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Circles and Glue Make a Fun Art Project

Paper Dots Collage Project for little kids- keeps them busy for a while! From
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Paper Dots Collage Project for little kids- keeps them busy for a while! From

When one stays home with one’s small child, sometimes one needs a few minutes of alone time. Enter the magical project that will keep a young child occupied for more than 5 minutes while you sneak in a cup of tea in another room. Alone. Not talking to anyone.

I thought this project would be a quick one, but Beckett, at 3.5 years old, was pretty taken with it. It kept his interest long enough for me to do a little of my own stuff. (Drink a cup of tea in the other room, not talking.)

I think the key was that I punched out A LOT of circles, and he felt the need to cover the whole piece of paper with them.

Do you own paper punches? I highly recommend a couple of sizes of circles and a square punch. We use these things so very often, for so many projects.

circles collage project for little kids •


That’s it! I didn’t actually command him to cover the whole page, but you could always suggest the idea….

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