10 Amazing Charmander Coloring Page – See Them All

Does your child love Pokemon? Are they crazy about those funny little creatures and their bright colors? If so, Charmander coloring pages are likely to be a big hit, so we have gathered up some of the best ones out there.If your child wants a Charmander coloring page, they are bound to find something they like in this selection. Charmander is a nice, easy Pokemon for your children to color, as it really only takes orange, red, yellow, and blue for the eyes, so this is a perfect way to keep your child entertained for a while.Although most Charmander coloring pages are very easy, we have tried to select a few harder ones at the end of the list so older children can enjoy coloring this iconic Pokemon as well.

1. Simple Charmander

Simple Charmander

Source: https://coloringpagesonly.com/pages/charmander

This is a super Simple Charmander that is perfect if your child is quite young and just starting to get the hang of coloring. The end of the tail and the eyes are already filled in, so they only need to do Charmander’s body and paler tummy, and perhaps the inside of its mouth.

It’s a cute and appealing picture and should be fun for young children. Older children may also enjoy coloring it in quickly, and perhaps adding a bit of a background for a little more interest.

2. Little CharmanderLittle Charmander


Source: https://www.getcoloringpages.com/coloring/47271

If your child is interested in learning how to draw the flames that make up Charmander’s tail, this Little Charmander would be a great option. The tip of the tail has been left out entirely, so they can use their colors to create dancing flames, instead of having a hard black line defining the fire.

Charmander’s expression is also great, and the rest of the coloring is very simple, so your child can just focus on what they want to do for the fire. The eye has been filled in and as Charmander’s pale tummy isn’t visible, they can color his whole body orange.

3. Baby Charmander

Baby Charmander

Source: http://getcoloringpages.com/coloring/47294

As if Charmander wasn’t already cute enough, Baby Charmander will appeal to any child, with his little spiky tufts and sweet expression. This has a bit more scope for the child to experiment and explore color, as the eyes are left to be colored.

The tail flame has been drawn, with an inner flame for them to color in a different hue. This looks like it will present a good challenge for children to practice their motor skills with.

It doesn’t have a background, but your child could easily draw some grass or sky if they would like to keep coloring in.

4. Charmander In Nature

Charmander In NatureSource: https://coloringhome.com/coloring-page/1759194

Alternatively, this Charmander In Nature has a full scene to skip through. Your child can use green for the grass and treetops, brown for the tree trunks, blue for the sky, oranges and yellows for Charmander, and any color they like for the flowers ““ so this is a great excuse to play around with color combinations.

It also has quite a few fiddly bits to color, as well as the easier shapes of the clouds and Charmander’s body. The coloring of that big patch of grass should keep your kid occupied for a good while!

5. Charmander And Venonat

Charmander And Venonat

Source: http://wuppsy.com/charmander-pokemon-coloring-pages-for-kids-pokemon-characters-printables-free/

Perhaps that scene isn’t exciting enough ““ in which case Charmander and Venonat should be. Poor Venonat is on fire, which your child will love coloring in.

This is a higher difficulty level for your child to tackle, with lots of different colors being called for, as well as challenging shapes such as Venonat’s pincers and the details on the bushes in the background. It’s great for honing fine motor skills, and your child will probably find the picture pretty funny too!

6. Pokemon Team

Source: https://coloringhome.com/pokemon-group-coloring-pages

If your child is a big Pokemon fan, they might want to color Charmander and his buddies in, so here is the whole Pokemon Team together. Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Pikachu ““ they can do them all, and have fun with the different color schemes of each Pokemon.

The result will be a nice, bright picture with the most iconic and recognizable characters from the show. Most of the page is fairly simple, although Bulbasaur’s toes may be more challenging, as well as coloring around Charmander’s teeth.

7. Charmander And Ash

Charmander And Ash
Source: https://www.coloringsky.com/ash-ketchum-got-charmander-pokemon-on-pokemon-coloring-page/

What about a Charmander and Ash coloring page? This will employ lots of colors, and incorporates the famous Ash Ketchum, with one of his best buddies. There’s plenty for your child to focus on in this picture, but some have been filled in to make it a little easier (such as Ash’s hair and eyes).

This is a medium difficulty level that should keep your child occupied for a good while, but isn’t so hard they’ll get frustrated.

8. Charmander Evolution

Charmander Evolution
Source: https://www.deviantart.com/madhuvati/art/Charmander-Line-Coloring-Page-728923549

The chances are, your child can easily list Charmander’s evolutions, and they might love this Charmander Evolution coloring page, which shows all three together. The shapes are reasonably simple, though, the eyes may offer a good challenge for your child to try.

9. Spiral Charmander

Spiral Charmander
Source: http://www.windingpathsart.com/coloring/tag/pokemon-coloring-page/

If your child wants a much bigger challenge, Spiral Charmander is ideal. Charmander remains quite simple, but your child can then have great fun working out what colors to use on the swirls and shapes surrounding it.

This is a great, abstract picture, and there’s no “wrong” way, so if your child enjoys coloring patterns, this will be perfect.

10. Color-Coded Charmander

Color-Coded Charmander
Source: https://coloring4free.com/charmander-pokemon-characters-printable-coloring-pages-charmander-by-number-2021-011-coloring4free/

Color-Coded Charmander presents an opportunity for kids to practice their numbers as well as their coloring skills. They will have to pair the right color up to the right number in order to complete the picture. Most kids will really enjoy this sort of challenge, and will be very proud of the results!

This also has a background for them to do, so it’s a reasonably long project, and they can choose whatever colors they like for it.


Charmander coloring pages are great for children to practice their coloring on; it’s easy to choose something very simple, but there are also some trickier options.

Charmander is nice and simple in terms of its colors, which means your child can play with backgrounds and other characters, or just have a relaxing coloring session with this little fire creature!



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