Cool Yarn Crochet Gifts For Men – Fun Ideas

Yarn crochet gifts for men? Doesn’t that sound like a dream come true? There are many different kinds of things you can make for a guy using just some yarn and a crochet hook, so let’s explore a few of the top gift ideas you can have fun with!

Mario Mushrooms

Mario MushroomsSource: your intended recipient is a gamer, what could be cuter than a Mario mushroom? This will look great sitting on his desk or on top of the TV or console in all its mushroom glory, and you could even make a whole range in the different colors.Any game fan will understand the meaning behind the different mushrooms, so get crocheting One-Ups and Mega Mushrooms, or stick to the basics.


A cute Mario mushroom requires you to the source:

  • 5mm crochet hook
  • Yarn in red, white, and black (or the alternative colors for the different kinds of mushrooms)
  • Stitch markers
  • Yarn needle
  • Stuffing

Step 1: Start Your Mushroom Top

Take your red yarn and make a slip knot on your hook. Chain two, and then you’re going to do six single crochets into the first chain. When you have six stitches, use a stitch marker to mark the end.For round two, you need to do two single crochet stitches in each round. This will leave you with 12 stitches at the end of round two. Add a stitch marker.For round three, put two single crochets into the first stitch, and then single crochet into the next stitch. Put another two single crochets in the third stitch, and single crochet in the fourth. Continue this around the mushroom cap until you finish the round. You should finish on one single crochet.You should now have 18 stitches. Mark the end of the round.For round four, you are going to continue increasing the size of the mushroom. You can make different sizes by scaling these instructions up or down.Put two single crochets in the first stitch, and then one single crochet in the next two stitches. Repeat this all the way around.In round five, do two single crochets in the first stitch, followed by single crochet in the next three stitches. Repeat this all the way around.In round six, do two single crochets in the first stitch, followed by single crochet in the next four stitches. Repeat this all the way around. This will leave you with 36 single crochets.For round seven, do a single crochet stitch in each one of the stitches. Do this for the next rounds up until around 10. You should now have a lovely mushroom top taking shape under your hook.For round 11, you’re going to put two single crochets in the first stitch, and then a single crochet in the next 17 stitches. For stitch 18, put two single crochets, and then continue with the one single crochet in each stitch until you have finished the round.You can now do another round with the same number of stitches to make your mushroom cap a little bigger, or begin to decrease the size to finish off the cap.

Step 2: Begin To Decrease Your Stitches

In the first stitch, insert your hook. Put the yarn over and loop it through, but don’t finish the single crochet. Slip your hook into the next stitch, put the yarn over, and pull it through. You should now have three loops on your hook; put your yarn over to make a fourth and pull it through those three.Do the next 17 stitches with single crochet in each. Do the decrease stitch to join 18 and 19, and then resume the single crochets.In round 13, you are going to keep decreasing. Join the first two stitches, do a single crochet in the next, and then join the next two. Keep doing this for the full round. You should finish on 24 stitches.For round 14, decrease in the first two stitches, and then put single crochets in the next two. Decrease, and single crochet into the next two. Continue this all around. Cut your yarn, pull a very long tail through (you will use this later), and the cap is finished.

Step 3: Make The Mushroom Spots

Create a slip knot in your white yarn and chain two. Do six single crochets in the first chain. In round two, put two single crochets in each stitch.In round three, put two single crochets in the first stitch, one in the second, two in the third, etc. You should now have 18 stitches. Slip stitch into the first stitch of the last round, and then cut yourself a long tail and pull it through.Repeat these steps until you have four circles of white yarn.

Step 4: Make The Mushroom Stalk

Take your white yarn and make a fifth circle as instructed above, but don’t finish off.In round four, you’re going to start working in the back loops of your yarn. Do two single crochets in the first stitch, and then single crochet in the next eight stitches. Do two single crochets in the ninth stitch, and drop back down to one for the rest of the round.Rounds five and six should use the same number of stitches, so simply single crochet into each stitch.Round seven is a decrease round. Decrease in the first stitch, and then do eight single crochets. Decrease, and then finish the round with single crochets. Cut a long tail and pull your yarn through.

Step 5: Finish The Mushroom

Use your black yarn to sew some little eyes into your mushroom stalk. Tie them at the back and cut the yarn short. Stuff both parts of the mushroom.Position your first white spot on the mushroom cap and thread its tail into your yarn needle. Use the tail to sew the spot to the mushroom cap, and do the same with the others.Next, sew the mushroom cap to the stalk of the mushroom using its tail. Weave in any loose ends, and your mushroom is complete!

Coffee Cozy

Coffee CozySource: your recipient loves a hot drink on the go, what could be better than a travel mug cozy? This is a great way for them to keep their drinks hot at any time of year!


For this project, you’re going to need:

  • Colorful yarn
  • 6.5mm crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle
  • Button or other decorative items

Step 1: Make A Round

Make a slip knot and chain 22 stitches. Smooth your chain out so that there are no twists, and then join the round by slip stitching into the first stitch.If your recipient’s favorite travel mug is particularly big, you can make a bigger chain.

Step 2: Start Your Cozy

Chain one and then do half double crochets in each stitch of the round. Slip stitch into the joining stitch, and then chain one and then repeat the half double crochets in each round.Keep repeating this step until you have done eight rows. This should be plenty to cover the travel mug, though you can go longer or shorter if you wish to. Remember that the yarn will have a little bit of stretch in it, so it will be more likely to fit the cup than not, and a snug fit is fine!When you are happy that the cover is long enough, cut a tail and pull it through your last loop to form a final knot.Thread the tail onto your tapestry needle and then thread the loose ends into the cover to hide them. Trim any last little bits off, and the cover is ready to decorate!

Step 3: Decorate

There are a number of ways to personalize and decorate this. One possibility is to embroider the recipient’s name into the cozy using a contrasting colored yarn. You could also add a decorative button of some sort, or a border of a different colored yarn to change the aesthetic.

Other Option

Some people prefer to have a button on their crocheted cover so that they can put it around mugs that include a handle. If you want to make one with a button, you won’t be crocheting in the round; instead of joining your chain in the first step, you will simply crochet back and forth.When your cozy reaches the right size, finish it off, and it’s time to add a button.Chain a small number of stitches to make the button loop. This can be made any size, but make sure the button will fit through it and won’t fall out of it too readily.Once you are happy with the size, use the tail of the chain to fasten it onto one side of the cup cozy. On the other side, use cotton thread to sew the button into place nice and firmly. You now have a cup cozy that can be fastened to fit around a mug with a handle, ready to keep any drink toasty, whether at home or on the go!


Crochet gifts are wonderful things and show you have really thought hard about the recipient. They can also be made fairly quickly and easily, and you can have fun personalizing them with the recipient’s name or other inside jokes.There are many different options for other crochet gifts out there, including scarves, slippers, and potholders, but this little mushroom is perfect for a gamer, and the crochet mug cozy is ideal for any guy who loves a cup of something hot.



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