Love This Printmaking Technique: Foam Shapes

I first did a foam sticker printmaking project a while back, and it was the bomb. THE BOMB! So fun and easy. Naturally, I decided to explore this technique a little more, and this time it was the mega-bomb. You guys need to try this if you haven’t already. Did I mention it’s easy?

This time, instead of using pre-cut foam stickers, I cut my own shapes. Mainly because I wanted my prints to look a little more loose and uneven. I also tried using a foam piece that I had carved lines into with a pen, but this one wasn’t as wonderful. I think with a little messing around, it could turn into a better technique, but I decided to stick with the foam cut out shapes.

The best part about printmaking like this is that it’s quick, so you can get to printmaking in a jiffy, experiment all over the place, and then you have a bunch of prints to do more stuff to.

Printmaking with foam pieces... eek! So fun.

I started by cutting a tiny triangle out of the foam sheet, then using it sort of as a cutting guide for lots more of them.

After a bunch were cut out, I glued them onto a piece of cardboard.

Roll out the paint (I used acrylic craft paint – this stuff.) onto the surface of the print press it nice and evenly onto the surface of your paper, and lift to reveal the magic. I always get this self-congratulatory little thrill when I lift the paper off and a print looks good. Let’s call it printer’s high.

Foam pieces printmaking art project

My first print got a second print over it once it dried.

Printing with foam pieces - printmaking art project!

My second print got some printed dots all over it once it dried. I need to do more to this one, but I’m not sure what yet. I’ll let it percolate for a while.

printmaking with foam pieces! Such an easy art project

My third print was all about SILVER. I printed on black, then went in with a white gelly pen when the paint was dry.

foam printmaking

Okay, here’s the sad little carved print. Actually, I think it could make a cool subtle background if you’re doing art journaling, making a card, or something else you wanted a starting point for. You could draw on this, do some stamping, etc.

Foam carving print

Too many ideas, not enough time. AM I RIGHT, GIRLS?

printmaking using foam pieces!

Materials I Used:


Foam sheets

Foam marshmallow






Thick paper (I used my watercolor sketchbook)

Gelly pen

Okay, off with you! Go make something! Then report back and let me know what you made.

Printmaking with foam shapes



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