How To Make A DIY Vacuum Cleaner?

Published: June 18, 2020

You are probably sick and tired of looking for a vacuum cleaner that is going to be cost effective and work brilliantly, I get it. Not all vacuum cleaners are suitable for all types of flooring either, so if you have multiple floor types in your home and you haven’t found one vacuum that suits all, making your own sounds like a good way forward. The good news is, making your very own vacuum is easier than it sounds. You will probably find most of the components you need to make the vacuum at home in your garage and tool kits. Here is a list of items you will need for your vacuum making quest:

  1. 1 big plastic bottle
  2. 1 small plastic bottle
  3. A metal sheet
  4. Spital conduit (preferably plastic)
  5. DC adaptor jack
  6. Araldite adhesive
  7. High RPM motor
  8. 12 V adaptor

Now that you have collected all of the parts, we can start the fun part. Follow the following steps carefully, the whole project will take you an hour or so to complete.

  1. Make a large hole in the small bottle’s lid.
  2. Use a hot needle to poke small holes all over the bottleneck and close the lid tightly.
  3. Cut the large plastic bottle in two, make the cut on the bottleneck, not from halfway down.
  4. Cut your spiral conduit into a fan-like circle and attach it to the mouth of the larger bottle.
  5. Stick the small bottle inside the neck of the larger bottle.
  6. Poke large holes into the bottom of the large plastic bottle.
  7. Place the motor propellor at the base of the large bottle.
  8. You will need to connect the DC adaptor to the motor and glue them onto the bottle, then finally stick both bottle pieces together.

If you haven’t got a propellor you can make one yourself, it is a bit of a fiddly process so follow the steps closely.

  1. On the metal sheet, draw a circle roughly the same size as the base of the large plastic bottle.
  2. Cut out the circle so that you are left with a metal disk.
  3. Draw a line down the middle of the circle and 6-8 more lines at a 45 degree angle around the disc.
  4. Drill a hole in the middle of the disk and cut along the marked lines.
  5. Bend the pieces in a way that resembles a propellor fan.
  6. Attach the propellor to the RPM DC motor shaft.

DIY vacuum cleaners are just for fun really, and will most probably be very noisy to use and won’t last very long. Instead of risking it and making your own vacuum, try out one of these vacuum cleaners. Vacuum cleaners that are good for tiled floors are going to be gentle enough not to damage any other floor type in the house, yet strong enough to pick up all the dirt. Click the link here to find out more, you won’t be disappointed!




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