Blue-Mania: 5 Kids Crafts Exploring the Color Blue

Published: November 16, 2013

Hey, all! I have a lovely guest-poster today who will give you ideas for exploring the color blue with your kiddos. It’s fun  to focus on different shades of one color to explore its lighter and darker versions, which is a great introduction to learning about tints and shades.

In any event, please welcome Kelly Biedny from Two Kids Cooking, then go check out her site!


Alex, Sophia and I live in Minnesota. That means that this time of year we start preparing for the icy-coldness of winter and snow.  We are all excited for that first snowfall of the season, arriving with a covering of sparkliness.  Although snow is white, because it’s cold, for some reason it reminds me of the color blue and which has inspired me to come up with these 5 creative ways to explore the color blue!


1. Blue Chalk or Craypas on Black Paper
Blue chalk or craypas look really cool when used on a dark paper, like black.  Night pictures with a big blue moon in the sky along with the darker blue trees and houses create a peaceful evening scene.  Other ideas include an underwater scene; Icy, snow covered scene or even a blue flower filled field.

craypas on black paper


2. Blue ‘Rainbow’
The color blue has many different shades and variations.  Although the standard rainbow usually has multiple colors, creating one with all of the shades of blue you can find in your crayon box makes a pretty blue-only version.

blue rainbow

3. Make a Blue Bird
My favorite way to make a blue bird is with blue feathers. You can pick them up at any craft store.  You can use other items from your art supplies, like a styrofoam ball and googly eyes, to create a 3D bird or you can also just create your bird on paper and then draw a picture around him.

4. Collage
I have a hard time recycling old magazines, so I tend to have a lot of them around. One thing they are good for besides browsing for ideas is making a collage.  Searching through the pages for anything blue and then cutting it out is fun. Once you collected a bunch of cool blue ‘stuff’, pick out a sheet of construction paper and start gluing!  You could also use a decorative box or try and then decoupage it when your done.

5. Blue Tissue Paper Flower
So many things can be made with tissue paper and we always have some on hand.  I even keep the scrunched up pieces that aren’t good for using in gifts, because they are perfect for crafts!  You just take your blue piece of tissue paper and cut two square pieces, approximately the same size (they don’t have to be perfect, imperfection makes them prettier!).  Then set the two square pieces on top of each other so they are askew and kind of look like a star. Next, pinch them up from the middle and the twist the center.  Take a pipe cleaner and twist it around the bottom part and fluff up your petals.  You can use more than two squares if you want fluffier flowers–make a whole bouquet!


There you have it, 5 ideas to explore the color blue.  Do you have any ideas for ‘blue-inspired’ crafts?  We’d love to hear about them and hope you’ll share them in the comments!

exploring the color blue

Author Bio –

Kelly Biedny is the co-owner of Two Kids Cooking & More, a blog and online store where she and her two kids inspire families to create, have fun and connect.  For more ideas from Kelly, Alex and Sophia, visit them at Two Kids Cooking.



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