I Spy: 6 Cool Kids’ Room Walls

Published: June 2, 2014

6 awesome kids' room wall ideas

Kids’ rooms make me so happy. I’ve written about kids’ rooms here and here and I really cannot get enough of them. With this post I gathered up 6 ideas for cool kids’ room walls that are positively inspiring. I’m loving the trend of using wallpaper in kids’ rooms, but I’m really not sure I could deal with that. I think the removable wall decal option might fit my ambition level a bit better. Enjoy the eye candy…

cool ideas for kids' walls

1. Cute, fun wallpaper 

2. I’m absolutely not sure what’s going on with this wall, but I like it. The white (Pipes? Beams? Wood strips?) against the dark grey are striking and make for the coolest little shelves ever. How great would a whole wall of this be?

3. Big, bold, eye-popping stars. I’m loving the graphic look.

cool walls for kids

4. Removable wall decals. What did we do with our fickle selves before removable wall decals?

5. Why not just decorate the walls with the beds? Best. Sleepovers. Ever.

6. I HAD to include this one, even though the link I found just goes back to the main site, and not the map itself. But it’s too good to not share- if you know the full source of this amazing map, please let me know!



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