Crafts With Pom Poms

Published: March 19, 2022

There are literally hundreds of crafts that you can make with colorful pom poms. These small, spongy balls come in packs of all sizes, giving you endless craft ideas.

Whether you want to create something with your kids, add a little fun to your home decor, or even change the way an everyday item looks, pom poms make it super simple to create a DIY project.

In this guide, we’ve rounded up some of the most inspiring pom pom craft ideas that you can give a shot now. So let’s explore them right away!

Pom Poms Heart Decor

This Valentine’s day pom pom heart decor is super fun and easy to make. Combine heart-shaped pom poms with beads to make door hangings that’ll create a lovely atmosphere in your home.

Choose red, pink, and white pom pom colors to match Valentine’s Day theme.

Learn how to make pom poms heart decor at

Pom Pom Party Hat

A party is never complete without a fun party hat for every guest. Of course, you can get some of those carton party hats from Walmart, but why not get creative with some cute pom pom party hats for Halloween and other occasions?

All you need is a basic brown cap and some multi-colored yarn pom poms to make these funky hats that will be loved by kids and adults alike.

Find out how to make a pom pom party hat in greater detail at

Keychain Crafts With Pompoms

Never miss your keys again with these cute pom pom keychain decorations. All you need is a ring-shaped keychain and 3 or 4 multi-colored pom poms to turn your keychain into an eye-catching craft that’ll spark a conversation with your friends.

Check out how to make pom pom keychain decorations at

Valentine Pompom Painting

This is one little project that your kids will love. The Valentine pom pom painting can be done with a single red pom pom, a laundry clip, and a heart-shaped handkerchief. The final item won’t actually contain any pom pom, but rather some stains that mimic their shape.

Learn how to make this cute Valentine pom pom painting at

Pompom Heart Cards

These pom pom heart cards would make sincere gifts for parents and grandparents. Get a pair of scissors and create heart-shaped cards with cardboard. Add a few pompoms, and voilà! You’re done.

Of course, you can customize these based on the occasion they’re sent for.

Check out the full-fledged pompom heart cards tutorial at

DIY Pom Pom Monsters

Add Googly eyes to pom poms of varying sizes and colors to get fun pom pom monsters for the little ones. This project is very easy, even for kids. You can add one or two eyes to each pom pom to create one-eyed and two-eyed monsters, respectively.

Read the full tutorial for pom pom monsters at

Desk Lamp Pompom Decorations

Add a new dimension to your basic desk lamp with some yarn pom poms and make your desk more encouraging for work or study! All you need is some magnets and pom poms to give new life to your desk lamp.

Check out how to make desk lamp decorations at

DIY Pompom Party Balloons

This is yet another creative pom pom project for your next party. You can’t just throw a party without balloons, but if you want to spice things up even more, try making these lit pom pom party balloons.

Get the easy tutorial for pom pom party balloons from

Pompom Coasters

Pom pom coasters can totally change how you have your morning cup of joe. But instead of yarn pom poms, we’ll use rolled felt pom pom balls to create a stable bass for your cups and mugs.

Check out how to make pom pom coasters at

DIY Pom Pom Cushions

Got a solid-colored sofa? Well, how about giving it a little bit of playfulness with a couple of pom pom cushions?

Choose the cushion pattern you like, then weave the pom poms on the edges to create a stylish yet fun appearance in the room.

Find out how to craft pom pom cushions at

DIY Pompom Rug Crafts

Who said that retouching your house requires expensive carpets and rugs? With some over-sized pom poms, you can craft a beautifully soft pom pom rug that’ll catch your guests’ attention.

Just don’t go wild with the colors; make the majority of the rug neutral and sprinkle a couple of yarn pom poms in a random manner. Your kids will love these in their rooms!

Follow the detailed pom pom rug tutorial at

Winnie the Pooh Pompom

Recreate the famous Disney character with this Winne the Pooh pom pom. Get a suitable amount of yellow pom poms and a few black ones to complete the craft. Children will love working on this easy project at a birthday party or other occasions.

Check out the simple Winnie the Pooh pom pom DIY guide at

DIY Pom Pom Necklace

Do you want to strike a fun and youthful appearance? You should definitely try out this DIY pom pom necklace. It’s a great way to transform your basic necklace into something new. All you need is a pom pom maker, a colorful yarn, scissors, and a simple necklace to start making adorable accessories to compliment your outfits.

Check out this easy beginners’ tutorial for DIY pom pom necklace at

DIY Cactus Pom Pom

A cactus can add a touch of tranquility to your home, but if one of your children accidentally touches it, they’ll hate the poor plant for life. Luckily, you can mimic the appearance of a real cactus with this DIY cactus pom pom.

Brown pom poms will make up the soil, while the flower and the body will require pink and green pom poms respectively.

Follow the clear step-by-step DIY cactus pom pom guide at

Oversized Colorful Pom Poms Letter

Create an oversized pom pom letter for your kid’s name and hang it in their room for decoration. For even more fun, let your kid join the action and make the letter with you.

You’ll need a foam core shaped like the intended letter and a glue gun to attach the pom poms.

Take a look at the full oversized pom poms letter tutorial at

Two-Tone Pom Poms Cake Toppers

They say eyes eat before the mouse tastes, and that can’t be more true with fudgy cakes. With these cool two-tone pom pom cake toppers, you can decorate your cake and present it in a mouth-watering way. All you need is a hot glue gun and a few skewers (or pipe cleaners), and pom poms.

The best thing about these toppers is that you can reuse them for as long as you want. Just make sure that you clean the skewers after every use.

Get the full two-tone pom poms cake topper project at

Valentine’s Pom Pom Bouquet

Surprise your loved one with an adorable Valentine’s pom pom bouquet instead of flowers to celebrate your love. It’ll be a long-lasting souvenir to symbolize your love for each other. You can even add them to a vase for decorating.

To make it, you need colorful yarn pom poms, and a few tree branches. Add some assorted ribbons to wrap the branches in a bouquet style.

Learn how to make a Valentine’s pom pom bouquet at

DIY Pom Poms Garland Crafts

Garlands make an excellent addition to any party, and what better way to make them look unique than with some cheerful pom poms? This oversized pom poms garland will definitely stand out in a festive atmosphere. You can even use it to decorate mantels.

Learn how to craft an oversized pom pom garland at

Pompoms Snowman Craft

This pom pom snowman craft would make your kids’ Christmas even more magical, especially if there’s barely any snow in your city. It’s a fun activity that you can enjoy with your kids when Christmas is just around the corner. It’s as easy as stacking a couple dozen white pom poms and more pom poms for the snowman’s eyes.

Get the step-by-step pom pom snowman craft instructions at

Whimsical Pompoms Napkin Rings

These whimsical pompoms napkin rings will totally revamp your dining table’s setup. Not only will you add a festive vibe to your home décor but also spark a conversation with your guests at dinner.

Check out the in-depth whimsical pom pom napkin rings tutorial at

Pom Pom Crafts Round-Up

Alright, so these were some of the best pom pom crafts that will take you just minutes to create.

Pom pom projects are so much fun and practical. From clothes to adornments and gifts, these fluffy balls will get your hands dirty for as long as you want.

Reach out to let us know which of these craft ideas are you trying first!



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