9 Printable Planners and Calendars

Printable Planners and Calendars

I love and adore people who make organizing printables and I have downloaded every single printable calendar and tracking sheet on the entire internet. Seriously, don’t ask poor Christian how many weird stacks of paper I have all over the house.

I have a feeling, given how often I see passionate discussions online about planners and calendars, that there are quite a few others who share my obsession, so I’m going to let us all go ahead and get all squealy and stoopid with this roundup of printable planners and calendars oh my god be still my heart.

This first (customizable) printable calendar is free to download, and is crisp and simple, modern yet friendly. When you click it to download, a little popup comes up, letting you donate a wee bit of money to them through Paypal if you like.

printable calendar


This whole printable system will appease any need for rainbows in your life. It’s colorful and you can plan, track, and organize your life down to the minutest detail. This is a planner’s dream. ($10)

printable planner


I debated for a little too long about whether to include this one, because it’s a 2016 model, but I’m hoping she’ll design another for 2017. It’s simple and lovely, and really, you could print out the daily sheets and ignore the date at the top.


You won’t even believe all the options, pages, tabs, etc included int this 2017 printable planner. If she has left out one aspect of life to track and plan, I’ll be shocked. You probably won’t need or use everything included in this download, but it’s worth the price if you even use half of it. Such pretty, fun, but clean design.

OMG the tabs!

printable planner and calendar


Sometimes you need a yearly calendar to track birthdays, holidays, blogging stuff, how often you can call in sick to work. This is it. This is that yearly calendar. It is lovely.

yearly calendar and lots of other printable calendars and planners


I like this little number because it’s cute and there’s a lot packed onto the page to track. Plus, you can’t go wrong with tiny green heart banners.

printable planners and calendars


I like this whole planning pack because there are a ton of options and pages, but it’s a little more understated than some of the flashy bright ones. It’s, shall we say, subdued.

printable planner calendars


Passion Planner is the planner I use most frequently. I say most frequently, because I’m not *quite* consistent yet with being a totally organized superstar. I order the fancy bound planner, but first I printed out some of their downloads (free if you share them on social media!) to give them a test spin.

passion planner


I saved the best for last – when you click over to this site your brain will instantly liquify based on the sheer number of options you have for calendars. Go ahead, mush brain.

journals and planner ideas

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Gorgeous printable planners & calendars



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  1. My handwriting is so terrible that I have to go digital plus we all need to be linked via the calendar because the kids are so busy. I miss the old paper days though!


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