Yarn Crafts for Kids

Yarn is often associated with knitting and sewing, something that’s not always doable if kids don’t have the right skills. But what if we told you that kids don’t need to know how to knit to turn colorful yarn into fun crafts?

Colorful yarn makes for an attractive crafting material for kids, and it’ll instantly make them invested in any yarn project of their choice right away!

In this guide, we’ll go through some of the best and easiest yarn crafts for kids, so get ready for your next art project idea!

1. Yarn Wrapped Bird Craft

Yarn Wrapped Bird Craft

This yarn-wrapped bird craft is one of the best for kids due to its ease. Plus, it’s an excellent crafty, environmental-friendly idea to add to your collection as all materials you’ll use are recycled. Add to that the cute natural design of twigs and leaves, and you’ll have the best environmental-friendly school project.

See how to make this yarn-wrapped bird craft on Arty Crafty Kids.

2. Yarn Monsters

Yarn Monsters

Unlike what the name suggests, yarn monsters are super cute, and you’ll have so much fun making them with the kids, especially during Halloween. What’s great about this craft is the little material you can use to make it. Some pipe cleaners, yarn, googly eyes, and glue will do the trick!

See the full tutorial for Yarn Monsters on Blue Bear Wood.

3. DIY Yarn Floral Wall Hanging

DIY Yarn Floral Wall Hanging

This cute floral wall hanging is among our favourite yarn crafts simply because you can repurpose them. Unlike most fun yarn crafts, you can use it to decorate your room or make a great gift out of it! Although we can’t say this craft is entirely mess-free, it’s super fun to make with little ones!

Check out the DIY Yarn Floral Wall Hanging on Artsy Craftsy Mom.

4. Yarn Sticks

Yarn Sticks

Who doesn’t like classic yarn crafts? As far as easy yarn crafts go, this one is pretty straightforward to the extent that preschoolers and beginners can do it independently. If you happen to be going on a hike with kids and their friends, you can have them choose different colors and wrap them around their walking sticks!

Learn more about Yarn Sticks on Babble Dabble Do.

5. DIY Dipped Stitching Boards for Kids

Dipped Stitching Boards

Sure, yarn crafts provide mindless fun for kids of all ages, but why not have the little ones develop their fine motor skills with stitching boards? While stitching might seem like a daunting task, this craft idea is a healthy challenge for kids by weaving colors into boards.

Learn more about the DIY Dipped Stitching Boards for Kids on Pretty Life Girls.

6. Yarn Wrapped Organizer

Yarn Wrapped Organizer

Yarn crafts usually require specific supplies like craft sticks, straws, cardboard, and more, along with using yarn itself, but with this craft, you’ll need just yarn and a toilet roll!

Younger and older kids with an artistic streak will love this one, particularly if they’re having a hard time organizing their art supplies. If not, parents can use it to organize any supplies they have.

See the full tutorial for the Yarn Wrapped Organizer craft on happy hooligans.

7. Rolling Pin Yarn Prints

Rolling Pin Yarn Prints

Rainbow art is simply wonderful to create! It can be messy, but it’s definitely one of the best ways to utilize paint. With the Rolling Pin Yarn Prints, your kids can make as much rainbow art as they’d like! Even if there’s a slight error, the result will always be amazing!

Find more about the Rolling Pin Yarn Prints craft by FunLittles.

8. Loom Knit Fingerless Gloves

Loom Knit Fingerless Gloves

Here’s another idea that involves knitting. This is one of the easiest kids’ crafts out there ““ they can be done in just one hour. What’s more fun than having a kid choose their favorite yarn color and then help them make a pair of fingerless gloves? With a few popsicle sticks and a cardboard tube, you’ll have a new, colorful pair of gloves in no time!

Check out the Loom Knit Fingerless Gloves tutorial on happy hooligans.

9. Pom Pom Dreamcatcher Craft

Pom Pom Dreamcatcher Craft

Some ideas for yarn crafts for kids utilize pom-poms, and that’s what this fun yarn craft will deliver! Once you add colorful yarn pom-poms to a dreamcatcher, you’ll want to add them into your kid’s room right away! They’re lovely, artsy crafts and are an excellent project for kids and adults alike.

Find more about the Pom Pom Dreamcatcher craft on Artsy Craftsy Mom.

10. Four Season Tree Craft

Four Season Tree Craft

Looking for more projects to hone your kids’ fine motor skills? Try this fun craft! Alternative to finger knitting and weaving, your kids need only to wrap yarn around trees, so it won’t be too much work, and kids will get to explore how creative they could get with yarn without actually knitting. Plus, these crafty trees simply look cute!

Find the tutorial for the Four Season Tree Crafts on iHeartCraftyThings.

11. DIY Xylophone

DIY Xylophone

Colorful yarn crafts don’t always need to be ornaments used for house decorations; you can use crafts and yarn scraps to make a simple Xylophone for your musician-aspiring kid. Without adding too much pressure or making kids busy, this DIY Xylophone is an easy project to implement.

See full steps for Homemade Instruments for Kids: DIY Xylophone on The Inspired Treehouse.

12. Braided Yarn Dolls

Braided Yarn Dolls

Here’s a wonderful yarn craft that even toddlers will enjoy! These easy yarn dolls are one of the most common yarn crafts for kids. Note, though, that not all children will be able to carry out the tutorial steps on their own, so have fun with your children as you ease them into making their first yarn doll.

Visit thecrafttrain to learn more about Braided Yarn dolls.

13. Stick Weaving

Stick Weaving

If you have a Y-shaped stick, you’re in luck! This project only requires solid weaving skills and a Y-shaped stick, and that’s it! Don’t worry, though, because children won’t have a hard time as you weave yarn around the stick. If anything, this is one of the yarn crafts that draw inspiration from kids. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the result will always look lovely!

Know how to do Stick Weaving from happy hooligans.

14. Cardboard Roll Snake Knitting

Cardboard Roll Snake Knitting

The cardboard roll snake involves some knitting, so you’ll get your children’s crafting skills sharpened with this one. While knitting crafts can be a bit intimidating at first, you’d be surprised by how easy this one is for kids. Additionally, the snake can make for a cute cowl, and if you’re a Slytherin, a bright green snake will be the perfect addition to your house get-up!

Learn how to do the Cardboard Roll Snake Knitting on Repeat Crafter Me.

15. Homemade Coasters

Homemade Coasters

Kids can feel a great sense of achievement by crafting a gift, not buying it. So, teaching them how to create homemade yarn coasters will make both parties happy! Note that your kids need to know how to weave and use paper plates for this project, so be sure to be careful with the delicate material.

Learn more about Homemade Coasters from kids activities.

16. Yarn Butterfly Craft

Yarn Butterfly Craft

Inspiration for DIY Easter projects is infinite, and that extends to crochet and yarn crafts. You’d be awed at how a little bit of yarn, pipe cleaners, and popsicle sticks can be turned into an Easter-themed piece of art! These butterflies can be house ornaments and decorations, so they’re definitely worth it!

Find more about the Yarn Butterfly Craft on sheknows.

17. Yarn Tulips

Yarn Tulips

As springtime approaches, roses and flower bouquets will eventually find their way into your house. What’ll make this even better is getting yarn-wrapped tulips to celebrate spring ““ yarn tulips are excellent crafts for kids! Due to how pretty they are, they’ll surely be a source of inspiration for kids of all ages.

Create Yarn Tulips by following the steps from School Time Snippets.

18. Weather Themed Activity

Weather Themed Activity

If you want kids to explore weather themes, then incorporating these themes into yarn crafts is a fine method to do this. Punching holes into paper and making raindrops with yarn will make for a pretty winter-themed art project.

Check out the tutorial for Weather Themed Learning Activities for Preschoolers on Happy Tot Shelf.

19. Yarn Gift Cards

yarn gift card

Gift cards can sometimes be dull with their basic designs, but what if you can add some yarn spice to them? Kids will surely love knitting yarn into gift cards. They can also create whichever shape they want with vivid yarn colors and unique textures! You, too, can give one of these gift cards to your mom on Mother’s Day!

Find more about Yarn Gift Cards from hello, Wonderful.

20. Yarn Snowflakes

Yarn Snowflakes

Want your kids to turn your white, boring paper plates into something interesting? Teach them how to knit snowflakes into them! Kids will have fun knitting snowflakes of all shapes, sizes, and colors into these plates. Also, it’s an excellent method to fine-tune your little ones’ motor skills, so, all in all, this is one of the best yarn crafts!

See the step-by-step instructions for the Paper Plate Snowflake Art on iHeartCraftyThings.

Now you have 20 awesome yarn crafts for kids that you can spend all year long creating with your kids. We hope your little ones have tons of fun creating these awesome crafts!



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