Memorial Quilts Ideas

Published: December 7, 2021

Do you want to honor someone’s memory in a way that cherishes the moments you lived together and warms your heart? Then you need to make a memorial quilt!

Memorial quilts, also known as remembrance quilts or bereavement quilts, are a remarkable way to remember someone and celebrate their memory. As a bonus point, they’re pretty fun to make.

Whether you’re making them for yourself or as a gift to someone, we’ll give you many enjoyable ideas to try out. For example, try making a t-shirt quilt, clothing quilt, or a quilt made of photos.

Here we’ll give you a lot of ideas for creating different memorial quilts. All you have to do is read on.

Clothing Quilt

This is the most basic idea we have on our list. In a clothing memorial quilt, you can use t-shirts, socks, gloves, pants, hats, scarves, or any clothing items you can get your hands on.

So if you have a piece of clothing that you cherish so much and want to use it to honor someone’s memory, you can make a clothing quilt.

In a way, a lot of the items on our list are ideas for using your loved one’s different clothing items, but we’ll get into each of those in more detail.

Standard T-Shirt Quilt

The easiest idea on our list is the standard t-shirt memorial quilt. You can gather a few t-shirts that your loved one used to wear and sew them into a large blanket.

This will give you comfort and cherish your loved one’s memory without too much hassle. In addition, it’ll help you keep the special memories close to your heart.

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Double-Sided T-Shirt Quilt

If you have too many t-shirts left from your loved ones, and you find it too hard to throw some out, you can fashion a double-sided t-shirt quilt. It’s the same as making two t-shirt quilts and then sewing them together. This way, you’ll be able to preserve more memories in one place.

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Blue Jeans Quilt

If you have a few pairs of jeans that you don’t want to throw away, you can sew them into a quilt. The varying color dyes will give it a beautiful appearance, and you’ll have yourself a piece of art at home made of clothing items. Not to mention it keeps your loved one’s memory preserved and cherished for ages.

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Pajama Quilt

If your loved one used to wear colorful and joyful pajamas, you can gather them and make yourself a heartwarming pajama quilt. Just cut the parts with the most colors and patterns so that your quilt will look pretty, and sew them together.

In addition, you can include other parts like pockets and embellishments to decorate your memory quilt further.

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Scrubs Quilt

If your loved one was a doctor or a surgeon, you could use their scrubs to fashion a memory quilt. It’ll preserve their memory and honor their work for a long time. It’d also be so lovely if the scrubs you have were patterned because your quilt will look even more beautiful.

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Uniform Quilt

Many people go to work daily wearing a uniform. For example, police officers, military, and firefighters all have uniforms for their jobs. If your loved one was one of them, you could use the clothes to make a memory quilt.

You can also add parts that tell a story to your quilt. For example, you can sew name tags, pockets, necklines, and other fascinating details. That’ll put you more at ease as it’ll constantly remind you of the admirable job your loved one had and enjoyed.

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Handkerchief Quilt

Most men keep handkerchiefs throughout their lives. So if the loved one you lost was a dad, a husband, or a brother, instead of throwing their handkerchiefs out, you can use them to fashion a charming piece of art.

Since men’s handkerchiefs mostly have calm and elegant patterns, you’ll have yourself a beautiful quilt by the end.

This is one of the most sophisticated memorial quilt ideas on our list.

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Tie Quilt

If your loved one had a fascinating collection of ties, you might want to gather them and make a special memory quilt. It’ll be a lovely idea to have a group of many elegant patterns and colors in one place.

Moreover, ties in some way indicate monumental events in life, like weddings or work achievements. That’s why it’s one of the most appreciated memorial quilt ideas.

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Baby Clothes Quilt

If your lost one is a baby, you can gather their clothes into a heartwarming memory quilt. This way, you’ll be able to keep them and their memories close to your heart for the rest of your life. Since you might not have enough fabric for a blanket, you can make many small memory quilts and hang them on your wall.

Onesies are another good idea. Although they generally have soft fabrics that are challenging to sew, you can still attempt to create a heartwarming onesie memorial quilt.

Whether you’re making it for yourself or as a special gift for someone, you’ll feel grateful afterward for preserving your loved one’s memories in such a graceful way.

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Vintage Hankie Quilt

Vintage hankies remind us of our grandmothers, the delicious cookies they used to make, and their heartwarming houses where we spent many merry times. If you have a collection of vintage hankies and you don’t know how to use them, you can sew them together into a memory quilt.

This way, you’ll cherish the memory of your grandmother elegantly. Moreover, you can keep those memory quilts in a place where all grandchildren can see them and remember their loved ones. This way, it’ll be like a family heirloom for the upcoming generations.

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Graduation Quilt

If your lost loved one had recently graduated, you can make a beautiful graduation memory quilt to preserve their memory. Just gather their graduation objects like caps, robe, and sash, to name a few. Next, cut the parts where the year of their graduation is written.

You can also add a part of their school clothing items. This way, you’ll be making a memory quilt that is full of loveable moments.

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Apron Quilt

If the loved one you lost was your grandmother or mom, you could use the aprons they wore in the kitchen in a memorial quilt. More so, you can use their fabrics to create yourself a series of cute aprons that you can use in the kitchen. This way, you’ll keep your loved one close to you while doing something they used to love.

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Favorite Color Quilt

If you don’t have enough fabric from your loved one’s clothing or so, you can fashion a favorite color memorial quilt. Just gather clothes, blankets, or whatever fabrics you can get your hands on, and start sewing! For prettier results, make sure that the materials have varying color dyes.

In addition, try to include patterns in your quilt so that you’ll have yourself a beautiful piece of art at your home.

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Holiday Quilt

Holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving hold the best memories with our loved ones. Accordingly, to properly honor someone’s memory, you can make an amazing holiday quilt. You can get creative during making this one as you can gather different fabrics. For example, you can use pajamas, holiday sweaters, gloves, and pants.

As a bonus point, you can include pockets and zippers in your Christmas quilt so that it’ll be interactive. This way, you can use it to store small objects that used to belong to your loved one.

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Crochet and Appliqué Quilt

If you don’t want to cut your loved one’s clothes apart, you can make an appliqué quilt. Luckily, in addition to the fact that you’ll get to keep their clothes untouched, you’ll make a beautiful quilt that you can use to preserve their memory.

The best part about making an appliqué quilt is that you can get creative while working. For example, you can use both t-shirts and pants.

You can also try making an appliqué memory quilt out of crochet patterns your loved one made before they died. For example, you can sew crochet clothes on a large quilt. This way, your quilt will be unique as it’ll have different pieces sewn to it.

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Dress Shirt Quilt

If the one you lost is your father or grandpa, then you might have a nice collection of dress shirts left behind. Luckily, you can use those to sew together a sophisticated memorial quilt.

In general, dress shirts have neat patterns. As a result, your quilt will look quite fashionable.

This way, you’ll kill two birds with one stone because you’ll get to honor your loved one’s memory while keeping a beautiful quilt for yourself.

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Other Ideas for Memory Quilts

Here, we’ll give you a list of items other than clothes you can use for creating a beautiful, unique memorial quilt.

Photo Quilt

Photos immortalize moments and constantly remind us of the happy times with our family and friends. Accordingly, a photo quilt is one of the best memory quilts you can make for your loved one’s memory.

You can use photos from special events like kids’ birthdays or romantic vacations or just photos that were taken casually.

Luckily, it’s one of the easiest memorial quilt ideas. Moreover, you’ll have fun during the creating process as you’ll get to recall all your memories and think about them more.

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Banner Quilt

Many people like to keep banners in their rooms to show off the things they like. For example, they can keep a flag for the football team they support or the college they go to.

Luckily, you can use those banners in making a quilt. It’ll take some creativity and hard work, but in the end, you’ll have yourself a beautiful memory quilt.

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Favorite Team Quilt

A favorite team quilt is one of the most enjoyable ideas out of the many memorial quilts you can make. If your loved one had a favorite team, for example, the Yankees, you can attempt to gather their old jerseys, pillowcases, flags, and sweatshirts.

Next, you can sew together a heartwarming cloth that shows support and loyalty for the team.

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Favorite Animal Quilt

If your loved ones used to have an undeniable love for cats, you can create a cat-themed quilt to honor their memory. If they kept dogs or birds as pets, you can gather fabric with relevant patterns and sew them together.

The main reason that this is a lovely idea is that you’ll memorialize a passion your loved one had, whether it’s your sister, cousin, or daughter.

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Postage Stamp Quilt

Postage stamps are tiny, but they pack quite the unforgettable memories in between their writings and drawings. In addition, they tell interesting stories about traveling and many life experiences.

Since you might value them too much to throw them out, you can make a postage stamp quilt. It’ll be challenging, but we can assure you that the results will be worth it!

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Now that you know enough memorial quilt ideas, you can sew an entire quilt on your own!



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