Wax Resist Art-Making With Little Kids

Oh, I know this is a basic art technique, but how can I call this a kids’ art and design blog without including a wax resist project for little kids? It’s such a magical moment when they first brush the watercolor across the page that they have drawn on with crayons.




Beckett did two paintings: one beautiful, soft pastel version that expressed his calm, serene mood…..




And then one that highlighted his dark, rebellious side.





And then this happened.



Then this…



Then it just all went downhill, and art-making was over for the day.


Make sure you use nice, fat brushes to cover a lot of space at a time on the paper, and use heavy watercolor paper for this project. Thin paper will just buckle into a mess.

What do you think?


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  1. Fun little post! My kids usually stick with the intended art project plan for about half the project and then do something else with the materials too!

  2. I love this technique, but when I tried it with Simon a little while ago (Back in May:, he did not like the idea of drawing on paper with white crayon. I don;t think he liked not seeing the result right away. I even threw a few other light colored c rayons into the mix, like yellow, lime, and light pink, but he wanted nothing to do with them. It turned into him dipping crayons into the paint and using them that way though, so we still had creative fun. Maybe sometime soon we can try again.

    • Krista, maybe he would dig using black crayon on paper, and then you could steer him toward using some lighter, brighter watercolor paints over that. It still ‘resists’ and looks cool with the black lines.

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