5 Easy Coffee Filter Christmas Crafts You Can Make For Cheap

Published: December 5, 2021

DIY Christmas decorations don’t have to be made with expensive materials. With patience and imagination, you can make even mundane items like coffee filters a work of art. All you need is a bit of time, basic art tools, and all the creativity you got. Here are some of the easy-to-make coffee filters Christmas crafts. Christmas is one of the most memorable holidays of the year. This is a rare occasion wherein people find the time to decorate their house with stunning decors. But making decor doesn’t have to be expensive to be pretty. You can make great Christmas crafts with simple items like a coffee filter.

Easy Christmas Crafts Using Coffee Filter

Yes, a coffee filter is usable as a DIY material. Its texture, shape, and simplicity make it a very versatile art material. And since most coffee filters are made with disposable paper, you can paint over its white surface, add some glitters, or even color it with simple hand crayons. If you’re interested in making some DIY decorations, you might want to try the following coffee filter Christmas crafts below. You can also make these decors as an art activity with your friends or your kids. It’s a fun thing to do during your free time.

Coffee Filter Christmas Trees

Source: By Jamielyn Nye @ The Inspiration Board, “DIY $1 Coffee Filter Trees” (https://theinspirationboard.com/coffee-filter-trees/)Nothing screams “Christmas” more than a small Christmas Tree. It can set the festive mood as a centerpiece to the living room or small office tables. And another great thing about this design is its simplicity to create. This art project only needs three materials, which are easily accessible and affordable to get.For this artwork, you need the following:

  • Unused package of coffee filters
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1 piece of large poster board

Making The Cone

The first step is to cut out a perfect circle on our large poster board. The size of your circle will determine how big and tall your final product would be. Next, fold the circle in half and cut one side up to the center point. Using the edges from the cut, fold the circle until it forms a cone. Tape the edges so that the cone will not fall off and would stand on its own.

Making The Tree Branches

Fold your basket-type coffee filter in half and cut the curly edges. Take note: the larger the edge cuts are, the lesser “branch layers” you would get in your final product. Glue these curly “layers” into the cone from bottom to top, adjust the size as you go. Lastly, add the final layer to the top and twist the paper to form a miniature Christmas tree.

Coffee Filter Christmas Angel

Source: By Terry Ricioli @ Terry Ricioli Designs, “Coffee Filter Christmas Angel” (https://terryriciolidesigns.blogspot.com/2017/12/coffee-filter-angel.html)Another common decoration for Christmas is the good old angel figurines. Like the coffee filters Christmas tree, you need to create a cone so that the final product can stand on its own. Here are the materials that you need to make a customizable and straightforward coffee filter Christmas angel.

  • Foam cone
  • Foam Ball
  • Unused basket coffee filters
  • Scissors and glue

Making The Angel’s Body

If you made the Christmas tree item above, you could use the same steps to do the angel’s body. Alternatively, you can use a premade foam cone so that you can attach the head easier later on. Cut the basket coffee filter’s edges and glue it around the body like you would with the Christmas tree.

Attaching The Head, Hair, And Arms

You can make your paper ball or use a foam ball for this part; it’s really up to the materials available. Attach the ball on the top of the cone. Additionally, cut a few strips of paper and curl it a bit for the hair. Roll up a filter (for the arms) and attach it to the side of the cone. Mirror this on the other side too.

Angel’s Wings

For the wings, fold a piece of filter almost in half, but don’t seal it yet. Slide the other top layer down to create a smaller bottom layer. Fold another piece of filter in half, and sandwich it right in the middle of your first filter. Lastly, fold the whole thing up in the center and attach it to the back of your cone. Do this step on the other side as well. You should now have a complete miniature Christmas angel made from coffee filters and other materials. Let your creativity flow; you can use any coloring materials you like to make the final product more alive.

Coffee Filter Snowman

Source: By Happily Mother After, “12 Crafty Days of Christmas {Day 2}: Coffee Filter Snowman” (http://www.happilymotherafter.com/2011/12/12-crafty-days-of-christmas-day-2.html)Of course, the Christmas spirit is not complete without making a fat snowman decoration. Christmas is also the time of the year where some places on Earth enjoy a lovely amount of snow. For this project, you might need a few more extra materials along with the coffee filters.

  • Any coffee filter (a lot of it)
  • Three different-sized styrofoam balls
  • A styrofoam disc
  • Glue gun
  • Pom poms
  • A piece of ribbon
  • Lollipop stick or toothpick

Building The Snowman

First thing first: form the initial snowman body by layering the different styrofoam balls on top of each other. The balls should be in different sizes, with the biggest one at the bottom and the smallest one on top. Use the lollipop stick or the toothpick to securely keep the balls in place. Use the styrofoam disc as the main base. This is where the snowman will stand, so make it wider than the bottom styrofoam ball. Secure the bottom ball to the styrofoam disc with a toothpick.

Adding The Texture

The magic of this artwork comes with the texture of the coffee filter. Just like the other two examples above, use a basket-type coffee filter, and choose the whitest filter you can find. Use a marker and push it right at the center of the filter. The movement of the marker will force the curly bits to go down into a ruffle. Using a glowing gun, stick the coffee filter between the styrofoam ball layers. By now, your snowman should look like it wears a dress with big ruffles on it. Make another ruffle with your coffee filter and fill up all the remaining styrofoam ball surfaces. It would take quite a while and might need a lot of coffee filters. But once it’s done, you will end up with a fluffy-looking snowman that looks like it would melt once you touch it. It’s time to create the snowman’s facial expression.

Facial Expressions

Use black pom-poms to create the snowman’s iconic mouth, eyes, and body buttons. Whether you want to use a different color than black is up to you. Play with the snowman’s facial expression and see what fits the best in your creation.

Final Touches

And lastly, you can add your final touches to this art project. Usually, a small piece of ribbon wrapped around the snowman is enough. However, you can also add a small black hat, twigs for the arm, or even a carrot nose like that of Olaf’s from the Frozen series. The final touches are what make customizing fun, so give it your own spin.

Coffee Filter Snowflakes

Source: By Marie LeBaron @ The Spruce Crafts, “Make Coffee Filter Snowflakes” (https://www.thesprucecrafts.com/how-to-make-coffee-filter-snowflakes-1253822)The next project is totally doable with just your coffee filter and a pair of scissors. You don’t have to do additional designs, since the decor is just a snowflake. However, feel free to add more colors if you see fit. Glitters are wonderful in this project if you have the patience to apply them. To create the snowflake, you need to fold your basket coffee filter in half. Give it another fold, so that the filter is now at one-fourth of its size and has a triangular shape. These are the minimum folds you need to make to fill up all sides of the filter with designs. However, the more folds you can do, the more symmetrical and detailed the final product would be. Cut a few shapes on the edges of the triangle. Repeat this step as many times as you like with different shapes, sizes, and other designs. If you’re doing this activity with your kids, make sure to supervise them while using the scissors. Once you’re satisfied with your cuts, unfold the paper into its original size. You should have a single coffee filter snowflake in your hands. Feel free to add some colors and other things to your final product. Use these snowflakes designs for your Christmas tree or hang them on different spots at home.

Final Thoughts

The art projects above are just some of the easiest artworks you can do with coffee filter Christmas crafts. There are a lot of things that you can still add to make the final products look prettier and highlight the jolliness of the occasion.Take note: there are other art projects that you can do with coffee filters and not just Christmas crafts. You can use this material on any type of art occasion. Enjoy creating wonderful artworks with coffee filters!



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