Make Your Own Stick People Family

Do you love crafting with nature? Stick people are the perfect craft if you want to get creative with nature and then have something for your kids to play with. If you’re like us right now, you have sticks everywhere that are just begging to be turned into something fun…

Plus, If your kids spend hours playing with little figures, they will love these stick people. They can get in on the fun and help you make them!

You really don’t need much to make stick people. Besides sticks, we’ll be using a few items around the house. If you do have lots of craft supply bits you want to pull out and use, this project is a great stash-buster.

Read on to find out how to make this stick figure craft, and at the end of the post is a list of other materials you could use to make different styles of stick people. Let your imagination go wild!

figure made out of sticks and twine

Supplies For Stick People

Sticks – gather different sizes and shapes for torsos and arms/legs

Craft supplies – we used embroidery floss, string, and striped twine to wrap around the sticks

Glue (gel superglue) to secure the string onto the sticks and the stick arms onto the body.

Little brass brads, nails, etc for eyes

sticks and embroidery thread for diy stick people

How to Make Stick People

We decided who we wanted our stick family to consist of. Of course a stick dog had to be included! We also made a stick mom and 2 kids.

This part helps the stick arms stay on, but is optional:

Cut a little notch out of the arms or back of the torso so when you glue them together, they have more surface area to stay together. Otherwise, you can wrap string around several times in an ‘x’ shape to secure the arms to the torso.

We wrapped twine and embroidery thread around the legs to make the pants for the kids, and skirt for the mom. Don’t they look fabulous?

diy twig people craft

To begin wrapping the embroidery thread, tie one end around the stick. Use a little dab of gel superglue to attach the arms to the torso, and to attach the ends of the twine to the figure when you are beginning and ending wrapping it.

Make sure you hold the sticks in place for a minute or so after gluing to make sure they stay put.

gluing stick dog craft

The dog needed to look snazzy, too, so we opted for an outfit in different shades of blue.

blue-embroidery-thread-wrapped stick dogstick figure and stick dog

This project is so versatile, so don’t feel like you need to run out and buy special supplies. We do love this embroidery floss, since it comes in a pack of 50 colors!

Other craft supplies you could use for stick people are:

  • Fabric
  • Googly eyes
  • Seed beads
  • Yarn
  • Burlap
  • Paper
  • Plastic pieces from the recycling bin
  • Paint
  • Thin wire

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stick people family craft




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