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Painted Pots Ideas

Painted Pots Ideas

Painted flower pots can be a great way to add life and color to your garden and home space. However, as great as they can look, they can be hard to find in stores. For that reason, painting your own flower pots is typically the only option you have.

Not only will you be able to customize your ceramic and terra cotta pots to your liking, but you’ll also be able to add your artistic touch. Still, coming up with pot painting ideas on your own can be difficult. So, we’ve put together 38 of the best painted flower pot ideas. So, you can draw inspiration from these ideas, find the one you love, and get painting!

Distressed Gold-Leaf Terracotta Pots

For a touch of class, you’ll find nothing better than terracotta pots covered in gold sheets. The golden accents will seriously add an elegant look to the interior of your house.

Additionally, you’ll feel a sense of warmth and comfort due to the gold and terracotta color palette that’ll remind you of bright summer days.

Visit Today’s Creative Life to get more details on Distressed Gold-Leaf Terracotta Pots.

Dripping Clay Pot

If you’d like a more colorful approach to youth clay pots, why don’t you check out this variation of the dripping pot painting ideas? Not only is this DIY idea remarkably easy to recreate, but you can modify the colors any way you want to suit your taste.

Be sure to check out this Dripping Clay Pot Tutorial on Plaid Online.

Paisley Clay Pots

If you’d like the perfect mix of colorful and sophisticated, then you should go with this paisley clay pot idea. After all, there’s a reason paisley designs are a classic. Moreover, you won’t have a hard time executing this idea.

Get the full instructions on how to paint a Paisley Clay Pot on Plaid Online.

Buffalo Check-Painted Pots

If you want to do more than paint your plant pots a single solid color, why don’t you try out this simple plaid design? Thankfully, it’s as straightforward as ideas can be, but it still has a certain flair and fun element to it.

Most importantly, due to this DIY idea’s simplicity, you can get your kids to help you with the paint job and make a day of it. Even then, your terra cotta clay pots will end up looking fabulous.

Get inspired by the Buffalo Check-Painted Flower Pot on The Soccer Mom Blog.

Glitter Flower Pot

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love glitter? Sure, you’ll be left with glitter specks all over your apartment for the next month, but the glittery flower pot will be worth it in the end. The resultant glitter flower pots will be just the fun idea to bring that sparkle to your home.

Take a look at this Glitter Flower Pot on Artsy Fartsy Mama.

Rainbow-Painted Flower Pot

Do you love vibrant colors, but you can’t settle on one for your terra cotta pots? Well, you don’t have to choose with this rainbow-painted flower pot fun idea.

Just some acrylic paint will transform your succulent pot forever. Still, this project has a slight learning curve as the smooth color transitions can be hard to execute at the start.

Visit DIY Candy, and check out their Rainbow-Painted Clay Pots.

Ombre Plant Pots

Do you love the color gradations in the previous ideas with rainbow flower pots, but you’d rather stick to one color? Well, you should go with this DIY ombre flower pot.

Pick your color, then mix it with various amounts of white until you achieve the desired shades. Then, paint your entire pot in these different colors to get the result you want.

Visit Ann’s Entitled Life to make Ombre Plant Pots.

Black and White Flower Pot

If you’re more into the minimalistic look, black and white painted flower pots will be an excellent way to decorate your home. They’ll be a step up from the usual brown terra cotta pots, but they won’t be too tacky.

Paint a Black and White Flower Pot on We Can Make Anything.

Chalkboard Clay Pots

Did you know that painting flower pots in chalkboard paint will transform them into miniature chalkboards? Now, how cool is that? Just imagine the potential.

Since the painted clay pot will act as a chalkboard, you can use it to write or draw anything you like, such as cute sayings or funny phrases.

Learn how to make Chalkboard Clay Pots by visiting Plaid Online.

Polka Dot Flower Pots

A few colorful dots can elevate your old pots from boring to beautiful in a matter of seconds. Whether you like a simple polka dot pattern or something more complex like Mandala art, you’re guaranteed to end up with a fantastic flower-painted pot that’ll be the focus of the room.

Get inspired by these Polka Dot Flower Pots on Clay Pot Crafts.

Geometric-Painted Flower Pots

Geometric shapes make the most fun ideas for spunking up your old pots. Squares, rhombuses, triangles, trapezoids, or a mixture of all those shapes in different colors are sure to bring those pots to life. But, of course, you can always free-hand your design or use painter’s tape to create geometric-painted pots if you’re a stickler for straight lines.

Discover how to make some Geometric-Painted Pots on Mom.

Day of the Dead Planters

If you’d like a list of pot painting ideas that are out of the box, then these day-of-the-dead planters will make the top of that list. Not only will your clay pots look amazing, but your plants will also look outstanding against the peculiar pots. Best of all, even if your plants don’t make it, they’ll still be on theme because “Day of the Dead,” remember?

Learn how to make Day of the Dead Planters on Creative Kismet.

Halloween-Painted Clay Pots

All Halloween lovers are sure to fall in love with this creepy yet super cute pumpkin DIY painted pot. This pot can add some much-needed spook to your exterior and interior home decor. All you need to do is whip out the right colors and start applying them to paint terracotta pots.

Learn how to make Halloween-Painted Clay Pots on Akawest.

Mod Podge Terra Cotta Pot With Fabric

If you aren’t much of a painter, but you’d still like to decorate your terracotta pots in some way, well, mod podge is the answer to your problems.

All you need to do is pick out a piece of fabric with an interesting design or pattern and then mod-podge it onto your terra cotta pot.

Get details on how to Mod Podge Terra Cotta Pot With Fabric on Mod Podge Rocks.

Pretty Face Planters

If you don’t like an over-the-top design, why not go with these pretty face flower pots? To make these easy-painted pots, all you need to do is spray paint your clay pot with a solid color and then use a tiny paint brush to draw the simple facial features. Of course, paint markers can be a great alternative if you don’t have a steady hand with a paint brush.

Learn to paint Pretty Face Planters on Gold Standard Workshop.

Flowery Flower Pot

Flowers are a guaranteed way to make any room bright, but why should they remain inside vases and pots? Why not have flowers on everything?

That’s why pot painting your terracotta pots with flowers is such a lovely and creative idea. You can draw simple flowers and use buttons, rhinestones, and other craft supplies to liven them up.

Discover how to make a Flowery Flower Pot on The Inspiration Edit.

Hand-Painted Watermelon Flower Pot

Incorporating fruits into your flower pot designs is one of the best pot painting ideas. First off, fruits are incredibly colorful and bright. Moreover, they don’t make for a complicated way to paint pots. As such, the outcome will be truly magnificent, and you won’t suffer in the painting process at all.

Take inspiration from this Hand-Painted Watermelon Flower Pot on Mommy Moment.

Broken China Mosaic Flower Pots

If you’ve got some broken china lying around that you can’t seem to get rid of, you can use them to create a mosaic masterpiece with your old clay pot.

Glue the colorful china piece onto your clay pot in a mosaic-like pattern, and you’ll end up with a splendid centerpiece. Just remember that kids shouldn’t partake in this project, as they can get injured on the tiny ceramic shards.

Get instructions for the Broken China Mosaic Flower Pots on Kenarry.

Clay Pot Fox

This painted flower pot in the likeness of a fox is so darn cute; words can’t describe it. You can place this magnificent creation in your garden or your living space, and it’ll look just as good indoors and outdoors. From the tiny ears to the beautiful tail, this painted pot is genuinely extraordinary, and it’s easy to make.

Learn how to paint Clay Pot Fox on Plaid Online.

Herring-Bone Flower Pots

Whip out your paint markers, and get ready to create this fantastic yet simple herring-bone flower pot. The lines don’t have to be perfectly straight or parallel. They don’t even need to be evenly spaced for the final painted flower pots to be incredible. All you have to do is choose the colors you like and start painting your flower pot!

Get the full Herring-Bone Flower Pots tutorial on The Gunny Sack.

Clay Pot Garden Critters

Do you want to upcycle your old pots and turn them into some astounding pieces of decoration? If so, you should make a butterfly or frog-themed painted flower pot by getting a few succulent pots and gluing them to a central clay pot.

While these creations may not be very functional as actual plant pots, they’ll still be wonderful to look at and will brighten up your garden and patio.

Discover how to make these Clay Pot Garden Critters on Plaid Online.

Marbled Flower Pots

These marbled flower pots are a great idea to brighten your home space and add some class to it. Not only are they incredibly unique, but they also have the added benefit of matching your home’s aesthetic if you choose the right colors.

Still, don’t let their sophisticated appearance fool you. They’re actually effortless to create as long as you have some spray paint lying around.

Learn to create Marbled Flower Pots from The DIY Nuts.

Photo Collage Flower Pot

There’s no argument that hand-painted pots are unbelievably beautiful, and each one is truly one of a kind. Unfortunately, however, not many have the time or the ability to paint pots.

In such cases, you can skip painting with acrylic paint and take out a few family photos. Then, get your mod podge, and glue them onto your clay pots. Then, you can proceed to decorate the saucers and rims with ribbons, twine, and other materials for a little extra fanciness.

Figure out how to make your own Photo Collage Flower Pot by visiting Mod Podge Rocks.

Two-Tone Painted Pots

Want to add some color to your terracotta pots in the hopes of brightening up those dreary days coming your way? Then, it would be best if you went with these cheerful two-tone clay pots. This pot painting idea is extremely easy to do. All you need is the right supplies, and you’ll be done in a jiffy.

Learn how to make the Two-Tone Painted Pots on Decoist

Celestial Clay Pot

If you love the mysterious night sky with its numerous stars, you can paint it onto your plain clay pots. All it’ll take you is some time and a couple of acrylic paint colors. You can even use nail polish if you’ve got some lying around.

Just know that this DIY project will be extremely fun to do, and your house plants will look striking in these planters.

For more information on how to make Celestial Clay Pots, visit Finger Gardening.

Fairy Garden

Fetch your old succulent pot, and get ready to transform it into a magical fairy garden for your plant in just a few steps.

Truly, this is one of the most creative and fun pot painting ideas for your plant that we’ve ever come across, and the end product will be impressive.

Learn how to make your own Fairy Garden on Mod Podge Rocks.

Galaxy-Painted Flower Pots

This galaxy-inspired painted clay pot is another pot painting idea that we know you’ll just love. It looks absolutely mystical, and it’ll make your spring garden look other-worldly.

Just take out your pink, white, blue, and black acrylic paint and maybe some glitter, and you’ll have yourself a galaxy-themed flower pot in under an hour.

Go to Artsy Fartsy Mama to get more details on Galaxy-Painted Flower Pots.

Scalloped-Painted Terracotta Flower Pots

In all honesty, you can decorate your terra cotta planters by simply painting a scalloped design on them. Then, you can match the paint to your existing home decor or use the flower pots to add contrast to your living space or outdoors. Either way, the outcome will be truly remarkable.

Discover how to make these Scalloped-Painted Terracotta Flower Pots on Collective Gen.

Stenciled Terracotta Pots

Stencils are the solution if you don’t want to risk ruining your pot by hand-painting the artwork. Merely pick your colors, get a stencil you like, and you’re good to go.

And if you’d like to give your painted pots an extra layer of shine, make sure to spray them with a clear topcoat spray paint in the end.

Get details for the Stenciled Terracotta Pots on DIY Candy.

Washi Tape Mini Plant Pots

There are a million different designs and patterns of washi tape. The resultant multicolored creation will add a little cheer to your place and bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

Whichever pattern, color, and size of washi tape you choose, you’re guaranteed to have some pretty pots in the end. Also, this is very easy to create, and kids of all ages can do it.

See some remarkable Washi-Tape Mini Plant Pots on Projects With Kids.

Halloween Batty Pot

One more Halloween-appropriate painted pot DIY is this bat terra cotta pot. Thankfully, such patterns aren’t that hard to paint as long as you have the right supplies.

Of course, you may need a second coat to make the colors more vibrant, but that’s a given with any paint job. And if you’d like an extra touch of spookiness, you can always use some glow-in-the-dark colors.

Learn to create this Halloween Batty Pot on Plaid Online.

Queen Anne’s Lace Clay Pot

This DIY queen Anne’s lace clay pot is truly beautiful in its simplicity. Just paint your plant pot a base color you want, then use texture paint to draw on the flower petals.

Finally, finish off by applying a coat of sealer to serve as extra protection and add some shine to the simple flower pot. For a more diverse look, try to use different paint colors on each of your terra cotta planters.

Get the details for Queen Anne’s Lace Clay Pots on Plaid Online.

Pour-Painted Pots

We suggest you create these fantastic pour-painted pots for a low-effort, high reward DIY pot painting idea.

Sure, the painting process can be pretty messy. However, this shouldn’t stop you from tackling this project, as it’ll be loads of fun for you, your kids, and your family. Not to mention, your terracotta pots will look genuinely extravagant!

Master making Pour-Painted Pots on Happiness is Homemade.

Crushed Glass Clay Pot

Add some shine and sparkle to your old pots by gluing some crushed glass on them. Your terracotta pots will end up looking truly artistic, and you won’t be able to help getting lost in their beauty.

Still, though this project is a piece of cake, make sure to exercise caution while working on it to protect yourself against any unwanted accidents.

Create your own Crushed Glass Clay Pot by visiting Plaid Online.

Boho/Aztec-Painted Flower Pots

Bring your terra cotta flower pots to life using these boho/Aztec-inspired patterns. Just get a paintbrush as well as your favorite paint colors, and you’ll have yourself some pretty pots in an hour. And since this project is so easy to do, you’ll find yourself giving a makeover to all the other pots in your home in no time.

Learn to make Boho/Aztec-Painted Flower Pots on Style Squeeze.

Flower Pot Garden Angel

This garden angel made of colorful clay pots is so adorable that everyone who sees it will surely fall in love with it. Sure, it may not hold your plants, but it’ll make your garden or patio look splendid.

Just keep in mind that you’ll need a few terracotta pots to implement the whole idea. Other than that, this DIY project will give you no trouble.

Get inspired by the Flower Pot Garden Angel on Plain Online.

French Made Pots With Decals

If you want your old pots to look rustic or vintage, why not go with these french-looking pots? These pots will make any room look as if you’ve just walked into a Parisian cafe, and the best thing is that all you’ll be needing for this tutorial is some acrylic paint, sandpaper, and decals.

Get the details for painting French Made Pots With Decals on Dreams factory.

Cat-Painted Clay Pot

Our final pot painting idea of the day is this impressive and super cute cat pot design. You’re bound to pick this design if you’re a cat lover or just appreciate cute things.

We just know you’ll love your cat-themed terra cotta flower pot, and you’ll be proud to display it in every room of your house.

Find out how to create a Cat-Painted Clay Pot by visiting Instructables.

So, now that you’ve looked at all the pot painting ideas we’ve mentioned, did you find the inspiration you were looking for? If you did, we hope you’ll have fun completing the project over your weekend or vacation, and don’t forget to let us know which idea y

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