Mermaid Painting Ideas

Published: January 8, 2022

Mermaids are majestic creatures kids seem to absolutely love.

Whether that’s because of Disney’s famous movie or the compelling beauty of drawn mermaids, we’re here for it!

The love that kids have for mermaids breeds many creative ideas and arts.

Accordingly, if you’ve been looking for mermaid painting ideas that you and your child can attempt together, we’ve got you covered! All you have to do is read on.

Acrylic Mermaid

Acrylic Mermaid

Painting with acrylic colors results in beautiful and bright pieces of art. Moreover, it’s fun to learn, so it’s the perfect practice to try with your child.

For example, drawing an acrylic painting of a mermaid will make your kid happy because of all the intricate, enjoyable details.

As a bonus point, they’ll get to draw mermaid scales and hair and live the whole experience!

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Mermaid Stencil Art

mermaid stencil

With sponge foam, paintbrushes, and paint colors, your kid will be over the moon with this mermaid stencil art.

They’ll get to use various shades like dark blue, purple paint, mars black color, and more.

As a result, if they love mermaids like we do, they’ll have a whole lot of fun doing this project.

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Watercolor Mermaid Tail

Watercolor Mermaid Tail

If your kid finds it too hard to draw a complete mermaid, you can only settle for painting the tail.

Moreover, this idea includes watercolors, which are more appropriate than acrylic ones when it comes to children.

So give your kid a small round brush, paper, and watercolors, and watch them turn into an artist!

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Acrylic Paint Mermaid

Acrylic Paint Mermaid

We have another acrylic idea for you because those colors are just too beautiful to miss. For this painting, you’ll need a few glimmering acrylic shades.

For example, you’ll need ultramarine blue for the background, titanium white paint for a glittery sky, mars black for horizontal strokes along the sky, and light blue to complete the masterpiece.

As for the brushes, you’ll do well with a small round brush and a small flat brush.

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Crayons Mermaid

Crayons Mermaid

If you don’t want to deal with the mess of acrylic and watercolors, you can opt for crayons instead!

First, you’ll draw the mermaid casually with a pencil. Next, you’ll outline your drawing with a black sharpie marker.

Finally, you can use crayons to color the shapes you just drew. As a bonus point, your kid can participate in the last part.

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Night Mermaid

night mermaid

You better get your ultramarine blue and titanium white paint again because you have another acrylic mermaid painting to ace!

However, it’s a tad of a challenge this time, especially when it comes to the mermaid’s hair. But, you’ll have fun, nevertheless.

In addition, by the end of the project, you’ll have a beautifully painted mermaid to show off to your friends and family.

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Sparkly Mermaid Wall Art

Sparkly Mermaid Wall Art

This time, you’ll get to hang your mermaid painting on your wall after finishing. However, this idea requires a mermaid print.

After printing the design, you can color it using glitter to give it a more magical look.

The best thing about this idea is that you’ll get to use the painted print after finishing it instead of keeping it hidden somewhere in the house.

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Mermaid Scales Rock

Mermaid Scales Rock

This rock idea will draw much attention at a mermaid-themed party. To do it right, you’ll need a few polished rocks, a small round brush, and many shades of blue acrylic color.

Instead of an entire mermaid drawing, you’ll have cute rocks with scaly patterns on them. You can use them as decoration or gift them to someone you love.

However, make sure to give those scales time to dry. You don’t want to put them somewhere in your house while they’re still wet!

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Finger Paint Mermaid

Finger Paint Mermaid

This idea is more suitable for little kids who want to get in on the fun but are still too young to hold a brush.

They’ll only use their fingers and some painting materials. However, your supervision is still required. The result will be a cute mermaid painting that you can hang on your kids’ wall.

There’s no denying that you’ll deal with a bit of mess afterward, but the experience will be worth it.

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Salt Paint Mermaid Tail

Salt Paint Mermaid Tail

For a more creative outlet of kids’ talents, you can make a beautiful salt paint of a mermaid tail.

It’s a different technique that includes gluing salt to your painting and coloring it meticulously.

In addition to the fun you’ll have with your kid, the final mermaid painting will look worthy of your effort and time.

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Handprint/Footprint Mermaid

Handprint Footprint Mermaid

Let your kid make their first piece of art with this cute handprint/footprint technique.

Although you’ll have to deal with some painting mess, it’ll be a memorable painting that you can keep for a long time.

Moreover, it doesn’t require as many supplies as our other ideas. Accordingly, you’ll have a cute piece of art with minimum effort.

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Canvas Mermaid Art

Canvas Mermaid Art

If you plan on giving your kid’s room a mermaid theme, then this idea is perfect for you.

You’ll create a beautiful sparkly mermaid that you can hang on the wall. However, your kid might find themselves out of depth here, as it’s a bit of a challenge for them. But they can watch you create it, nevertheless!

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Cute Watercolor Mermaid

Cute Watercolor Mermaid

Give your watercolor talents a try with this cute painting of a mermaid. Of course, it’ll require some supplies, for example, yellow, pink, orange, and green colors.

You’ll also need nude shades for the mermaid’s skin color. But you’ll have such a good time while painting it, and you’ll love the results.

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Quilled Mermaid Art

Quilled Mermaid Art

Among the many ideas on our list, this one is the most enjoyable to create. In addition to coloring, you and your kid will also get to play around with different types of paper.

Not to mention, you can use the end product as a birthday card, door hanger, or whatever you want!

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Mermaid Paper Chain

Mermaid Paper Chain

Whether you’re a parent or a teacher, you’ll love this simple idea that’ll grab your kids’ attention. You can do the first couple of steps and leave the coloring to the children.

Luckily, it’s easy enough for kids to paint on their own with any type of color.

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Ariel Mermaid Drawing

Ariel Mermaid Drawing

We’ve all grown up watching Disney movies on our televisions. So if you want to feed your childhood passion, you can give this Ariel drawing a try.

It might be challenging at first, but if you take it slow and focus, you’ll ace it!

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Mermaid Tail Painting

Mermaid Tail Painting

Here’s another idea with a mermaid tail because we can’t get enough of its majestically beautiful appearance.

With some brushes, purple and blue paint, and a canvas, you’ll create a piece of art that you can show off to your friends. You’ll also get to draw a tiny starfish next to your tail!

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Acrylic Pouring Mermaid

Acrylic Pouring Mermaid

Acrylic pouring is an enjoyable and creative technique. You can practice it with this simple mermaid painting.

Luckily, it doesn’t include many colors. You’ll only need ultramarine blue and white paint in different shades.

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Mermaid Flower Pot

Mermaid Flower Pot

As an alternative idea to the traditional paintings, you can make mermaid flower pots with your child.

Of course, you’ll need clay, painting supplies, and some patience! As a bonus point, you’ll get to use your art after finishing to grow some colorful plants.

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Pencil-Colored Mermaid

Pencil-Colored Mermaid

Although people prefer recent coloring techniques, nothing beats the magic of pencil coloring.

In addition to the enjoyable time you’ll have while painting, you’ll have less mess to deal with when you’re finished.

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Stencil Mermaid Scale Wall

Stencil Mermaid Scale Wall

If you want to get wild and creative, you can give this stencil mermaid scale art a try.

It’ll be a perfect decoration in your kids’ room, or even in yours! In the end, your scales will look beautiful with a glimmering texture.

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Now that you have enough ideas for mermaid painting to try with your kid, you can choose one and let your painting, blending, and drawing talents go wild!



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