make the message crystal clear with heart friendship bracelets. The hearts are so cute and easy to make if you know the basics of a chevron pattern. But if you don’t, that’s why this tutorial is here! You can choose two colors to make these friendship bracelets.

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11. Fishtail Braid Friendship Bracelet

A fishtail braid is cute, no question about it. But try it with your embroidery floss, and you’ll be surprised as to how adorable, sturdy, and easy to make it is compared to classic knotted friendship bracelets.

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12. Jellyfish Bracelet

We’re obsessed with this seven-strand bracelet, and its thin, long dangling thread design certainly explains the name! The bracelet-making project needs a paper wheel. But don’t worry; you’ll find tutorials to help you use the paper wheel and even make it if you want to. Overall, this bracelet pattern is intricate, and dainty, and will look good on your friends’ wrists and yours.

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13. Fancy Friendship Bracelets

Are you looking for more grown-up friendship bracelet ideas? Weave in some jewels for a classy look. Also, you can create unique friendship bracelets by swapping jewels and jewelry chains. This way, you and your friends can have a fun night out and wear your own friendship bracelets.

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14. Classic Diagonal Stripe Friendship Bracelet

If you’re up for a challenge, may we present the diagonal friendship bracelet pattern? And you get a guide with pictures and directions so that you aren’t lost. Not only can you control the length of the bracelet, but you can also tailor its width. Not to mention, you can use all different palettes, two colors, or just one color.

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15. DIY Round Braid Leather Friendship Bracelets

You can choose your favorite leather cord colors; they make for such an upgrade from regular ones with embroidery floss. What we have for you is a four-strand round simple braid style. Also, you can go monochrome or multicolor; the possibilities are endless.

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16. Easy Braided Friendship Bracelet Patterns

These friendship bracelet patterns are possibly the cutest crafts we’ve seen so far, and just when we thought they couldn’t get any cuter, we noticed the sweet button closures! But, of course, you can replace them with a simple knot closure for a more adult design.

Also, the addition of letter beads as a centerpiece gives these bracelets a nostalgic factor. Moreover, you won’t face any difficulty with the knots since you’re making a simple braid. Overall, the use of beads renders these bracelets excellent for little crafters.

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17. The Crazy Complicated Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Are you confident in your skills when it comes to making friendship bracelets, especially chevrons? Well, you can put them to the test with this friendship bracelet pattern. They’re so worth the time, though. We’re in love with their chunkier look, cool colors, and artistic pattern.

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18. Candy Stripe Friendship Bracelet

An excellent friendship bracelet for beginners is the candy stripe friendship bracelet. The pattern is very straightforward and requires you to learn only one-knot type, so you shouldn’t have any difficulty memorizing it.

Also, you can make the friendship bracelet with anything from four to eight strings, depending on how thick or thin you want the accessories on your wrist to be.

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19. Sliding Knot Beaded Friendship Bracelets

We’ve had quite the collection of easy patterns, but this friendship bracelet takes the cake. To illustrate, if you’ve learned the sliding knot bracelet for the central string, you’re all set. Then, the pattern is just knot, bead, and repeat! Also, you can get creative with your beads and knots.

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20. Rainbow Zig Zag Pattern

If you’re looking for a retro design, check out this zigzag pattern. Its zigzag friendship bracelet pattern has a rainbow color palette, so it may be the pop of color you need.

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21. DIY Bracelet Buckle Tutorial

You didn’t think we’d leave you to struggle with tying your bracelets, did you? Here’s a cool way to tie your bracelet so that you aren’t counting on a safety pin or a leftover piece of floss to hold your bracelet in place. Instead, you have a handy buckle to hook your bracelet.

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22. Fabric Scrap Friendship Bracelet

Here’s a great trick to use when you have fabric scraps or you’re short on the floss. Use three fabric stripes instead of regular threads, and make braids. Then, finish the friendship bracelet patterns with jewelry endcaps for an elegant gift.

This DIY has a unique texture compared to traditional friendship bracelets. However, it’s also different from t-shirt scrap bracelets because it isn’t as chunky.

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23. Chain Link Bracelet

Do you want your knotting technique to have a 3D effect? This chain link bracelet has two main lines that attach at equal intervals, creating a pretty open design. As you might’ve guessed, this is a rather different pattern from the typical friendship bracelet patterns you used to wear.

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24. Striped Friendship Bracelet Pattern

Many bracelets go at a diagonal, which isn’t always the easiest. For that reason, we love this pattern with stripes. It’s also a great chance for you to unleash your creativity when it comes to colors. You can go from dark to bright tones of the same color.

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25. Friendship Bracelets for Grown-Ups

Just because we’re listing friendship bracelet patterns doesn’t mean they’re only for middle school kids. In fact, we’ve got one for older teens and adults. This is a great variation of the traditional chevrons, and what’s different about it is the bling!

Add tassels, beads, rhinestones, and metal closures to the bracelets. All of these bright colors and accessories will give you the perfect blend of nostalgia and fun.

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26. Alpha Patterns

We’ve saved the best for last. This is arguably the prettiest of designs. We love its sunflower illustrations on a darker background. It’s also a unique friendship bracelet pattern, but it’s certainly not for the faint-hearted. After all, there are no video tutorials, just an illustration. So, embark on this journey if you’re practiced in making friendship bracelets.

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Overall, our favorite friendship bracelet patterns feature something for everyone. Some of the crafts are vibrant and colorful, but others are more simple. Some are perfect for beginners, while others are more difficult, so take your pick!



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