4th of July Star Tape Resist Art

Published: June 3, 2020

We love using tape to make easy art projects around here. Tape gives you the cleanest lines, and makes DIY projects like this 4th of July star art so quick and mistake-free.

You can use this star painting to decorate your home inside for the fourth of July, or seal it with Mod Podge to make it outside art!

Supplies Needed

11″ printable star template (click here to download)

12″ square art panel

Gesso to prime the art board

Acrylic or craft paints in red, blue, and white

Craft paint in light blue for background (This set would cover you for all 3 colors)

Blue painters tape

Paintbrush or foam brush


(Optional) Sealer for outdoor use

*I have not yet tested these sealers to see if they hold up outdoors, but I would try this one or this one.

How to Make 4th of July Star Art

Paint 2 coats of gesso on the board’s front and sides, letting them dry completely in between layers.

Print out the 3 pages of star template at 100% (It is an 11″ star.)

Cut the star out and tape it together, then cut the star out.

Trace around the star in the center of the art board with pencil.

star template for star art craft

Tape stripes over half the star diagonally, and paint the art panel areas in between the paint stripes red.

painting red stripes on fourth of july star art

Paint the other half of the star with the dark blue paint, and allow to dry.

tape resist star art for the 4th of july

Cut out the small stars from page 3 of the template and tape them down over the blue star area.

Paint the small stars white.

stencilling stars on star art craft

To make the star look more finished, you can lay 2 pieces of tape around the border of the star, very close to each other. This will give you a space to paint in around the border of the star. We used red just around the red stripe area, but you can do the whole star in red or dark blue if you’d like. Let this dry.

painting outline on 4th of july star painting

Paint the edges of the panel in blue and red and let dry completely.

To finish your 4th of July star art, Brush the blighter blue color paint on the background. You can freehand it if you’re brave, or tape off the edges of the star before you paint to be safe. We painted ours with the foam brush, in one direction, to give it some texture.

DIY fourth of july star art

Hanging the Star Art Outdoors


Sealing art for outdoor use is tricky. You don’t want to use an oil-based sealer, which can yellow. Water based sealers aren’t quite as durable, but there are a few made specifically for outdoor use.

I have not tested these, but I would imagine hanging your art right out in the open won’t be too great for it. Try to hang it somewhere partially protected from the elements.

After researching how to seal wood art for outdoors, I found a couple of promising products like

Aleene’s acrylic sealer and Plaid Folk Art outdoor sealer

Let us know if you’ve used anything to outdoor seal your artwork and loved it!

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diy fourth of july tape resist painting



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