Bottle Cap Art Ideas

Published: March 16, 2022

If you look around you, you’ll notice many items that you can recycle or reuse. Bottle caps fall at the top of this category because of their small size and versatility. You can use them to craft necklaces, coasters, keychains, garlands, and more. But, of course, it all depends on your creativity and crafting skills. That’s where we come in to help!

We’ve made a list of many bottle cap art ideas that you can try out in your free time. So grab your tools and artistic skills and read on!

Bottle Cap Magnets

If you want to add to your kitchen’s aesthetic with some retro vibes, you can attempt those vintage-looking bottle cap magnets. They’re effortless to make and won’t take much of your time. And as a bonus point, they don’t require many materials to make.

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Bottle Cap Coasters

Every house needs a set of elegant coasters to avoid annoying-looking watermarks on tables. But, instead of buying a set like everyone else, you can manifest your uniqueness and make those attractive bottle cap coasters. After that, you can either color them to match your house decorations or leave them.

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Bottle Cap Bunting

Whether you have a national holiday coming up or you want to decorate your house with a cute bunting, you’ll love this idea. You’ll only need your soda bottle caps and a length of fabric, and you’re good to go. And since this idea doesn’t require any advanced crafting skills, you can make it a family activity and let your kids join.

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Bottle Cap Flowers

Instead of the usual flower vases, you can make those beautiful flowers using your soda bottle caps. You’ll only glue each flower to a wooden skewer; then, you can either use them as house decor or set them up in your garden to add color.

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Retro Tray

If you have an old tray that you want to renovate, you can use bottle caps and acrylic to give it a retro look. It’s an enjoyable way to recycle bottle caps and won’t take much of your time. And since it has vintage vibes, you can gift it to your mother or grandmother on this year’s mother’s day.

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American Wall Art

If you want to educate your kids about America, there’s no better way than DIY projects like this one. First, you’ll glue bottle caps together to make the shape of America on the map. Then, you can hang it on your wall during national holidays. You can also go extreme and color each state with a different color.

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Halloween Spiders

If you want to make unique decorations for this year’s Halloween, you can attempt those easy and cute bottle cap spiders. And because of the project’s easiness, you can let your kids join in on the spooky fun. This idea is also ideal as a classroom activity if you’re a teacher.

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Turkey Napkin Rings

There isn’t a more suitable time to make beautiful handmade crafts than days like Thanksgiving. It’s a jolly day that the family should enjoy together. So to excite your kids before Thanksgiving comes, you can let them make those cute turkey napkin rings using bottle caps. They’ll have a great time and won’t challenge their skills too bad.

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Bottle Cap Magnet Flowers

Most people collect beer bottle caps for fun and never use them. However, you can put yours to use and make this creative family tree. You’ll convert each bottle cap into a magnet flower and glue a family member’s photo in the middle. Then, you can either hang them on a wall or set them up on a table.

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Christmas Tree Ornaments

If you collect bottle caps and want to make cute crafts using them, we have good news for you. For this year’s Christmas, you can make those unique and stylish tree ornaments. This way, you’ll put your collectives to use, and your unique tree will be the talk of the hour.

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Bottle Cap Wind Chime

Do you want to hear pleasant tones every time wind passes through your front patio? Then, you can attempt this easy and fun bottle cap chime. That said, plastic bottle caps won’t produce the sound you want, so you should ideally use metal ones.

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Are you a bookworm who hates folding the paper you last read as a mark? Then, it’s time to make a brand new bookmark. If you collect bottle caps, you can attach them to paper clips and make many bookmarks for you and your loved ones. The idea is pretty straightforward and won’t challenge your crafting skills.

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Picture Frame Display

This is one of our favorite bottle cap crafts because you can use it to show off a particular passion. For example, if you travel a lot and keep beer bottle caps from each country you visit, you can make this picture frame display to store your memories somewhere safe. And as a bonus point, you can put the frames up as retro decor.

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Bottle Cap Keychains

Do you want to carry an awesome keychain that you made yourself? Then, it’s time to use a bottle cap to fashion a cool one. You can either keep the cap’s design or remove it and glue another one of your choices. All in all, it’s an easy and fun project.

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Bottle Cap Garland

This is one of the easiest bottle cap crafts on our list. You’ll only need bottle caps, a thread, and any other decorations you want to hang. After you finish, you’ll have a beautiful bottle cap garland that you can hang anywhere in your house.

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Vintage Bottle Cap Tray

Here’s another tray project because we can’t get enough of those great ideas. This time, instead of using acrylic, you’ll use hot glue to stick the bottle caps on the tray. And you can either use two colors or go wild and make a colorful vintage tray.

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Bottle Cap Necklaces

Whether you want to upgrade your jewelry collection or want to send out cute gifts, you’ll have a fun time crafting those bottle cap necklaces. They’re pretty easy to make, but the results will look almost store-bought. And since bottle caps aren’t expensive, you can make an entire collection to match all of your outfits.

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Bottle Cap Candles

If you like lighting up your house with candlelight, you can attempt those cute bottle cap candles. They’ll make for elegant decorations in your rooms, and you can use them on a romantic dinner table.

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Bottle Cap Table

If you’re a pro-level bottle caps collector, you can attempt this challenging bottle cap table. You can use metal or plastic bottle caps, but metal ones will add an irresistible charm to your house interior. Although this project might take you some time to finish, it’ll be your Everest that you can brag about to your friends and family.

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Bottle Cap Snake

If you want a new, inexpensive toy for your kid, you can make this cute and colorful snake using plastic bottle caps. And if your kids are old enough, you can let them help you since the idea is pretty simple.

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Bottle Cap Ladybugs

This idea is ideal for classroom activities because of its simplicity and available materials. If you’re a teacher who wants to prepare a crafting activity for little students, you can give them those easy ladybugs to make. They’ll have the time of their lives crafting them, and they’ll have lovely gifts to take home.

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Wall Art

Do you want to keep your memories cherished and remembered forever? Then, you can use your bottle caps collection to make this beautiful wall art. Among the many wall art tutorials on our list, this is the easiest because it doesn’t require many materials.

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Snow Man Ornaments

You can welcome the jolly season with those cute snowman ornaments. First, you’ll paint your caps white and use three for each ornament. Then, you can draw the face details and add googly eyes as a decorative touch. And as a bonus point, this project is suitable for kids.

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Easy Paint Palette

If you’re a beginner artist and don’t want to spend too much money on painting tools, you can make a paint palette out of bottle caps. It won’t take much of your time and will come in handy when a moment of inspiration unexpectedly visits you.

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Bottle Cap Garden Flowers

If you want to add decorative flowers to your garden, you can fashion some out of bottle caps. However, this project is challenging and will take some time to finish. But if you’re one of those competitive crafty people, you’ll have a whole lot of fun with it.

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Bottle Cap Vintage Letter

If you want a creative gift for your friend’s birthday, you can make this large vintage letter and decorate it with bottle caps. They’ll appreciate the efforts, and it’ll look fashionable on their nightstand.

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Flower Vase

If you want to decorate your house with creative and unique flower vases, you can put your bottle cap collection to use and make this vase. You’ll only need the caps and hot glue to finish this masterpiece. Then, you can put artificial colorful flowers inside.

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Diwali Tea Light Holder

If you want to teach your kids about Diwali, the festival of lights, there isn’t a better way than with fun DIY projects. For this one, you’ll make many tea light holders out of plastic caps, then decorate them with colorful and glittery embellishments.

After you finish, you can either use them as a decoration or light them up to add romantic vibes to your place. You can also get more Diwali crafts ideas on

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Bottle Cap Ring

Do you want to add retro vibes to your outfits and like recycling bottle caps? Then, you can attempt this unique bottle cap ring. You’ll only need a glue gun, glue stick, and a bendy wire. Since this is among the easy bottle cap crafts on our list, you can also make rings for your loved ones and send them out as gifts.

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DIY Shakers for Kids

If you want to keep your kids busy without buying new toys, you can make those fantastic shakers using plastic caps. For the filling, you can either use rice or beads. But we have to warn you; you’ll have to deal with quite the noise afterward.

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Now that you have many bottle cap crafts ideas to try out, you can channel your crafting skills and make use of your collection!



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