Spotlight: 10 Cozy Fall (Free) Knitting Patterns

Published: August 31, 2015

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Knitting is a strange thing. I taught myself to knit maybe 5-6 years ago with round looms and made some atrocious hats. This gave me the nerve to try my hand at using needles, and I made a bunch of semi-okay hats. Hats are my favorite things to knit, but I’ve only knit 1 baby hat in the last 3 years. I still have a giant drawer full of yarn, and I can feel the itch to knit some more hats coming on strong.

In fact, I owe Christian another hat like this one that’s slightly bigger for his giant noggin. This is an awesome pattern, and was a blast to knit. A veritable hoot, in fact.

Do you knit? Do you want to learn to knit? I taught myself by watching videos. We’re so lucky to have this resource to learn new crafty techniques, don’t you think? Bluprint has some super-awesome knitting videos. I want to take this one, simply because I want to make this hat.

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 10.42.54 AM

Anyway, why don’t you just go ahead and check out these knitting projects, and get all excited about fall and knitting and sipping brandy by the fire and all the Halloween candy that’s coming your way.

15 Free Knitting Projects for Fall

This little bunny and bear patterns are free, PLUS you get patterns to make them tiny clothes. This is the only size sweater I would ever attempt to knit.

Effortless Beanie (orange beanie)

Aise Wrap (light grey shawl)


Mug sweater

Ten Stitch Blanket

Epipa Baby Booties (English versions of patterns toward bottom)


Dog sweater

Arm Warmers

Checkerboard knitted throw

Cool free knitting patterns

Japanese Knot Bag

Knitted floor mat  – I really, absolutely want to knit this big.

Hooded scarf thing that’s kinda cool

Cool free knitting patterns

Gorgeous cowl

Lemon Twist hat – this is so cute!

Mittens (do you like saying this this word as much as I do?)

15 Really Lovely Free Knitting Patterns

Now that next week around here is going to be in the nineties every day, I may put off my dreams of knitting for a little while and still grasp onto the end of summer with every fiber of my desperate being. I love you, hot weather.



4 thoughts on “Spotlight: 10 Cozy Fall (Free) Knitting Patterns”

  1. I tried to teach myself to knit and I made a crazy amount of weird beanie hats that my kids said did not fit any of them. I can’t understand knitting instructions however. They bufuddle me.

    • Some of the instructions get crazy about halfway through when you’re already invested in the project, and then you end up making something that sort of resembles what you were going for. That’s why I stick to easy knitting projects. Oh, and my hats never quite fit the heads of who they are intended for, either. Ha!

  2. Have you tried either speaking the pattern out loud or rewriting it in spoken English? I find this to be very helpful. Especially when trying something new.


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