Spirograph and Gel Pens – The Best Arty Choices in 2024

Published: September 5, 2016

Spirograph drawings - these are the best pens for Spirograph



12 thoughts on “Spirograph and Gel Pens – The Best Arty Choices in 2024”

  1. You are correct. The original Spirograph did not come with tacky goo; it came with straight pins and you had a cardboard base to pin your paper onto. I like the tacky goo so much better! It still works best for me with a board of some kind under the paper. I bought about the least expensive Papermate Inkjoy pens… they are wonderful.

    For the circles that make a single enclosed shape and then stop, leave the outer ring in place and try moving your start position to the left or right of your original start position. Remember to use the same hole you started with so you’ll get another copy of the same shape in a slightly different position. You can get a progressive shape, but it requires patience and moving your start position after every completed shape. Yeah, a bit tedious, but still better than the single shape.

    You might find this site interesting: http://spirographicart.com/

  2. Hi…some people will think I’m mad but I just bought a Super Spirograph kit (complete) from eBay. I guess most people of my age are doing matchstick models and wicker baskets etc haha but the kid in me is still there. I bought some Pilot V5 Hightechpoint pens which are great…not tried the gel pens yet. My only real problem is what to draw the designs on. You’re right about plain inkjet paper…3 times round the wheel and the pen goes right through it…grrrr. What do you recommend…I have heavy buff coloured card somewhere that I’ll try later. Also, the pins get on my nerves…they work ok but I hate seeing pin holes in the finished job.

    Anyway…thanks for a really informative page…it’s nice to go back to a world where I never wanted to grow up 🙂

    Have a great day 🙂

  3. I am going to go buy a Spirograph set as soon as I can afford one. After I get that home I will remove all the pieces to put in a bag, and then display the box on a shelf. I haven’t had a set for a long time.

  4. I love the Paper Mate Ink Joy pens – but now I have found something better. Paper Mate Profile Bold 1.4 mm ballpoint pens. They don’t smear, and they write so smoothly. They are great for drawing the Spirograph designs, and then I use the Ink Joy pens to fill in colors.


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