Easter Rock Painting Ideas

Published: February 6, 2022

Any Easter egg rock painting is so easy to get and will probably turn out great if you hash out an idea on your own, up until the point when you find that everyone in the class has Easter egg designs almost identical to yours.

Wondering how to avoid that situation and create a collection of awesome Easter egg rocks that outshines the rest? Don’t worry about that ““ we’ve got you covered with all the art tips you’ll need.

If you’re on an Easter egg hunt, read on for ideas suitable for all beginner and skilled artists out there!

1. Basic Easter Egg Rocks

Let’s start with the basics first; these Easter egg rocks are super simple, so you’ll find many people painting these Easter painted rocks. But here’s the thing, it’s all about personalization!

Although most of these rocks have conventional Easter egg designs, it depends on how you decorate them as well as the rock size, rock shape, and paint colors. Thanks to these factors, you can create something new and uniquely yours, so this is a pretty good chance to unleash your creativity!

Basic Easter Egg Rocks from Creative Husky

2. Chick Easter Rock Painting Idea

Who wouldn’t love an Easter egg with an adorable little chick painted on the surface? They’re super cute, easy to paint, and the colors used for this little project are about 2-3 shades only.

Make sure to watch the video tutorial to nail all the details. You’ll find that these Easter painted rocks are pretty straightforward, so there’s little room for error here.

How to Make Easy Chick Painted Rocks from Rock Painting 101

3. Easter Bunny Face

If you’re looking for inspiration for bunny-themed Easter egg rocks, this idea is certainly for you! Kids won’t struggle with these Easter eggs. Even better, they’ll have tons of fun creating them.

We highly recommend your kids paint the Easter bunny face along with the Easter chick if they’d like to have an animal collection of Easter eggs. As for what you’ll need, get some paint pens, egg-shaped rocks, and a wide imagination!

Easter Bunny Rock from Rock Painting 101

4. Peter Rabbit

If you’re still looking for another Rabbit-themed Easter rock painting idea, then here’s another one. You’ll absolutely want to create these Easter rocks if your kids are fans of the movies. While you’re at it, you can create a game out of your Easter egg rocks!

A tic-tac-toe game is always an awesome game to join in, especially with family, and the special Easter egg rocks in this tutorial make it all the more worth it!

Paint This Easter Tic Tac Toe on Rocks from Life of Color

5. Striped Easter Egg Rocks

If striped-up designs appeal to you, you’ll love this idea. The Easter egg rocks are mainly made of stripes with whichever color scheme you prefer, and that’s it! Simple right? To get this beautiful idea right, you’ll need to find the right supplies, though.

Paint pens won’t cut it, as you’ll need paints, painters’ tape, foam brushes, and rocks with the right egg shape, of course. Be careful to let the eggs completely dry before displaying them, too.

Tip: it might be some time since you’ll use the tape then remove it, but you can use a hairdryer if you’re in a hurry.

How to Make Easy Easter Rocks for Kids from Twitchetts

6. Funky Zigzags

Quirky alternatives to good old Easter egg rocks are always welcome, which is why we’re recommending this one. If your kids have painted every chick and bunny idea in the book, then it’s time to try something new and fun! This is what the funky zigzagged Easter egg rocks will offer.

These rocks require a lot of practice and patience because you’ll be creating several layers on top of each other, and you’ll outline your design as accurately as possible. So, be sure you have the right paint supplies in-store, and don’t worry, this rock painting idea is as fun as previous ideas!

Funky Easter Egg Painted Rock Craft from Little Fish

7. Golden Easter Cross

Looking for Easter rocks that can be repurposed? This one can double as a house decoration. Additionally, it’ll show how religious you are if that’s what you’re angling for. This is also a very simple and fun rock design to create.

This Easter egg also allows much room for creativity, depending on what Easter decorations you want to add to the background of the golden cross. Make sure you have a vast selection of colors to create the perfect decorations. With that, you’ll be ready for Easter with brand new and unique Easter egg rocks!

Easter Cross Rock from Rock Painting 101

8. Little Lamb Rock

Here’s another rock painting idea that you can incorporate into your animal Easter rock collection! The little lamb is really cute, can be incredibly fun to create with kids, and is overall an adorable addition to any collection of Easter painted rocks. This cute rock design doesn’t require that you paint shades, dots, or special zig-zaggy lines, too.

All you need is to do is pay attention to the tutorial, purchase the right supplies, and you’ll have your lamb-themed Easter rock in no time! This is also a perfect Easter rock painting project for beginners because the steps in the tutorial are simple and easy to follow.

Little Lamb Painted Rock from Rock Painting 101

9. Paperweights

If you want to create Easter painted rocks, this means that you can use them more than one time, not just for some fun spring event or for your kids to have fun with. You can still repurpose them!

For the paperweight painted rocks, you’ll have to choose one of your favorite quotes, and it’s preferable to pick an Easter-themed quote so you can use it both for Easter and later as a paperweight. Although this is yet another fun project, it’s not for beginners due to the multiple steps involved, and it’s not suitable for kids.

Painted Rock Paperweights from Plaid

10. Hatching Chicks

If you’re aiming to have a collection of chick-themed painted rocks, consider adding this one to your collected artwork. Drawing zig-zag designs is a very easy step, and once kids learn how to make them, they’ll absolutely love these Easter rocks!

Admittedly, you’ll need to learn how to paint perfect zig-zag lines (for the hatched eggs) before you paint the chicks, which means that you’ll need Easter rocks that have a perfect, smooth surface. This’ll save you (and the kids) a lot of trouble as you paint.

Hatching Chicks from Creative Husky

11. Easter Story Stones

Not a lot of people are into story rock painting, but this idea is just perfect for Easter! Plus, it can be a good learning experience to share with kids who don’t know the actual story behind the Easter chick and bunny.

For the story ideas, you’ll need several rocks to outline all of the information and be sure to check out the tips and tricks in the tutorial to get the most out of this art project.

Mostly, kids will love the story-telling part rather than the painting part, but why not let them share all the fun of painting with you?

Easter Story Stones from Rainy Day Mum

12. Easter Egg Stacking Rocks

This is yet another rock painting idea that depends on the art of presentation rather than the artwork itself. The rocks can also double as decorative items, so there’s no need to search for something to fill in these small gaps in your home. To top it all, stacked Easter rocks are so adorable!

You can hide these Easter rocks in your gardens and let the kids go on a fun Easter egg hunt! This is a great Easter rock idea since it can be used either inside or outside the house.

Plus, these Easter rocks are larger than normal Easter rocks, and kids can play with them anytime they want.

Easter Egg Stacking Rocks from Little Pine Learners

13. Textured Easter Rocks

Are you a fan of textures and rainbow colors? These rock painting ideas are definitely for you! Not only are they fun to paint, but they also leave some space for your imagination to create geometric textures, flowers, dots, and more.

Make sure to get perfectly-shaped egg rocks for this project since it’s all about symmetry. Additionally, painting on these rocks will reduce the margin of error by miles.

Painted Rock Easter Eggs from A Piece of Rainbow

14. Flowery Rocks

Flowery rocks are just the perfect rock painting idea for Easter and Spring season; they’re pretty versatile and, if you create them with the right shades, they’ll add charm to the space you add them to.

For this art project, you’ll need to amp up your skills and use some extra materials, such as Krylon, to seal in the flower designs, as you’ll be using watercolor paint, which doesn’t easily stick to rocks in general.

Spring & Easter Painted Rocks from Lauren Spindle

15. Angry Bird Painted Rocks

Tired of painting the mediocre Easter bunny and chick over and over? Well, an angry bird should be right up your alley if you’re looking for creative rock painting ideas!

So sharpen up your sketching, outlining, and coloring skills because this is one of the toughest painting ideas to execute, but the adorable result certainly is worth the trouble.

How to Make Angry Birds Painted Rocks from Twitchetts

Dimensional Paint Easter Egg Rocks

Dimensional paint can add a special vibe to your Easter rocks. The only tricky part here is to find egg-shaped rocks, but even if you don’t, your Easter rocks will still look beautiful.

Get the full dimensional paint Easter egg rocks tutorial on colormadehappy.com.

Easter Bunny Painted Rocks

Everyone loves bunnies, no doubt about that. So why not craft some adorable bunny-painted rocks before Easter? All you need is some rocks, brushes, art supplies, paint pens, and paint colors.

Learn how to make Easter bunny painted rocks on rockpainting101.com.

Easter Basket Rock Painting Idea

Easter baskets look cute, especially when filled with colorful eggs. Making this Easter basket painted rock is a surefire way to kickstart that early spring spirit. For best results, use a black-colored rock to make the colors of the basket and eggs pop.

Learn how to make Easter basket painted rocks on colormadehappy.com.

Chick Easter Painted Rocks

Chicks are just adorable, and everyone loves their sight on Easter. They’re popping all over the place in spring!

Draw the outline first, then add details like the eyes and mouth in the end.

Get the step-by-step chick rock painting guide on rockpainting101.com.

Rooster Easter Painted Rocks

This rooster is very easy to paint, even for preschoolers and beginners. Your child would definitely have fun passing the time with this rooster painted rock.

This one would look best if you color the Easter rocks with bright colors before painting the roosters. But let the background completely dry before painting the roosters.

Follow the rooster Easter rock painting guide on colormadehappy.com.

Peeps Easter Painted Rocks Idea

Peeps are always a welcome addition to any Easter party. You’ll simply draw a mug on the rock and put the cute little thing inside it. Just make sure that you use vibrant colors! Oh, and be careful not to hurt your teeth.

Learn how to make a peeps Easter rock on colormadehappy.com.

Lamb Painted Easter Rocks for Easter Egg Hunt

If you don’t want all of your Easter egg rocks to have bunnies and chicks painted on them, give the poor lamb a shot.

Lambs look awesome on painted Easter rocks, and they’ll stand out among all of those bunny and chick rocks.

Get the full lamb rocks Easter rock painting guide on craftsbyamanda.com.

Flower Easter Painted Rocks

Vibrant flowers are a sign that spring is finally here, and with it comes Easter.

You can choose any type of spring flower you love, but a sunflower would definitely look adorable no matter how hard you try to mess it up.

Learn how to craft flower painted Easter egg rocks for the Easter egg hunt on sustainmycrafthabit.com.

Mandala Style Easter Egg Rock Painting Idea

This fun craft presents the opportunity to learn the mandala art technique on Easter egg rocks. You’ll need some egg shape rocks, foam brushes, painters tape, and paint in different colors.

It’s important that you draw the outline first on a piece of paper to make sure that the real Easter egg painting comes out exactly as you wanted it.

Get all the details for the mandala-style Easter egg rock steps on rockpainting101.com.

Easter Eggs Painted Rocks

This one is pretty simple: you’ll paint on Easter egg rocks; no more, no less.

Of course, you can get creative with how you want the eggs to look. However, we’d recommend sticking to a limited number of matching colors for each egg.

Get inspired when painting Easter eggs on rocks by checking out the guide on twitchetts.com.

Simple Rock Easter Eggs

Everyone loves painted eggs for the Easter egg hunt. The problem is that using real eggs in decorations and games can be quite risky because of how fragile they are.

With these simple rock eggs, you’ll be able to decorate your house and make a festive atmosphere for Easter while also making sure that nothing will break your mock eggs.

Learn how to paint Easter egg rocks on notimeforflashcards.com.

Egg Dotted Easter Painted Rocks

Do you want to paint as many Easter egg rocks as possible before Easter? Try out these egg dotted rocks.

With these rocks, you’ll spend little to no effort in the actual painting process. You just need to put some dots with your marker or brush on each egg, and you’re good to go.

They’re simple yet very fun to make, and you won’t have to spend the whole day painting them.

Learn how to paint rocks shaped like Easter eggs on instagram.com/madmathsu.

Before and After Chick Rocks

Everyone loves to paint chicks on rocks for Easter, but have you ever considered painting duet rocks with before and after chick paintings?

These will be very fun to search for in the garden. If you have more than one kid, you can ask each one of them to find a pair of rocks instead of just one rock, and the game will last longer!

Find the thorough before and after Easter egg chick rocks tutorial on paintingrocks.blogspot.com.

Painted Stone Easter Chick

Celebrate Easter with these painted stone chicks that look realistic and cute at the same time!

Chicks are super cute, and they become even more lovely when Easter is around the corner. Of course, you can get even more creative and put hats and other stuff on each chick’s head.

Follow the painted stone Easter egg chicks guide on redtedart.com.

Circle Shaped Chicks

Painting chicks in circular shapes can be easier for kids than drawing them normally. They look funny too!

It’s as straightforward as you think: Big yellow painted circles with eyes and mouths.

Check out how to paint circle-shaped Easter egg chicks on instagram.com/stonepainting_by_mie_steen_.

Manga Style Bunny Rabbit

Are you a manga fan? Then you’ll definitely love this manga-style bunny rabbit. With oversized eyes and a tiny nose, this cute manga bunny rabbit rock painting idea looks unique and beautiful.

Learn how to paint a manga-style bunny rabbit on rufflesandrainboots.com.

Bunny Silhouette Easter Painted Rocks

These bunny silhouette rocks look magical. Everyone knows what bunnies look like in the morning, but painting their silhouettes in a night full of stars can take your rock painting game to the next level.

You can either paint one silhouette or multiple ones per rock depending on its size.

Check out the full instructions on how to paint bunny silhouette Easter painted rocks on paintingrocks.blogspot.com.

He Has Risen Painted Rock

If you’re looking for something different for your Easter rocks that isn’t a bunny or a chic, this “He Has Risen” painted rock should definitely earn a spot on your list.

It’s a twist on the famous zendangle rock painting style. The color choices are super attractive too!

Get the step-by-step He Has Risen Easter painted rocks tutorial on rockpainting101.com.

Resurrection Story Stones

These “resurrection story” stones are for the religious ones out there that love to stick to the religious nature of Easter. They also present a great opportunity for you to teach your kids about religion and why we celebrate Easter.

Learn how to paint the “resurrection story” Easter egg on thatbaldchick.com.

Bunny Footprints Easter Painted Rocks

Creating an Easter rock bunny is one thing, but settling for its footprints is another.

The footprints are an obvious sign that the bunny was actually here, but it went away to hide the eggs. It adds to the mystery, doesn’t it?

Check out how to craft cute bunny footprint Easter painted rocks on smartschoolhouse.com.

Zendangle Cross Rock

Zendangle art is appreciated in all of its forms, and you can utilize it in your decorations for the holidays.

This zendangle cross rock is the perfect way to mix this style of art with the Easter spirit. The natural doodles on the entire rock just look lovely!

Learn how to craft a zendangle cross rock on rockpainting101.com.

Easter Rock Painting Ideas Round-Up

So these were some of the best Easter painted rocks ideas that you can try right now.

The paintings aren’t only cute but also very easy to create, even if you have no experience painting eggs at all. This also means that the little ones can participate too!

Whether your kids love bunnies, peeps, roosters, or chicks, you can always find a rock painting idea that’ll appeal to them.

Looking for more fun inspiration for Easter painted rocks? Check out the Easter egg designs on craftwhack.com.



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