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Make a Little Gift Card Holder Right Now!

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diy paper gift card holder

Raise your hands if you like to buy gift cards for people because they are wonderful and amazing and so easy and everybody likes gift cards. Raise your hand if you don’t want to spend $3 on a gift card holder because even though it’s cute, that’s ridiculous.

Let’s DIY our gift card holders in the sweetest, easiest possible way.

DIY gift card envelopes from Tiny Rotten Peanuts

Here’s What You Need:

  • Something to stamp a dot shape (look around your house- you probably have something round and flat to use. I used a foam marshmallow shape.)
  • White craft paint or acrylic paint or ink. Printing ink always works best and is less goopy for printing projects, but I just used acrylic.
  • scissors (don’t underestimate the importance of small sharp scissors when cutting paper.)
  • Colored card stock
  • Brayer


Brayer out your paint onto a flat surface. I love my butcher tray for paint projects. It’s so much nicer than using aluminum foil, which I previously used. Stamp your dot stamp onto the paint and then make dots all over the paper.


After they are dry, print my gift card envelope template here, and cut it out. Trace it onto the paper and cut that out.

Flip it over and fold each flap in, one at a time, until you reach the last one, which can be tucked under the first!

How to make a gift card envelope

You can write on the outside and the inside- add a little message and don’t forget to tell your recipient how much is on the card. OR! Better yet- write in that the card is for $100 over what it really is, and they’ll just assume the store made the mistake. Sweet.

Since you’re in the gift-buying spirit, why don’t you go see my 12 days of gift guides, because they are pretty terrific.


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  • I’m going to try the gift card holders. Fun!
    On the plastic cards from stores I use a permanent marker and write the amount on there too, so the recipient can place the card into her wallet without forgetting how much is on it. I don’t know how many times I’ve handed a gift card to the barista, followed by, ‘Can you remind me how much is on this before I order?’

    • Thank you very much. I thought that one up out of the blue, and I will use it on my sister this year. She’ll know I’m joking, but at least we’ll have some BIG CHRISTMAS LAUGHS.

      • That’s hilarious. Another way to get lots of laughs is if you and a family member get money from the same person, thank them profusely for the twenty thousand dollars they gave you. And wait for the giggles. Unless they really give you twenty thousand dollars. Then you can cry happy tears.